Rating Guide

Rating Scale: I use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate both dramas and movies.

1-4: Disastrous to extremely poor quality. Dramas/Movies I would never watch again and struggled to finish. Poor writing, editing, cinematography, acting, or all of the above.

4.5: Below average quality. These dramas are pretty disappointing but not the worst of the worst. Usually they have at least one saving grace that sets them apart from being considered disastrous material.

5-7: Average quality. These dramas/movies are okay, but I wouldn’t recommend them to a friend. Nothing to write home about but not exactly offensively abominable either. Has some good qualities but a significant amount of flaws to hinder the viewing experience.

7.5: Very good quality with some flaws. The drama was overall an enjoyable experience, and serves as recommendable material, but not without some significant setbacks.

8-9: Excellent to flawless quality. These dramas/movies are extremely worth watching and definitely material I would recommend to others. Any flaws are outweighed by sufficient amounts of captivating content or superior acting. Would watch again, and add to my list of favorites.

10: Highest Quality.