Lee Jun Ki’s Crocs


Some of you may or may not already know this about me, but I have an obsession with Lee Jun Ki and his croc wearing habit. The man loves rocking some crocs on set, and I live for it. I’m finally devoting a place to keep track of him and his beloved crocs. The goal of this page is simple. I’m just a mere Jun Ki croc enthusiast, relishing in his ever growing croc collection. I enjoy logging and reporting on any and all things related to this beautiful man and his croc wearing journey. I find his love of crocs endearing, and find it of the utmost importance to document his affection for crocs. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

The Lime Green & Cow Print Crocs (2014-2015):

As far as I know, and I’ve done some heavy research, this is where it all started. This pair of lime green and cow print crocs has every single hole filled with the stupid decals you can buy to decorate them. This is the legendary pair that started it all. The first sighting of these crocs was during the Joseon Gunman era. Below are the first pictures I ever saved of Junks wearing crocs followed by later sightings that occurred later on during Scholar Who Walks the Night era in 2015.

Ramen & Crocs: Junks enjoys some food on the Joseon Gunman set. A lovely close up of the ever vibrant clogs that keep Junks going. Peep those jibbitz.
JoseonGunmancrocs1Lee Jun Ki proudly prances around the Joseon Gunman set in his treasured crocs.
JoseonGunmanStaffCrocs.jpgCroc Party: Looks like Junks isn't the only one in town with a pair of crocs.
cuxs9izwyaaumjiTaken from Lee Jun Ki's official instagram during Scholar Who Walks the Night era.
A vampire with some personal flare. This Scholar Who Walks the Night character doesn’t play around when it comes to fashion.


Junks rocked those bold clogs for quite some time spanning from 2014 up until 2016 when he was finally seen with a flashy new pair. This time, we had the same print with different colors to match his swanky Goryeo garbs for drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

147721656613875-2Casual Croc Conversation: Wang So chats comfortably, but not without proving his impeccable taste in fashion. Look at that perfect match of croc and frock.
147721656613875Dainty Steps: Lee Jun Ki offers a gentle pose to display his princely new crocs on the set of Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


[July 30th, 2017] New behind the scenes Junks pics revealed that he was indeed sporting a new pair of black crocs on the set of his new drama, Criminal Minds Korea. They were a simple pair of black crocs to help give off that sleek, crisp detective look. Unlike his Scarlet Heart Ryeo crocs, these crocs did in fact have the little decorations plugged into most of the holes, indicating that they could be an old pair, or maybe he was feeling more flashy that day. They also don’t have the gold embellishment pattern on the bottom that his Scarlet Heart Ryeo crocs had.

Junks waves to croc lovers and other fans alike, while feeling refreshed in a new, slick pair of crocs.

[September 22, 2017]  I have great tidings to bring to you on this eve. Lee Jun Ki, the croc master himself, has struck again. This time we see him on the final day of filming for his latest drama, Criminal Minds Korea. He is seen modeling the fuck out of that slightly oversized dress shirt and pants (which I love) in front of a food support truck sent by fans.

Sadly, we don’t catch a glimpse of his perfectly chiseled face, but we do get a nice view from the back, and boy is it fine. If you can’t tell it’s him, just peep those ears (good heavens, I’m weak). Anyway, the most pleasing part of this already perfect photo, and why we’re all gathered here today, is the fact that he is, in fact, wearing his pair of plain black crocs. Yes, that’s right folks. When I first glanced the picture I was too distracted by his cute, tiny figure to notice, but a closer, second look had me zooming in faster than JYJ’s career ended. Once I achieved perfect zoomage, it was indeed a croc peeking out from behind that cursed tablecloth that so cruelly prevents us from viewing the other foot. But trust me my friends when I say that, that is most definitely a croc, and so, today is a day to celebrate.

[September 24th, 2017] It seems Lee Jun Croc isn’t letting up on his streak anytime soon, as photos hot from the oven (cr. DC Joon Gallery) show the man strutting his stuff in the go to pair. Yes, these black crocs certainly do seem to be emerging as his preferred pick for the Criminal Minds set. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve yet to recover from the previous post (made just 2 days ago) where he was seen crocking out in front of a fan sponsored food service truck. I could barely wipe the sheen of sweat coating my forehead this morning when a good friend saw the latest croc situation and faithfully alerted me to the news right away.

There’s four beautiful photos in this collection. Let’s break them down, shall we?

We start off innocently, with one lone foot protruding out from behind a few boxes. But this is one glorious, high definition, tootsie. Unlike Friday’s blurry goods, we get full frontal view of Junks AND the croc. Now that’s the kind of fan service I enjoy. Aside from the fact that he looks like an Angel with his hands clasped and eyes shut ever so daintily, we get to peep those bright red jibbitz (the little decorations people buy to poke in the holes of their crocs) he has wedged into that marvelous clog.

The second photo shows him in a position much like Friday’s photo. His back is to us, but I’m still relishing in this wholesome view. It’s another oversized dress shirt with crumpled black suit pants, but I appreciate his glistening bronze ankles making a statement where the pant legs end, and just before the crocs begin. Anyway, the crocs are still quite detectable thanks to the photographer who so intelligently made use of a DSLR camera. One foot is actually perched just to the side, giving us a nice little spectacle of his black socks, and of course, the fact that he felt spicy enough to leave the jibbitz in his crocs that day.

Now, the third photo is, unfortunately, a tad bit blurry, but the full effect is still there for many reasons. Number one, we’ve already established that he’s wearing crocs, so that fact doesn’t become threatened by this fuzzy image. Second, the man is staring right at us while delivering his signature hand, heart pose (I’ve disintegrated into a pile of ash at this point). Third, and most importantly, we can still see the clogs quite well despite the lacking quality, and his feet look clunky in the most deceivingly attractive way (don’t @ me).

The final photo, is perhaps the best for croc lovers. Junks is turned slightly to the side, looking at a giant poster/paper, with which he gazes at with the utmost care. As much as I’d like to know what he’s reading (not really) I’m much more focused on the visual jewel that is his masterfully molded visage and, of course, the crocs, because they happen to look considerably oafish in this blessed vignette. Something about their bulky nature in proportion to his ever so petite frame gives me a satisfaction I could never properly define with my piddly ‘writing’ abilities. I hope you savored this artwork as much as I did. Until next time my friends.

[September 30th, 2017] Gather round my dear friends. Today we have an incredibly special segment and it gives me immense delight to share it with you all. First of all, if any of you are dedicated followers of Lee Jun Ki, you’d know his latest project, Criminal Minds Korea, has finally come to a close. Yesterday, Namoo Actors unleashed a boatload of pictures from a special project Lee Jun Croc put together for his beloved fans. For the 96 days he shot Criminal Minds, he had his agency take a photo of him holding a whiteboard numbering the day, so that his fans could take part and witness the fun, energetic atmosphere on set (how sweet; a soft kitten). Anyway, as much as that warmed even the frostiest parts of my cardiac organ, my primary response was:


So, with that in mind, I sorted through each picture (this was before they ended up being released later on in a higher quality) and found 2 pictures, yes 2 out of 96, where the man is donning some crocs.

Now, first let us quickly go over our motto (yes, we have a motto).






For anyone wondering what in the hell that’s supposed to mean, put simply, it comes out to something like:

We frequently honor and protect Jun Ki’s periodically extra™ taste in trash fashion.*

* particularly crocs, but including other favorites not limited to: snapbacks, obnoxious prints, paul bunyan style flannels, jorts, and basketball shorts.

But enough with the technicalities, let’s get to the long awaited moment. Below is the first photo I stumbled upon. Sadly it’s still a tad blurry, but we get the gist of what’s going on here. First of all, he looks like a delicate cotton ball in that fluffy sweater… and to pair it with those distressed jeans that are, of course, a few inches too short, pushes his level of adorable into offensive territory (no joke. I didn’t even pay for anything but I want my money back). Anyway, I’m going to pretend his smile isn’t currently burning a gaping, molten, hole into the very depths of my soul right now to say that if you look closely enough, you’d notice something’s off about those clogs. They are not the plain black crocs I thought he’d been frolicking around on set with in our last few sets of pictures. No my friends. I’ve been wrong all along. After revisiting last week’s croc pics with this week’s new references I’ve been realizing there was never a pair of plain black crocs after all.  There is a vivid sheen of blue reflecting off the top of those clogs (see the close up from previous update), and I must not have been the only curious croc around, as Korean netizens seemed to have dug up the details on this glittering new pair.


They are in fact, a pair of black and blue superhero crocs. Yes, you’ve read correctly. That is supposedly some sort of Batman x Superman fusion logo they so graciously placed on the top. There are also matching superhero jibbitz to poke through the top. Turns out these crocs were actually a gift to him from JoonGall for Moon Lovers back in 2016 (cr. gunman). Now I’m assuming they are black but this photo is misleadingly showing a hideous sort of brownish gray color. I can’t be sure whether that’s the effects of longterm wear, the sun reflecting off of them, the photo’s poor quality. Either way, they look about three sizes too big for his petite tootsies and that makes me weak at the knees. He’s definitely pushing it.

Now, here’s the second photo of the 96 that I so carefully spotted. Just a normal photo right? Wrong. Despite the fact that the crocs are so savagely cut off at the bottom of this photo, we can still identify about three quarters of their existence. They’re definitely filled with jibbitz. We don’t get to see the bright blue so I can’t be 100% sure due to the poor lighting conditions of this picture, but they are probably the same superhero crocs that he’s been sporting all along. Anyway, what I can say with 100% certainty is that his legs look absolutely stunning in this photo (they could stop traffic).

That’s all I have for you today. Here’s to future croc pics.


[June 24th, 2018] Hello my very special friends, and thank you for tuning in to this belated, but glorious, news segment. Thanks to some loyal friends, I was alerted to what I’d deem the best news of 2018 thus far. That’s right. BIG news. Very BIG news. Junks was finally seen wearing crocs on the set of his latest drama, Lawless Lawyer, which marks the first croc sighting of 2018. Oh, but our man didn’t stop there. No, no. That’d be much to simple for a man of his tastes and passion. Junks had to solidify his position as croc king, and therefore, he was dawning a newfangled pair of decadent crocs. You heard me. These clodhoppers are fresh off the rack. I’m sure you’re wondering how I know. Well. It was a very thorough investigation process. I can assure you, I take my work very seriously, and thus, I believe it is my duty to make known to you how I came to this undeniably life changing conclusion.

Let’s walk though the pictures. The first exhibit is sourced from the man himself. Snatched directly from Junks’ instagram, comes this grainy spectacle. Disappointing, I know, but only in retrospect. At that time, I was ready and willing to take any Lee Jun Croc material coming my way. For the sake of your sanity and my own, I’m going to pretend I don’t see the enormous vein taking up about half of his muscular limb. I’m also going to ignore the nike tracksuit that he and I both worship every weeknight like clockwork. I’m 10000% sure it was a set he was stoked to purchase because it came with shorts AND long pants, which meant he could switch them out at his own pleasure. Lastly, we’re not even acknowledging the saucy wink. No, we are absolutely not. People as provocative as He™ do not deserve the satisfaction of seeing us crumble.

On to the crocs. I hate that we only get to see one cloaked tootsie, and a fuzzy one at that. But, I’m a dedicated detective, so I immediately cracked the whip and zoomed in on that clog for further scrutiny. What I discovered changed the entire trajectory of the situation. This was not the black and blue pair of superhero crocs he had been sporting for Criminal Minds. And as far as I could tell, these hoof hats were not plain black either. I could see some sort of design around the front edge, but couldn’t make out what it was.

[June 25th, 2018] Choi Min Soo’s beloved wife entered the picture to save the day for all of us croc enthusiasts. Yes, miss June Kang uploaded a different photo to her instgram that was of much better quality than the blurry goods Junks had provided us with. This time we got to see two meaty, vein riddled stumps, both clad with immaculate crocs. Aside from the fact that these clunkers looked a whole two or more sizes too big for his little paws, I couldn’t help but take notice of the shamelessly gaudy pattern splayed on the top and around the edges. Now, unfortunately, though this photo is more forgiving than the first batch, it’s still too tough to tell what those colorful blotches are. My guess was either flowers—or bizarrely enough—fireworks, printed on the top. But no matter what that flash design turns out to be, it’s is quite clear that it is new, it is vivid, and it is totally true to his tragically mismatched style (a testament to why we love him so much).

EDIT: A friend (cr. lydialiem) has just found an image of what I believe to be the pattern of the crocs he is wearing. Looks like my guess about fireworks was correct. My friends, let us relish in the grandeur of the moment, and take comfort in the fact that Junks McCroc has come through for us yet again. Glad tidings to you all.

[October 3rd, 2018]  Hello my beautiful fellow JG fans! A wonderful night is upon us. I am absolutely elated to reveal that King Croc Ness Monster himself has returned with his fireworks crocs to put on a fantastic tootsie footsie spectacle. I first want to thank kratai_JG for documenting the moment with this stunning photo. I don’t know this fan personally, but they have my eternal gratitude for capturing this croc action for all of us at home to savor.

For those who may not know, this photo was taken in Thailand. Junks is currently in Thailand shooting for his next photobook, which is slated for release in early 2019. Thailand was chosen as the backdrop for this year just like his previous two photobooks chose a photoshoot location, which were Hawaii and Japan respectively. The photo, sadly, is a bit blurry, and alas, we do not see his perfectly chiseled face. We do get to see one of his angelic signature poses that we all know and love. Moreover, we get to see yet another pair of jeans (I don’t think he’s worn anything else other than denim pants since arriving in Thailand …much to my own horror…but I digress). He’s also sporting some classic white tube socks which is just super classy, because honestly crocs and tube socks are like macaroni and cheese my friends, am I right? They are just a pair that’s meant to be. Absolutely superb pairing. Like wine and cheese. One atrocious fashion item, destined to be paired with another. And yet, this is what we love. We eat it up. We live for his fashion. God only knows why, but we do. It’s to be celebrated. And thus, here I am typing a paragraph about some rubber hoof hats with hideous little firework decals printed around the edges. Such is my life. In any case, I’m glad we got another croc sighting before the year’s end. I must say, compared to 2017, 2018 has been a pretty barren year for dear JG and his crocs. Almost a…croc drought of sorts.

Well, anyway…until next time my friends!