Here is a key for the different types of posts you’ll find on this blog!

  • Reviews: My reviews of Korean dramas and movies.
  • Recaps: My recaps of Korean dramas.
  • Thoughts: Usually done while a drama is airing. My current thoughts/first impressions of the drama.
  • Dropped: Dramas I just couldn’t sit through, with an explanation on why, of course.
  • TOP 5 or 10: A list of the top 5 or 10 in any given category, i.e. Best 2016 Dramas, Worst Dramas, favorite actors, etc.
  • Spotlight: Dramas, Movies, or Actors that you must watch.
  • Feature: A post featuring anything that catches my attention; anything from stunning drama posters, to favorite OSTs, controversial character deaths, etc.