Hey, I’m Noël and I’m absolute trash for Lee Jun Ki. Whether it’s his ears, his eyes, his love for his fans, his music, his crocs, his tendency to be absolutely extra 99.9% of the time, etc. There’s just so much to enjoy about this man. Oh, and he acts too.


Anyway, I love kdramas, sageuks being my favorite type (especially ones that LJK has been in, of course). I love a lot of other dramas as well, including thrillers or crimes shows. Some of my other favorite actors include Jun Kwang Ryul, Yoo Seung Ho, and Yeo Jin Goo, just to name a few. So hmu if you ever want to chat about anything ever. Feel free to friend request me on MDL or comment here even if we never talked!

TL;DR: Here you will find my reviews, opinions, comments, frustrations, outbursts, etc. on dramas I am currently watching, have watched or stopped watching.



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