[FEATURE]: 5 Running Man Episodes You Shouldn’t Miss

Hello everyone! Back by popular demand is my “Top Running Man Picks” series! All of the episodes below are trusted favorites of mine, which never fail to make me laugh. This time, I picked a blend of guests both young and old, including: actors, idols, athletes, etc. None of these episodes are featured on my previous list. My goal is to make sure you’re not always seeing the same episodes mentioned over and over again. I wanted to expand on my other list in order to showcase episodes that people may have overlooked or never seen before. Also, I plan to continue this series, so look forward to future lists in other categories as well. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

[Don’t Worry: No Spoilers Below!]

[ Episodes are listed in sequential order according to air date from oldest to newest. ]

#1. A Look Into The Past (EP 8)

Guests: Park Jun Gyu, Lee Joon, f(x) Victoria— This right here is the epitome of RM comedy. There isn’t a single dull moment in this episode, which features “Dual Daggers Hyungnim” and the infamous “I Swear” video that still haunts Ji Suk Jin to this very day. But there’s plenty more comedy to go around when the members engage in the most iconic leisurely tea segment in RM history, try their hand at breaking chopsticks with their palms, and for the big finale, clothespin tug of war. The best part of this episode is undoubtedly the clothespin tug of war, where the cast is tasked with clipping clothespins to their face to battle it out between who can hold on the longest. Ji Suk Jin puts his notorious title of “Big Nose” on the line when he bets all by making his nose the prime spot for his clothespins. Will his nose hold out and take the win for his team, or will his efforts mark the first of many failures to come?

#2. The Lord of Camping (EP 36)

Guests: Daesung (Big Bang), Yonghwa (CNBLUE)— “Family Outing” (an old variety show featuring Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, and Daesung) makes an appearance on Running Man with the reunification of the classic Dumb & Dumber pair: Daesung and Yoo Jae Suk. Aside from their brotherly mischief, and the easy camaraderie the two share (which makes for some great comedy) this episode remains memorable for the struggles of Daesung to hide amongst a campsite because of his VJ wearing a very attention-grabbing white winter jacket. Watching the RM members try and hunt down the guests is always a classic, but seeing Daesung bumble about makes it even funnier. There is also a fantastic food competition between two teams to make a better stew. It’s a lot more humorous than it sounds, especially when Jae Suk becomes hellbent on adding his own special secret ingredient.

#3. Asian Dream Cup/Dangerous Safari (EP 200)

Guests: Park Ji Sung— First I’ll throw in a quick disclaimer that all episodes featuring Park Ji Sung are worth the watch. However, this is one of the most memorable for me. The episode has two main chunks, the first half being the Asian Dream Cup and the second half being their punishment zoo mission. You probably don’t need me to tell you how bad the RM members are at soccer, but just in case you didn’t know, they’re godawful at it. Here they take on the Indonesia Dream Cup with soccer hero, Park Ji Sung. As a result of completely blowing the game, they are each given an ominous zoo mission. The second half is by far the best part. Whether it’s Jong Kook making himself at home with the lions, or Kwang Swoo quaking in fear of his mission with live alligators, there’s a whole lot to laugh about in this episode.

#4. Real Man Competition (EP 236)

Guests: Andy, Eric, Jun Jin, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hye Sung, Dong Jun, Hee Chul, Hyung Sik, Jun Young, Kwang Hee, Tae Heon— This is a great watch for k-pop fans young and old. This episode features two famous idol groups of past and (at the time) present. Shinhwa, who were pioneers of k-pop, face off against modern group Z:EA (who have since disbanded). The RM members make up the third and final team. The best part of this episode is the mud pit battle, where we witness savage efforts between the groups of men to prove their strength, all while Queen Jihyo moderates. Let’s just say some of these guys were tremoring with fear before they even had to step into the pit, while others (Yoo Jae Suk), went to great lengths to prove their masculinity with an unforgettable angry mud face wash.

#5. Running Man Hunting (EP 303)

Guests: Jo Jin Woong, Ahn Sung Ki, Han Ye Ri, Kwon Yul— This is one of those episodes that I feels gets lost amongst the shuffle, but it is one that should not be overlooked. It features the return of Jo Jin Woong after he previously guested and lost on a prior episode. He is hot for revenge, and has a burning desire to succeed. There is so much to laugh about in this episode, and the core of the comedy comes from the bulky, helpless, and bungling Jo Jin Woong, who just can’t seem to get anything right. Wether it’s picking a more than obvious hiding spot, forgetting to turn off his cell phone’s ringer at the most crucial moments of his hunting efforts, or accidentally locking himself in the men’s bathroom prompting and emergency rescue effort from teammate Kwon Yul, this episode will leave you in tears.


Okay, that’s all I have for you! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to check out some of these episodes or just the show in general. I have a lot more episodes that could have made the cut, so this is not an extensive list by any means. If there’s a favorite of yours that you don’t see here, feel free to let me know in the comments below!



  1. I have watched all episodes of running man. There was an episode 212 or something where they were playing as some superheroes and were tricked thinking that they had to cross over the building on planks without any safety equipment that was epic. Especially Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG I’m screaming I know exactly which episode you’re talking about. That was just priceless they were so terrified I almost felt bad for laughing at them!!!! 😂😂😂I have that one saved for a future list along with some other good ones. There’s so many great RM episodes that it’s impossible to pick just one fave.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have re-watched that part so many times. I had all my favourite running man Episodes saved in my laptop but then it got damaged and I no longer have them. I am not really enjoying recent running man episode and I really miss old ones especially ones with Gary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no, that’s awful!!!! I feel you on that. I was a faithful running man watcher up until Gary’s departure. I tried to watch some of the newer ones with the updated cast, but I just couldn’t get into them. So now whenever I decide to watch RM I just revisit the classics.

      Liked by 1 person

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