[REVIEW]: My Mister

Hello all, and hope you are well! I’m here with something different for a change. This is not the type of drama I usually go for, as the slice of life genre has never really been all too appealing for me. No hate, of course. There have been many profound contributions made in the kdrama realm courtesy of this genre. It’s just that I tend to gravitate toward more thrill inducing, escape reality type content when it comes to both my drama watching and reading. Watching My Mister happened merely on a whim. After giving up on Mr. Sunshine due to a snore inducing first three episodes—no shade at the beautiful cinematography and costumes—I felt pressured to make up for lost time by binge watching a different drama. I don’t know if I was in some sort of weird mood that day or what, but somehow, I picked something out of my comfort zone, and decided upon the highly praised My Mister. I’m happy to say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

[Be ForewarnedSpoilers Below].


Solid Acting and CharactersLee Sun Kyun was superb as the downtrodden, but noble Park Dong Hoon. It’s difficult to play a reserved character without looking stiff as a board, but Lee Sun Kyun exudes such ease and authenticity, that Dong Hoon came across naturally. Thanks to Ji An, Dong Hoon was able to do a lot of growing and healing. He was able to find his voice, speak up about what made him uncomfortable, and stand up for himself when he was being mistreated. Prior to meeting Ji An, Dong Hoon let a lot slide, and was unaware of his own value or self-worth. As the only successful and independent member of the family, there was immense pressure for Dong Hoon to maintain an certain image and sustain his standard of living in order to keep his family at ease and allow their dignity to remain in tact. This challenge had such a drastic effect on his morale and rightfully so. Just because he was married to a beautiful woman while earning a decent check at a large company, didn’t mean his life was splendid. In fact, everything in his life was in shambles. People only saw what they wanted to see, and didn’t look beneath the surface to find out if everything was really as it appeared to be. When Ji An comes along, she recognizes how awful Dong Hoon’s life is, and validates his misery rather than preaching to him about what he should be grateful for. The two are able to cultivate a mutual understanding for each other’s hardships, which ultimately provides them with the strength to keep going. Aside from aiding Dong Hoon, Ji An also played a key role in helping Dong Hoon’s wife realize the worth of her husband.

IU did an outstanding job as Lee Ji An. I could feel how defeated she was through my screen. Just looking at her was enough to know that she was a woebegone soul. I was impressed with IU this time around, contrary to the disappointment and doubts I had following her underwhelming Scarlet Heart Ryeo performance, she managed to prove herself as an actress in this role. IU had full command of her character’s demeanor and delivered a convincing, satisfying portrayal of a young woman struggling to stay afloat in a cruel world. Ji An was a gratifying character. Despite everything she was going through, she trudged through with her all her strength, tough mentality, and independence. I could really connect with Ji An, who hustled to take care of her disabled grandmother. Her grandmother required a lot of monitoring and hands on aid. As someone who takes care of a physically and mentally disabled family member myself—one who also necessitates 24/7 care—this piece of her story really resonated with me in a special way. Dong Hoon is able to help Ji An just as she was able to help him. He not only recognizes the harsh predicament she’s in, but treats her well with no selfish motivations behind it. Perhaps the best gift he gave Ji An was much needed (non-romantic) love and acceptance. His non-judgemental attitude when it came to her background was crucial to her own healing. Rather than freak out upon hearing that Ji An had killed someone in the past, Dong Hoon refused to jump to conclusions, listened to everything Ji An had to say, and sympathized with her plight, knowing that it was merely and act of self-defense. His constant reassurance and insistence to support Ji An, helped to lift the weighty guilt and fear that had been lying on her shoulders all these years.

Jang Ki Young also had a notable performance as Kwang Il. He was very expressive and the pent up anger that radiated off of him was perfectly representative of Kwang Il. Obviously Kwang Il was not a stand up kind of guy. Beating the shit out of a young girl and harassing her for loan payments is extremely scummy. However, that was not all there was to this character, who even in his most violent moments, showed signs of conflict and trauma. Growing up with an abusive father was probably not easy, and can explain a lot of his volatile behavior. Nonetheless, this cannot excuse his actions. Not everyone who undergoes extreme violence and trauma turns into the same kind of monster. I do give Kwang Il some credit, as he clearly was not completely heartless or without morals. It is shown by the end, that he had actually taken care of Ji An a lot when he was a child, and protected her from his father. I assume that this all changed once she murdered his father in self defense. Even though he probably despised his father, it was most likely still a heavy loss, and a nightmarish reality to see that it had been done by Ji An. I also get the feeling that he was taking out the feelings he harbored against his father, on Ji An. I like that we leave without a totally negative view of Kwang Il, who has a bit of a redemption when he helps out Ji An by handing over the audio files needed to convict Do Joon Young. I would have liked to have spent more time with his character. A lot scenes were seemingly wasted on Dong Hoon’s two brothers. It would have been better to devote a chunk of that time to Kwang Il and his story as well, as he made for a more interesting character than some of the others, especially Ki Hoon and Yoo Ra.

Park Ho San always delivers, so I was happy to see him in this role. I felt like I was able to enjoy his character of eldest brother Park Sang Hoon, thanks to Park Ho San’s quirky antics. Had he been played by anyone else, I’m not so sure I would have felt the same. There is just something about Park Ho San’s performance that makes Sang Hoon lovable, despite all of his flaws. Sang Hoon’s growth over the episodes was amazing to watch. In the beginning, I worried that his character might be as much of a throw away as Ki Hoon, but I ended up enjoying Sang Hoon’s arc a lot more than I thought I would. Sang Hoon is arguably the most childish and dependent of the three brothers when the show starts out, but he manages to do a lot of maturing in a short period of time. The love that he had for his two brothers was quite evident, as he was the most emotionally open of the trio as well. My favorite Sang Hoon moment comes at the end. Sang Hoon helps Ji An take care of the funeral by investing all of the money he’d been saving up to fill the halls and altar with a plentiful offering. The most beautiful part about this scene, how it meshes with his own fears and dreams regarding his mother’s funeral. One of Sang Hoon’s biggest worries was that the brothers wouldn’t be able to send their mother off properly when the time came. When Sang Hoon saw that the barren hall and altar that he feared for his own mother, was a stark reality for Ji An and her grandmother, he realized he could do something to change that, even if it meant sacrificing his hard earned money. Not only was it touching, but it really marked a turn around for his character, and was probably my favorite moment of the entire show.

Lastly, Kim Young Min succeeded at portraying an absolutely detestable antagonist. I have probably never hated someone on screen as much as I hated this weasel. Do Joon Young was filth from beginning to end. A proper apology never crossed his lips and a sign of remorse was nowhere to be found. Kim Young Min had those greasy, instigative faces down to a science. Not a single moment passed by where I didn’t want to deliver this man a knuckle sandwich free of shipping and handling charges. He, and his henchman were two of the only characters in the entire show that refused to admit to their faults and bear the consequences of their actions. It was clear that if they had been able to get away with everything, they surely would have, and never would have owned up to any of it had they not been caught.

Nice Cinematography: The overall appearance of the show was slick, clean, and reflective of tone. The camera work was also reliably steady and it was clear to me that the production made use of a more expensive lens, which really upped the quality and is always a nice touch. This was an extremely thoughtfully directed show. I appreciated the gloomy tint that pervaded each frame until the use of light slowly entered the picture in the latter half of the drama. The use of light and dark here was magnificent. Most notably in the final two episodes, the scenes grew brighter and lighter as our main characters solidified their bond and lifted themselves out of the rut they’d been trapped in for a long while.

Perfect OST: Anyone who has read my reviews before is most likely aware of how ruthless I am when it comes to critiquing OSTs. When it comes to vocal tracks, I am even more unforgiving than I am with the instrumentals, because it is rare that I approve of them or find them appropriately applied to their respective scenes. My Mister pleasantly surprised me with its nonintrusive, delicate soundtrack. This proved to be an extremely rare case where I thoroughly enjoyed most of the vocal tracks on the album. I loved how subtle but fitting they were for the overall atmosphere of the drama. Rather than serving as a distraction, these pieces really complemented the mood the drama was going for. Most importantly, they were pleasant on the ear. My favorite tracks were “Dear Moon” by Jehwi, and “There is a Rainbow” by Vincent Blue. Both were soft, beautiful, and perfectly matched the tone the drama was going for.

Thoughtful Message: The rawness and authenticity of this drama and how it presents the unforgiving, harsh nature of life really resonated with me. It showed us that hardship is just as legitimate for those in their twenties as it is for those in their forties or fifties. Misery knows no age, and can plague just about anyone. There was something so beautiful about the relationships that developed between Ji An and Dong Hoon. I definitely would not deem it a romantic relationship. I’m not sure it’s something that could be categorized by words. The way the two of them loved, accepted, and supported each other without any selfish underlying reasons, was what made their bond so remarkable and prized. Regardless of their age gap, Ji An and Dong Hoon were able to show compassion toward each other, and find take comfort in the fact that they had each other to rely on as they plodded through their grievances. For me, Ji An’s grandmother made the most poignant remark of the entire show:

“If you think about it, each and every interpersonal relationship is quite fascinating and precious. You must repay them. Live a happy life. That’s how you can repay the people in your life.”

I think this messaged is embodied in the way that Dong Hoon and Ji An, his brothers, and his neighborhood friends all gathered together, cherished each other, and supported each other. They may not be living the most glamorous lives, or making the most money, but their love for each other is where happiness can be found. Life is not about the material possessions you have or the positions you hold, but instead about the people you meet, how you impact them, and how they impact you. If you can learn to cherish the people around you, happiness is possible.


Irksome Subplots: I absolutely hated the whole arc surrounding Ki Hoon and Yoo Ra’s character. It was incredibly irritating to watch it unfold, it was repetitive, most—if not all—of her dialogue was a cringe fest, and I think none of it contributed anything worthy or positive to the overall story. It could have been completely cut out, which would have made the drama a lot more enjoyable, and bogged down by a lot less filler. There wasn’t a single scene between those two that I found significant or entertaining. Nothing profound came out of her mouth. I found her character’s constant whining and blaming, extremely grating and her presence horribly awkward. Not that the director brother was any better, because I found his character to be a complete waste of my time when it came to these scenes as well. Even the eldest brother had a lot more to bring to the table, and he was a much more entertaining character to watch even if his scenes were filler too. I understand they wanted to show a transformation for Ki Hoon too, but I found the writing of Ki Hoon’s character and Yoo Ra’s pretty horrid and felt they could have done much better coming up with a better arc for the two.

Boring Office Politics: I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the drama circulating between the petty higher ups in the office with their competition to oust each other. Of course, I’m not ever a fan of politics in most modern settings if I’m being honest. I don’t enjoy hospital politics, I don’t enjoy office politics, and I certainly don’t enjoy police politics or law firm politics. The only setting where I’m unbothered by politics is the historical setting. Naturally, I was annoyed every time we revisited the angry middle aged men fighting over who should be the next CEO, director, manager, etc. All of that honestly bored me to tears. I understand why it was there, and that it provided the backbone of Han Dong Hoon’s hardships, but unfortunately, that didn’t make the subject any more entertaining. I found Lee Ji An’s arc a lot more captivating than Han Dong Hoon’s, and even though I am positive that there are many people who could probably relate to Han Dong Hoon’s office troubles story, it didn’t make for a very compelling watch on screen. I much preferred his scenes that were non-office related; the scenes with his brothers, Lee Ji Ahn, complications between his wife, etc.

Overall Thoughts:

This drama speaks for itself. Usually my reviews are long-winded in an attempt to find closure for myself or provide it to my fellow viewers. My Mister is unique in that it gave me all the closure I sought. I wasn’t left with a long list of scenes, ideas, or problems that needed to be worked out in a wall of textual analysis. It’s rare that a drama leaves me tongue-tied, but I really feel that no words of mine could do this thoughtful production justice. This is one of those dramas that a person just needs to see for themselves in order to understand the emotional gratification it has to offer. If you’re hesitant about giving My Mister a try, I highly recommend taking a chance. I promise you it will be well worth it.

Rating: 9.5/10 

Did you watch My Mister? What did you think of the drama? If you haven’t already, you can check out the preview for it here.




  1. “There wasn’t a single scene between those two that I found significant or entertaining.”

    Funny that. I disagree about this one. Coming from a person suffering from anxiety, I can ‘t tell you enough how extremely comforting it was to have someone to relate to. It felt as if you were being understood. It made me think, “Ahh, so Im not the only one.” As the drama was dubbed a ‘healing’ one from the start, Yoora’s arc definitely lived up to that. Everything she said I could relate to. For others, 10 years might be too long and a bit too far fetched to be holding that grudge.

    I can definitely see how you thought of it that way and Im not at all trying to be rude or call you out on it rudely. I thought it would be nice to offer a different perspective on it. And yes, the things she mentioned throughout the drama, “heart thumping fast”, “feeling like I would die”, it felt so good to hear that because it seemed like she was speaking for me.

    And Ki Hoon, reminds me of someone who contributed to my anxiety. I could just imagine how he must have shouted and belittled Yoora, and as I was doing that I was unaware that I was actually imagining ‘that’ person instead, in my head.

    I was also quite annoyed at first, when she seemed so insensitive telling the ahjussis in the bar and KH that she liked them because they ‘failed’. I thought, really?? That’s like going too far. But then I understood. There’s so many people in the world but you can’t help but think sometimes, why am I alone? And it seems like you’re the only one experiencing these things.

    Okay, I didn’t mean for that to be such a long post but i felt I just had to say it. My Ahjussi definitely is my fave drama ❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello, and thank you for such a long and thoughtful comment! I am glad you were willing to share these thoughts with me and I am always open to hearing other peoples’ thought so no worries! This actually might be surprising to you, but I suffer from extreme anxiety as well. Ironic, I know, seeing as I was quick to dismiss this arc. I think it’s great that you were able to relate to Yoo Ra and felt like their arc provided some insight and representation of what you were going through. I don’t think you’re completely wrong either, as I do appreciate that topic being covered and depicted on screen.

      Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t share in your appreciation of it, because rather than finding it an accurate representation of how anxiety is from my own experiences, it felt more like and overdramatized parody of it. I have no issue with lines like “heart beating fast” or “feels like I’m going to die” as you mentioned, because they are very true to what the feeling is like. My problem is that often times these lines were mixed in with other lines or gestures that undermined her and took away from the fact that she was expressing anxiety. They almost presented her as a “fool” kind of character and that really turned me off. In other words, I wasn’t able to take her as seriously as I wanted to and her scenes often felt like a mockery to me. I’m so thankful they didn’t to you, but personally I just would have preferred if the topic had been handled with less jesting, because if you’re going to handle a topic like that, I don’t want it to feel like a side story for comedic relief and sadly, this felt that way to me.

      But overall, as you can see, I really loved the drama as well. Definitely an unforgettable and meaningful watch. Thanks for reading! 💕🤗


      • Oh wow really? It’s interesting how we both have different take on it! Although saying that, Im not completely disregarding the fact that I felt what you were saying about those scenes too. What i tried to do was to just take the essence of what I felt like the pd/writer was trying to say. I was just a bit surprised that they even tackled this issue although they didn’t directly mention it. I know mental health issue is prevalent in their society as much as everywhere else but it wasn’t something that’s really been out in the open.
        Thank you for the reply.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yep, haha! This blog is actually one of the methods I use to cope with it. 😂I think since anxiety can be different for everyone, it’s easier for us to have different takes on representation and that’s great. No worries, I was really happy to hear your thoughts, and they have still enlightened me. I was only thinking about how I felt about the representation, and hadn’t taken time to consider that others with anxiety may have found it helpful and relatable, even if it wasn’t perfect. I think in this case you had the right instinct to look at the heart of what the writer was trying to accomplish by broaching a subject like this instead of just critiquing it at face value like I did. Especially in this case, because like you say, it’s quite prevalent in their society, but not a very prevalent topic in their dramas. Thanks again for your thoughts. ❤️


          • It’s so good that you’ve found an outlet/escape lol, it really helps when you have something to take your mind off other things for a while.
            No worries, Im glad it did :). Yes hopefully,
            this paves way for the topic to be more out there. It can really make you feel lonely but it’s surprising that so many people have the same thing. And the least person you’d expect too.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Indeed, I’m truly lucky it gives me some much needed relief from time to time! And yes, that’s so true, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 👏


          • Thank you! Im interested to know your opinion on Children of a Lesser God. I can see it is on hold so maybe that’s something to go by 😅. It’s a drama Ive had my eye on before it even premiered but there wasn’t so much buzz about it. The comments on other sites aren’t much of a help either. With so many disappointing dramas recently, I don’t really want to invest my time in it if it’s not going to be worth it lol. Im watching Life at the moment and Life On Mars is the drama next on my list.
            Ive heard loads of good things about Come and Hug Me and Ill definitely watch it one day. It’s just after My Ahjussi I feel like I can’t take something too heavy so soon haha, does that make sense

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, actually there’s nothing wrong with Children of a Lesser God 😄, but I was forced to put it on hold for outside reasons. Unfortunately the show was never picked up by any major streaming sites, so even though all this time has passed, proper English subtitles have not been released for it yet. Since I had anticipated the show and was impatient to start it, I was able to watch the first four episodes, which were subbed by a friend who happened to have free time, but she wasn’t able to continue subbing any more episodes due to her personal life getting busy. So I tried using some of the volunteer subs on subscene that a few kind fans had uploaded, however, they translated the drama from Indonesian and Chinese, so the English is very difficult to follow and often doesn’t make any sense. After trying to hang in there for about five episodes with those incoherent subtitles, I had to give up. I am still holding out hope that it will eventually get proper subs, but until then, there’s nothing I can really do. 😭Rest assured I’ll get back to watching it if those subs ever come out!

    I agree with your sentiments that there have been a lot of disappointing dramas lately and I hate wasting my time too. The moment I can feel myself beginning to feel detached, I drop a drama. I’m at that point where if i don’t feel invested, I don’t want to waste my time anymore. I did try Life, but dropped it pretty quickly as it wasn’t my personal cup of tea. It does have quite a great cast though for the most part. I love Cho Seung Woo and there are plenty of great veterans in the supporting roles. I finished Life on Mars (a drama I highly anticipated) but it was a big letdown for me personally. A lot of my friends enjoyed it, but it just didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I much preferred the drama Tunnel which had a somewhat similar premise. Life on Mars had a great cast, but I felt Tunnel was more succinct and emotionally stimulating than Life on Mars. But who knows, you might enjoy it! Might just have to try out the first few episodes and see how you feel about it. I am going to start Come and Hug Me after I finish re-watching Iljimae. I too, have heard a lot of good things about it, so I’m curious to check it out. No worries, that makes perfect sense! I always need a good laugh after watching a show that’s so weighty like My Mister. 😝


    • Oh no that’s so sad. Hopefully there will be people kind enough to sub it properly😶. It will be a shame to miss a what could be a potentially good drama all because of the subs.
      Really??? That’s not very encouraging haha. Im gonna have to get in it with a bit more caution. I agree with you on Life though, political stuff makes my head hurt. But you know what, it’s the same with My Mister. The first few episodes I thought, this is it? There’s so much settings in the office which wasn’t something I expected AT ALL. I stuck it out and it turned out to be one if not the best drama out there for me. It certainly left a big impression, I can’t move on till now haha. In hindsight, Those first few episodes were actually crucial to how the story would unfold later on.
      So Ill do the same with Life. Amazing casts but at the moment I still don’t know where the story is heading. Both the leads have different sides to them, it’s difficult to know what theyre really about yet. I might look into Iljimae, I actually watched one older dramas after My Ahjussi because I just couldn’t get into any after. But there’s loads of dramas this year Im actually looking forward to watching.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I sure hope so too, fingers crossed!🤞Hahaha sorry to be a party pooper. I wish I had nicer things to say about it! Honestly LOM was the drama I looked forward to the most this year aside from Lawless Lawyer, so you can imagine how sad I was to realize it wasn’t as great as I’d hoped. 😭Life was…indeed very hard for me to follow in the sense that I just had no idea where it was trying to take me, and lacked the motivation to find out. My Mister definitely had some boring office politics, but they knitted those together well with the other parts of the plot and like you said, they were very crucial to the story. At least with My Mister, I could follow it well, and there was always this intrigue that compelled me to keep going during those first few episodes. With Life I just had to give up. It also doesn’t help that I’m not a huge fan of medical dramas in general, and LDW’s acting was a bit too wooden for my tastes. A lot of my friends are tuning in for it though, so I’m interested to see how they feel about it as it progresses.

        Ah, Iljimae is a total gem, but I’m a sucker for historical dramas and Lee Jun Ki.😂 It was actually the first drama I ever watched, way before I started this blog. I’m currently re-watching it because it was a requested review (and I plan to review all of his dramas eventually lmao), but it’s turned out to be a great follow up for My Mister, since there is a lot of comedy in the first half. Of course, it has its share of tragedy, but I think the comedic scenes are employed well. Yea, I also tend to check out older dramas when there’s nothing current that catches my eye either. Although, I am also excited for a few upcoming September dramas, so I’m anxious to see how they’ll fair.


        • Ooohh 🙈 bugger. Im torn now. Ill try it still though. I might end up liking it. It’s just, the cast look promising. I loved JKH in Prison Playbook so I was very happy that Ill be able to see him so soon. And it’s amazing how so many people love LJG. Im not saying he’s not great at all. I think Ive only seen him in Scholar That Walks the Night. That drama I didn’t finish because I watched it when it was ongoing. And read up not so good comments about it. I did LOVE it though. I just went into it without reading the plot or anything about it so I didn’t really expect anything. And I think that’s why I loved it so much. Lee Yu Bi was so cute acting as a boy and I think she totally nailed it. And then the sweet scenes between them. Theyve got to be one of my fave scenes from a kdrama. I think I liked it most likely because of LJG too, he was just great in that character and you can see he gives it his all. Thats why he stood out so much. Im just afraid of going back to it now. My opinions might have changed already 🙈

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hahaha. Give it a try! I think I was a rare case. 😝Mostly everyone I know that watched it really enjoyed it. The cast is honestly what kept me watching, so at the very least, the show didn’t disappoint in that aspect. I love JKH as well! I didn’t end up watching PP, but I did watch Missing 9, Time Between Dog and Wolf, and a few of his other works. Yes, LJG really had a huge surge in popularity following SHR, so I was really thankful and happy that he got a whole new string of fans. He really deserves it. He’s one of the few actors that never disappoints me and always picks projects that are unique and worthwhile, even if the writing is shaky or they don’t bring in the ratings. SWWTN! That was the first review I ever wrote. I should probably go back and revise it a bit hahaha.😅I’m excited to hear that you enjoyed what you saw of it! That drama gets a lot of flack, but I honestly loved it and will defend it to my grave. 😂Sure, the premise was a bit campy, and the writing was a whole mess because they kept adding writers to the team, but the cast made it believable and I really loved the costumes, cinematography and romantic bits between them (and I’m not even a big fan of romance). Haha indeed, Yu Bi is such a cutie! Sungyeol is one of my favorite LJG characters so far. He really made that role come to life and has such a commanding presence on screen. There’s no doubt the drama had some issues, but I definitely found it to be an enchanting and worthy watch.


  3. I started episode 1 but had to pause 20 min into it. That guy… he’s just so creepy. And I’m not so brave to watch it alone. It definitely has Tunnel vibes though.

    Im glad you like SWWTN too! I really enjoyed the flow of the story, of what Ive seen of it. And I agree, I think LJG really owned that character so it was very enjoyable. They made a cute pairing. Sometimes it pays off not knowing about netizens’ comments. It’s really amazing how it could impact your view on a drama. I feel like a lot of dramas unfortunately suffer from that when the story might actually be great or not so bad but then gets hampered down with bad comments. Ahhh it feels like it would be a great drama to watch come winter, something light enough to get cozy inside with blankets on. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww hahaha, yeah that dude was a creep for sure. Maybe you can find someone to watch it with eventually.

      I think you’re right. I find that often times I disagree with what netizens have to say, so I’ve made it a habit to check things out for myself without bothering to read into things first. I usually check comments after I’ve made my own judgements to see whether I was alone or in the majority. And k-fans seem to have a very different taste than i-fans do when it comes to their drama and genre preferences. I think it’s always best to check things out for yourself because really, in the end, you can’t really know for sure unless you see it for yourself. I think ratings also contribute to this problem. Many dramas that got poor ratings are some of my favorites, while quite a few popular, record breaking dramas didn’t appeal to me at all. So I think it’s important to take things like comments and ratings with a grain of salt when deciding whether or not you want to watch something.

      So true, and I feel like it could make a great watch for October as well since vampires match the Halloween concept pretty well. 😝


  4. Yes and most of them end up to be included on my favourites 😅. I don’t know, I sometimes like it though that theyre not overly popular. You kind of feel like you have it all to yourself without too many varying opinions about it. I think it’s because they remain so untainted with those comments you find other big dramas have and youre free to just take it as it is. Life On Mars so far so good, definitely has Tunnel vibes to it. I don’t want to compare though 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m right there with ya! It’s like you get to relish in it more because it’s a hidden gem that people missed out on. Glad Life On Mars is turning out to be good for you thus far! Indeed, they are very similar, and yet very different. 😝Hahaha no worries. To be honest, if you continue to enjoy the show, you might be better off not reading my review at all. 😂


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