[FEATURE]: Happy Birthday Lee Joon Gi!

It’s officially April 17th in Korea, which means it’s that time of the year again: our beloved actor Lee Joon Gi‘s birthday!  💕🎊🎉🎀🎈🍾🍷❤

Junks is turning 37 in Korean age, which is so hard to believe since he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. I’m feeling extra soft this year, so I decided that I would make a corny post dedicated to this man on his big day! There are so many reasons to admire this man, so I probably won’t get to them all, but I would like to celebrate him and at least some of the characteristics which have always made him stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A Man Dedicated to Acting:

I think we should begin with one of the more obvious qualities, which is his complete dedication to his craft. Longtime and new fans alike know that Junks walked a long and difficult road to become an actor. He moved to Seoul, took many jobs at a time, lived in cramped, roach-infested conditions, and failed audition after audition. The competition for the role of Gong-gil in Lee Jun Ik’s record breaking film, The King and the Clown, was extremely stiff—but Junks managed to land himself the role, a role that changed his life forever. Following his breakout role, Junks had many successful dramas, completed army service, and has continued to shower us with fun, emotional, and meaningful works that not only show off his charm, but his acting chops, martial arts skills, and desire to improve himself as both an actor and individual. Though his dramas are not always domestic hits or ratings busters, I have always appreciated Junks’ decision making process when choosing his works. He always aims for projects that are not only interesting to him and his fans, but projects with characters that he feels he can really sink his teeth into.

It is easy for an actor to pick a project that they aren’t interested in, but know will be a simple job, or a popular story with Korean audiences. It is also easy for an actor to pick similar characters over and over again. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with actors who choose to make these kinds of decisions, but I really admire that Junks has always maintained a true desire to improve himself, and therefore, picks projects that are meaningful and challenging for him, even if they are in genres that don’t have a good track record for being popular with Korean audiences. People might say that Junks is not versatile because he happened to do four historical dramas post-army, or is always integrating action somehow, but looking at his entire set of works will tell you a different story.

After playing an effeminate clown in the famed period film, Junks moved on to play the supporting role of Jung Woo in romantic comedy hit, My Girl. Soon after came his unforgettable performance as Agent Soohyun/Kay in action thriller drama, Time Between Dog and Wolf.  While Hero was one of his less successful roles, the drama combined action and comedy to give audiences a unique story about journalists who fight against corruption. Though Junks would later choose another modern day action drama post-military service, Two Weeks proved to be completely different in tone, capturing the heartbreaking and suspenseful journey of a father falsely accused of murder, desperate to save his critically ill daughter. Junks has mentioned in interviews that this drama was extremely challenging to film, due to the tough action sequences and grim nature of the story.

If we dissect all of Junks’ historical roles, it is no surprise that each one is quite different from the other. While, Gong-gil, Yong, Eun Oh, Yoon Kang, Sung Yeol, and Wang So are are all period film/drama characters, there’s no way you can convince me that they are one in the same. Each one demanded and evoked different kinds of emotion and personality, and their stories are vastly different. Even the within the sageuk category, their genres differed, with Arang and the Magistrate being comedic horror, Gunman in Joseon being melodrama, Scholar who Walks the Night being supernatural romance, and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo being tragedy—just to name a few. Since then, Junks has heard the cries of fans everywhere to dive back into the modern realm, and answered this call with Criminal Minds. Though he performed as best he could considering the circumstances, Criminal Minds turned out to be an underwhelming project, plagued with sloppy editing, muddled storyline, and one-dimensional characters. Both Junks and fans expressed disappointment with the turnout of this drama, and so, Junks decided to take another crack at a modern day role, this time as a lawyer, in hopes to show fans a new and improved self and better story. Lawless Lawyer will premiere May 12th, and marks the reunification of Junks with Time Between Dog and Wolf PD, Kim Jin Min. Mark your calendars folks!

Junks’ Irresistible Charm:

Aside from his passion for acting, Junks has always been a beautiful person, both inside and out. Countless co-stars and staff members have spoken about Junks’ courtesy and comedic personality behind the scenes of whatever project he’s been working on. Junks has always been hyperactive and constantly expresses a desire to encourage his juniors and co-stars on set, especially when they’re tired or feeling down. Even when Junks himself is exhausted, he never stops smiling and giving out positive energy to all those around him. Whether it’s a drama, a photoshoot, or a concert—Junks radiates a beautiful light that’s contagious. When he laughs his hearty laugh, you can’t help but laugh too. Watching his playful, childlike personality never fails to bring a smile to my face. He’s quirky, silly, and down to earth…and I love that he’s not afraid to be himself.

Lastly, is Junks’ sincerity, humility and dedication to his fans. Though he is established as a veteran actor, Junks has maintained a consistently humble attitude and never fails to express gratitude toward his fans and other important people in his life. Even when he receives awards or praise for his projects, he thanks his fans and vows to work harder and take on better projects for the future. He has given his fans countless gifts through music, dance, instagram updates, v-lives, photo books, and 3-4 hour long concerts where he spends a memorable time communicating and partying with them. No matter where Junks goes, whether it’s the airport, a drama shoot, a fanmeet, etc.., if his fans follow, he will reach out and grab as many of their hands as he can to give them a squeeze and a heartfelt thank you. He will collect as many gifts and letters from them as his arms can hold (and even make an effort to wear some of them). Even when his managers or bodyguards start to lead him away, Junks keeps going until he can’t go any longer. There is no doubt that Lee Joon Gi has a deep love and appreciation for his angels.

To Junks:

So here’s to the B-day boy! I am so grateful for all the meaningful projects you have given us over the years and for the sincerity with which you approach your work. I will always be looking forward to your next drama, film, album, concert, photobook—you name it—with heartfelt enthusiasm. I think I can speak for all, or at least most angels, when I say that I hope you never ever change who you are. You have brought me so much comfort and happiness over the past decade, and I will forever be indebted to you for that. You are such a marvelous person, and I hope that you continue to choose projects that appeal to you. Don’t ever feel pressured to take on a project for the sake of pleasing us, and don’t ever feel like you’ve failed us if a project doesn’t do as well as you hoped. We will always support you no matter what, and even if the greater populous doesn’t enjoy a specific work, that doesn’t mean that we weren’t able to find and take away some joy and happiness from watching it. It is always a pleasure to see you on screen, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of works you’ll be putting out in the future. I hope that 2018 continues to be a successful and uplifting year for you, because you undoubtedly deserve it. I wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you get to spend it relaxing with, and surrounded by, the people you love. Happy birthday angel, and wishing you many more happy years to come!

P.S. I hope you never, ever stop wearing crocs!!! Please continue to show us some new pairs they give me life!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




  1. Oh what a heartfelt piece written about our fallen angel jg! I’m feeling emotional when reading thro this…oh jg is juz too good to be true! I’m so glad to have fallen in love with him since 2016! He brings us so much joy and happiness ; he heals our wounds and touches our soul. Thanks God for sending this man to us and thro him i have made many wondeful frds too!❤❤❤ can’t wait to be amazed and enchanted by this man; the man that full of surprises all over again!🙏🙏🙏

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    • Thank you so much for reading and I am so glad you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️ He really is one of a kind! So proud and grateful to be his fan. I’m sure he will impress and mesmerize us once more with his performance in lawless lawyer! 🙌😊👍


  2. What a lovely tribute to this wonderful man. I have been a fan since last year and i think that will never change ; ) He has been such an inspiration and he never fails to bring a smile to my face ; ) A couple of my friends and I had our own little celebration for his birthday. Cheers to you Junki!

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    • Hi, thank you so much for reading! ❤️ I’m really grateful you enjoyed the post. He really is a wonderful person who brings so much joy to those around him as well as his fans. I’m so glad you became his fan too. 😃 Looking forward to his upcoming drama Lawless Lawyer! That’s so awesome! Sounds like you have some amazing friends haha, I wish I had some that would celebrate with me too. 😭😅

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      • I came across this site researching Criminal Minds, which is sadly not what i expected. I feel sorry for Junki that he was let down by this project. Oh well…i hope Lawless Lawyer will be better. I am also looking forward to it and i hope that we wont have to wait for the english subs too long. I also read your piece on Junki and his crocks and had a great laugh about it. Since then i have been keeping my eye on any photo with him wearing them ; ) If i find something new i will definitely let you know ; ) I shared the link to that article with my friends and yes…they are amazing ; ) I only know them from facebook, we all live in different parts of the world. One of the girls made me watch Scarlet Heart…practically twisting my arm ; ) I fell in love with Wang So from the very first episode…the rest is history ; ) We created a facebook group dedicated to Junki and kdramas and all things korean ; ) We watch dramas and movies and have discussions about them and of course there are always plenty of pics of “the one and only” and other beautiful korean boys…watching them is like admiring art ; ) They would probably call us pervy noonas ; ) We objectify them, ogle them…yes but all with utmost respect 😀 Well, keep up the good work, i really enjoy reading your stuff. If i can make a suggestion…there is a
        kfilm that we watched the other day called Midnight Runners. If you havent seen it i highly recommend it, great fun! Cheers from Kiwiland : )

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        • Wow I’m so glad you found me, though I’m sad it was the result of a flop like CM. 😅 It was not what I was hoping for either and I feel bad for Junks too, as he seemed to be disappointed with the finished product as well even though it was no fault of his own. I’m hoping LL gets subbed quickly too! The wait is already killing me as is haha. 🙏😩 OMG hahaha I’m so delighted you enjoyed the Croc Chronicles!!!! 😂😂😂 I hope your friends did too hahaha I love keeping track. Yes, yes I appreciate it!! I would be eternally grateful for any new croc pics if you happen to spot some!! Ah I see, that’s great that you found a way to communicate through the FB group and celebrate with each other about Junks and other kdrama related things! 😄 I’m glad your friend made you watch Scarlet Heart, it’s definitely a great introduction to his talent and now you’ve become a dedicated fan. What a win! 💕

          Thank you so much again. I’m really humbled that you take the time to read my posts and find them enjoyable. 😭Ah yes of course! I will definitely check out Midnight Runners too! It’s been on my list because I love PSJ and KHN and it looks like a very fun movie. I will try and get to it soon. Take care! ❤️

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          • I hope you dont mind, but i wanted to ask you how did you discover kdramas and JG the korean national treasure? 😉 My friend got the vibe from her daughters who are fascinated with asian cultures. I always had a thing for asian men and Bruce Lee was my major crush in high school. A big part of it must be martial arts…it can be violent but on the other hand its absolutely beautiful to watch. I actually saw JG before i watched SH. I saw him in Resident Evil, not my kind of movie but i watched the first one and the story wasny bad. Over the years i knew of the franchise but i couldnt care less. Funnily enough i decided to watch the last one…probably because i had nothing else to do that day ; ) The whole experience was quite forgettable and except Mila i wouldnt be able to recall anyone else there….except one guy. The evil commander Lee…i do remember him, the amazing skills he shown there and his facial expressions. He kicked ass and i recall rooting for Mila because he was so evil 😀 Well, i didnt find out who he was at the time, only discovered it later that it was our wonderful, extremely talented boy 😉 Ok, i am going to stop now because i am ranting. Sorry. Oh, one more thing…my friend was wondering if you would be willing to review Iljimae. It is also our favourite sageuk and we would love to read your perspective on it. I am going now…Cheers!

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          • No worries, I don’t mind at all! 😀 I actually have been into Asian cultures from a very young age, starting with Japanese culture and then eventually branching out into other cultures like Korean culture. It began when I accidentally discovered K-pop at a really young age. I really enjoyed Korean variety shows too, so I decided to try out a drama one day which just so happened to be Iljimae in 2008. I really loved that drama and also enjoyed LJK’s performance. I hadn’t heard of him before watching it, and from then on, I knew I just had to be his fan. So I watched his other works that had aired previously: King and the Clown, TBDAW and My Girl, and they pretty much solidified my love for him. King and The Clown is still my favorite movie! And ever since then I have followed him faithfully. I love his martial arts skills too. It’s amazing to watch on screen and there’s a lot of discipline and humility that goes into martial arts and I respect that. I haven’t seen the full Resident Evil film because even though I had heard of the franchise, I was never interested in seeing any of the films either ahaha. 😅 I did manage to watch the clips of his parts in the film though! No, don’t apologize I always love hearing about things like this. ❤️

            Ah yes! I can definitely do that. For the longest time I’ve been intending to post thorough reviews for all of his works, it’s just taking me a little while because I’ve been focusing on currently airing dramas, and I only began blogging at the end of 2015. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet because sometimes I get too busy and neglect this blog and my drama watching/reviewing duties a lot more often than I’d like. 😭 It might not be right away, but if you’re willing to wait a little, I can definitely make it happen. 👍 I’m going to need to revisit it first in order to write the most accurate and up-to-date review anyway, so I’m hoping I can start on this probably after Lawless Lawyer finishes (but maybe even before if I can squeeze it in). Though, It will be a bit difficult to try and do two Junki dramas at the same time haha, so I might write the review for LL first and then hopefully start on Iljimae right after. Either way, I guess you’ll know which one I end up doing first when you see it haha. 😂

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  3. The King and the Clown is also one of my favourite films. I was mesmerized watching it and not only because of JG, all of the main leads were great. Oh, there is another film i wanted to recommend to you. Its an older chinese one called “Raise the Red Lantern”. It had me in its grip for at least a week after i watched it. Brilliant in my opinion. We recently finished TBDAW and really liked it. TW was a bit uneven…i liked JG but i hated the script at times, the scene with drugging hospital stuff was ridiculous. Since then expression “kdrama logic” is proverbial 😀 I also noticed that i prefer sageuks to contemporary dramas, they let me down less often 🙂 Besides JG’s ones i loved Queen for 7 days, fantastic. I am very happy that you would be willing to review Iljimae and we will wait patiently ; ) All of us have a life and responsibilities…we understand. Take care 😉

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    • Yes, everyone was so good in that film! And the cinematography was beautiful. I haven’t heard of “Raise the Red Lantern” but I am interested in watching more Chinese films, so I will definitely give it a try. TBDAW is an excellent drama. Even though I prefer sageuks as well (my favorite genre tbh!) I was glued to every moment of TBDAW. Hahaha, I actually loved Two Weeks, but I can see why you have some complaints (especially with that scene) and certainly can’t blame you. Still a solid watch overall I’d say. I think I find sageuks more attractive because they usually have more to offer in terms of music, scenery, costumes, cinematography and rich history/storyline. Even if you don’t like one thing, you can usually find something in another area of the drama to enjoy. Whereas a good chunk of modern dramas are similar in plot, music, and tone. Oh gosh…hahaha.. 7DQ…😱… I couldn’t get through that one. 😳😥 I know many people really enjoyed it, so absolutely no hate to any of you! 💕😂 But from the episodes I did watch, the cinematography was breathtaking as well as the costumes…plus Park Min Young is always gorgeous! Of course, it’s my pleasure! And thank you for having the patience and understanding to wait! ❤️


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