[FEATURE]: Happy Birthday Kdramacache!

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Hey everyone! I hope all has been well for you. As per usual, I am late with delivering announcements. I guess you can say I’m sticking to my roots even during this celebratory event.

So, this past Tuesday, September 5th, was Kdramacache’s 2nd birthday! Truthfully, WordPress had to tell me, because I had no idea two whole years had officially passed. This blog has come a long way from where it was back in 2015, when I timidly published my first post on Scholar Who Walks the Night. Ah, yes. And what a sloppy review that was. I still cringe every time the view count for that post rises. However, I do love that drama, and I do owe a lot to that first post.

A Reflection:

I started this blog for several reasons. The first, and most significant being that I suffer from extreme anxiety and this became a place where I could release it. Watching dramas and writing about them has been therapeutic for me during some of my most tumultuous moments, which is why this blog has always been so sporadic in nature. If I’m posting a lot, I’m probably anxious. But aside from using it as an aid for my mental health, I needed a place for my own opinion. A place where I could not only be honest with readers, but honest with myself about what was truly high quality content, and what wasn’t. Dramas, though lovable, are not always successful, and that can be for various reasons. Sometimes our most beloved actors take on projects that make us want to pull our hair out; other times a teaser looks promising, but the writing turns out to be a mess; and occasionally, a drama is fantastic, but receives low ratings anyhow. No matter the reasoning, I’ve taken an interest in deeply analyzing the dramas I watch, in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on my favorite scenes, rant about the rage inducing moments, and cry when the show completes itself and leaves me feeling broken and alone. Basically, this space has become a refuge for my sincerest thoughts on the shows I watch, ranging from the most thrilling to the most disappointing. As this blog as grown, I’ve realized that my point of view might be helpful to those in the drama community and that has inspired me to challenge myself and work harder at delivering good content.

A Thank You:

Not to be narcissistic, but I’d like to talk about some of the positive responses I’ve had since beginning this project. I’ve met numerous kinds of readers: some simply seeking recommendations, those interested in in-depth discussions, fangirls ready to gush about their favorite actors, and fellow critical thinkers who enjoy gaining new perspectives—just to name a few. But the most popular comments I’ve received while running this blog (and my favorites at that), have been those thanking me for my “thorough”, “frank”, and “honest” reviews. Whenever anyone comments on my blog, tumblr, twitter, etc., they say something along the lines of “I really appreciated your honesty,” or “I like how meticulous and detailed this post was.” The reason I’m bringing this up is not to brag (I swear!). These comments are so meaningful to me for the reason that the very point of my starting this blog was for that purpose—honest and meticulous reviews; reviews where you don’t have to worry about the popularity of an actor, writer, or genre influencing my opinion. My readers know that I will watch a drama, I will tell you how it is, and I will tell you why that is the case. If the drama is popular or unpopular, it does not matter to me. If an actor is everyone’s favorite, or even my favorite, I don’t let this hinder my judgment. People have put their trust in me to be as objective as I possibly can when writing these reviews, and I am truly grateful for that. I never want to mislead anyone into thinking something’s great, especially when it really isn’t. But most of all, I am so appreciative, and thankful that my readers have viewed the blog exactly how I’d always hoped. My vision has been understood by my followers, and there is no greater feeling than that.

Now, there’s obviously a zillion kdrama review blogs out there, and they all have their special flavor. I follow many of them, and enjoy reading other people’s thoughts. It’s amazing how enlightening it can be. People spot things that you completely missed, they share a love for your favorite actor, or maybe they couldn’t even stomach your favorite crime drama. No matter what the situation is, I have made countless new friends from this community, and though we might not always agree on everything, I am so thankful for the friendships and endless fruitful discussions I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing here. I love all of my followers, and have nothing but gratitude for those who have been with me since the beginning, and those who have stuck with me even during my long periods of hiatus. Every one of you gives me the strength to keep watching and writing, even when I am exhausted or unmotivated. I never imagined reaching the number of followers that I have now. There was even a point where I felt death might come sooner than my first comment. However, it wasn’t long until I got my first few followers, and then commenters. Some of my first followers were actually fellow kdrama blogs. I was so touched that they followed and encouraged me even though I was just starting out. That gave me so much hope, and made me feel so welcomed into the community. Because of their help, I gained confidence to keep posting, my following grew steadily, and now it is wonderful to see how many people read my posts from all over the world! It’s honestly amazing!

Closing Thoughts:

So, it has been two years. 2017 has been my most active and successful year by far, and I hope to keep it going into 2018. Though I have my slump periods, and I may not always have my reviews out in a timely manner, I really enjoy what I do, and hope that it proves helpful, or even inspirational to anyone else who might be interested in doing the same thing. If you’re just starting out, or thinking about starting a kdrama blog, don’t hesitate. Just go for it. Don’t think about followers, likes, or comments. Just write sincerely, and they will come in time. Finally, thank you again to all of my followers, readers, fellow bloggers, and kdrama fans!



  1. Congratulation for the 2nd anniversary o(〃^▽^〃)o ! Your post are very entertaining and love your honesty when you’re reviewing a drama ^^; You didn’t hesitate to mentioned the drama’s flaw, whether is the cast, writing, or even editing. Wish you all the best for the next year onward ヽ(^Д^)ノ.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!!! 😭💞 You are too kind, and I am so humbled to hear these words. They give me so much relief and inspiration to keep blogging. 😀✍️💪 Hoping to continue to put out content that is enjoyable for you!


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