[QUICK UPDATE]: Absence & Watchlist

Hey all, I’m sure by now you’ve become used to my frequent—and sometimes prolonged—absences, but I figured I’d explain anyway in case anyone is curious or anyone new is wondering why this blog is dust and tumbleweeds. I’ll also share my current watch list/most anticipated dramas, but don’t worry, I’m keeping it brief.

Excuse of the Month:

Much like the last absence, this was fully unintended and out of my control. My brother is moving out to Indiana to start his new job so helping him and my family prepare has eaten up a good chunk of my time. We are actually leaving to drive out there tonight at midnight (r.i.p. me) so I might be absent for a little longer (about another week or so). However, I am coming back and I will be reviving this blog once again. Thanks for everyone who has stayed with me through thick and thin!

Watch List Breakdown:

Currently Watching: Circle, Duel, Lookout, Ruler: Master of the Mask, 7 Day Queen, Ssam My Way, and My Sassy Girl

Possibly Dropping: Duel, 7 Day Queen, My Sassy Girl

Soon to Watch: Secret Forest, Signal, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Requested)

Dramas on Hold: Chicago Typewriter, Rebel Thief who Stole the People, and Royal Gambler

Anticipated Dramas: Criminal Minds, Falsify, Save Me, The King Loves (Maybe)


In about a week or so I’ll be back to posting. I’m still sticking to reviews for the time being. I won’t be posting them all at once, but you can expect to see posts for Circle, Lookout, Ruler, and Ssam My Way.

And that’s all I have for you. What dramas are you currently watching? Which dramas are you looking forward to most? Are you watching any of the dramas listed above? What do you think of them? As always, thanks for reading!



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