[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 10

Hi all. I’ve decided to focus my energy towards catching up on Voice recaps. Since this show will be ending this week, I want to be all caught up. Therefore, I’ll be prioritizing these recaps and will be putting a hold on all Rebel: Thief who Stole the People recaps. Rebel still has a while to go, so once Voice and Missing 9 come to an end this week, I feel it won’t be too difficult for me to catch up on Rebel afterward. I’m sorry to anyone watching Rebel who might be inconvenienced by this, but I’m grateful for your understanding.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

[ JH: Moo Jin Hyuk ]    [ KJ: Kwon Joo ]    [ DS: Dae Shik ]

Eun Soo lurks around the basement in search of the documents regarding HCL cases. They aren’t there. She finds something, or should I say, someone, else instead. It’s Ho Shik, who’s holding up the documents in front of his face. He wears a smug smile as Eun Soo questions how he got access to the room when it’s restricted to police only.

Detectives JH and DS find a teenage girl sitting where Kang Mi Sook was supposed to be. Oops. They realize they might have barked up the wrong tree. KJ confirms this after she gets the frantic call from Hyun Ho that we saw at the end of the last episode. He tricked them by using a router to fake the IP address. And so begins the rush to the archives. Everyone is frantically making their way to the basement, but I find it absolutely outrageous that Hyun Ho, who began running there way before the two detectives even got in their vehicle, arrived at the same time as JH and DS. He either runs really slowly, DS drives incredibly fast, or the basement must be one hell of a confusing maze.

Ho Shik accuses Eun Soo of trying to separate him and Hyun Ho. He’s getting more agitated with each passing moment. Eun Soo slyly and wisely turns up the volume on her radio so the call center will be able to hear the situation. KJ listens intently and deducts from the sounds that Eun Soo must be in the deepest section of the archives. She passes this info along to DS and JH. Ho Shik corners Eun Soo and strokes her face in a super creepy manner. He’s going on about how he and Hyun Ho clicked right away, because Hyun Ho just so happened to pick up a tool he had dropped when repairing the roof.

Eun Soo tries to pull a KJ but she’s not very good at it. Instead of speaking sympathetically as if she understands in the way that KJ does, Eun Soo pretty much does the opposite. She tells him to calm down and explains that he’s delusional. This is literally the easiest way to aggravate someone further, especially a paranoid person but I’ll let Eun Soo slide since she’s probably crying on the inside. DS, JH, Hyun Ho, and back up all arrive in the basement level. JH and DS get out their guns and JH gives the team permission to fire they feel it’s necessary.

Ho Shik tells Eun Soo she should be grateful, because he’s going to stop at simply drizzling a little HCL on her face, instead of having her drink it like his other victims. KJ and Eun Soo look equally horrified. JH interrupts the party, telling Ho Shik to put down the acid. Eun Soo takes the opportunity to tussle with Ho Shik who is caught off guard and drops the acid. It spills on the ground and gets all over his face. He screams in pain and his face looks like it’s literally melting off. Guess he wasn’t a fan of his own facial treatment.

The team drags Ho Shik out to arrest him. They ask Eun Soo if she’s ok. Hyun Ho is right there by her side as Ho Shik screams in question about what he did to deserve this and begs for Hyun Ho to help him. KJ arrives looking serious as usual. She tells JH he did good work and he brushes it off saying that’s what they do. They have a grim discussion about the increasing number of mentally ill offenders. It’s something that could easily be prevented if more attention was given to their cause.

The Serious Crimes team sans Chief Jang approach JH in the basement hallway. They know he has a different opinion on the culprit for the Eunhyung-Dong case so they try and weasel out some information out of him by provoking him. He simply tells them to focus on capturing Nam Sang Tae. He walks away and gets a call from fucking Tabloid who apparently claims he’ll be telling the truth from now on since JH saved his life. JH is skeptical but is kind enough to hear the loser out. He tells JH that Chief Jang often visited the bar Fantasia while using Nam Sang Tae’s card. Apparently Jang is being blackmailed by someone for a video clip taken by a woman named Soo Ji. Of course, Tabloid says he can’t name his source, which elicits a super annoyed tongue in cheek look from JH. Tabloid promises it’s 100% legit before continuing.

We see a clip of his story. The girls at Fantasia usually don’t play, cheap tricks, but this Soo Ji girl was apparently instructed by Sang Tae to play Chief Jang. We see him at the club sitting amongst a few men and women, one of whom, slides her hand up his thigh. He’s currently living separately from his wife and child, who are in Australia. Chief Jang has clearly had a few sips to drink and maybe got swayed by this flirtation. JH remarks that Chief Jang isn’t someone you can easily push around and he’s not the type to fool around either. Tabloid counters that anything could happen, plus the girl was purposely hitting on him. It happened 6 months a go, and we see the video being taken. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like he actually got involved with the woman. It looks like she intentionally grabbed his thigh, while someone was recording, and then he gave her a confused look. There’s nothing which shows him engaging in any some sort of affair. Anyway, someone has been blackmailing him ever since the video was made.

We see Chief Jang opening a mysterious email containing the video clip and he’s clearly terrified. Tabloid says men at adult clubs have been using Chief Jang to avoid police crackdown. JH looks annoyed and asks where the girl who threatened him went. Tabloid says she hasn’t been to work in a few days due to a bad cold. JH angrily tells Tabloid to find out what Chief Jang has been blackmailed for until today or about the girl who flirted with him. DS looks shocked as he listens to the tidbits of the conversation. Once JH hangs up DS asks what the hell that was all about but JH just storms off in a rage.

Meanwhile, Hyun Ho apologizes to Eun Soo for putting her in danger. They ponder the negative impacts of SNS. Just as Hyun Ho is gaining some flirting traction KJ walks over to ask if the pair are okay. She applauds Eun Soo for handling the situation in a calm manner despite being startled. She tells them to get some rest before turning to walk away, but Eun Soo confesses that she tried to be like Kwon Joo when persuading Ho Shik, but failed miserably. She expresses her willingness to learn. KJ smiles sympathetically.

DS must have finally got the scoop from JH because he’s having a little tantrum. He doesn’t trust Tabloid and tells JH Chief Jang is not to type to get himself embroiled in this kind of mess. JH reminds DS that he too had mentioned how Chief Jang frequented Fantasia. DS seems a bit startled and claims it was because he thought Chief Jang might have some connection with Sang Tae, not because of some blackmailing incident. JH says nothing matters anyway until he confirms it himself. He calls his son to let him know he’s on his way over.

Dong Woo tells JH his friend is the best, because he left a big gift for him while he was asleep.  We see a flashback to Tae Gu brining Dong Woo a beautifully wrapped gift while he’s sleeping. Oh god. Dong Woo opens his eyes to ask who it is, but not until Tae Gu’s back is to him at the door entrance. Tae Gu responds:

Yesterday…your dad must have been very surprised. Be good to him.

He smiles creepily to himself before taking his leave. Dong Woo says he should have expressed his thanks for the gift but didn’t see the man’s face. JH is beginning to freak out and starts listing off some names of people he hopes could have been the visitor. Dong Woo doesn’t seem to remember who it was because they just left without ever revealing themselves. JH asks Dong Woo to put the helper on the phone, but Dong Woo says she went out to see her sister in front of the hospital. JH tells him to put Ji Hoon’s mother on the phone instead, but Dong Woo replies that no one’s here because they all went down to the first floor puppet show viewing. Then he asks to open the gift.

JH thinks back to Hyun Ho’s explanation of the mirrors Tae Gu placed around Chun Ok’s corpse. Hyun Ho mentioned that they were supposedly a clue hinting at the next target, and JH realizes his son must be in danger. He tells his son not to open it until he arrives and instructs his son to stay on the phone. DS sees JH getting worked up into a frenzy and asks what’s going on. JH tells Dong Woo not to open it again before explaining to situation to a horrified DS. DS says he’ll accompany JH, but once again JH tells him to just remain at the station on standby. He leaves as DS yells for JH to contact him if anything happens.

Nam Sang Tae’s hitman, Ghost, arrives at the hospital to take out Dong Woo. Dong Woo is insisting on opening the present, but JH tells him not to and to press the call button near his bed. Dong Woo reasons that he’s fine, so why would he need to call for help. He puts down the phone and begins opening the present. Ghost arrives in the room and Dong Woo looks up from the present in confusion, asking who the stranger is. Ghost just smiles at him creepily while taking slow, small steps forward. A second underling waits in the stairwell and informs Sang Tae that Ghost has started his work. Sang Tae expresses his approval and desire to move forward with their plan. He texts Tae Gu asking to meet.

Dong Woo starts to become frightened as Ghost gets closer to the bed. It’s taking Ghost an awfully long time to walk two feet forward. Not sure why he’s dragging it out. Dong Woo starts screaming and JH freaks out as he gets in his vehicle. He calls one of the station nurses, informs her of the situation, and asks her to go check the room immediately. She calls the security team for backup and heads up to the room. Meanwhile, Ghost is still skulking forward at a turtle’s pace while Dong Woo screams and backs up until he falls off the bed and hurts himself. He proceeds to cry and hide under what looks like the bed right next to it. Ghost watched him fall and crawl under there so I’m not sure why he just stands there staring at the boy and taking forever to carry out the job. You’d think a hitman would go in, get it done, and leave quickly and efficiently.

JH alerts KJ on the current situation and has her send out a patrol to his son’s ward. They’re not sure whether it’s Sang Tae’s doing, but either way, she makes sure to dispatch a team immediately. Ghost looks under the bed and reaches out a hand to grab Dong Woo who utters a bone chilling scream. JH speeds down the road and asks KJ if she has any updates. She says the patrol team will arrive in 5 minutes. Dong Woo screams for Ghost to let go of him and threatens that his dad will teach him a lesson. The hospital security team arrives before Ghost can do anything but he beats the crap out of them in a matter of seconds. After they’re all knocked to the ground, he makes a run for it. So you’re trying to tell me the Southeast Asian martial artist couldn’t manage to kill the child in a timely fashion but managed to destroy the security team in the blink of an eye.

The nurse runs over to Dong Woo, who looks traumatized, but unharmed. The patrol team arrives and the hospital security team begins chasing Ghost. The nurse calls JH to let him know Dong Woo is okay. She informs him of what the man looked like, what exit he fled toward, and that one of the security team members is badly injured. He tells her the patrol division are already on there way up to the room, and requests that she put the present Dong Woo received away for now. The doctors arrive with what looks like some of the welfare staff as well. The welfare lady runs over to Dong Woo to comfort him. Ghost is on the run and JH has arrived. He orders for KJ to check all security cameras in the vicinity. She tells him to go to the B-3 exit. He drives around just in time to peep Ghost come flying out of the exit.

The two share an intense stare. They start battling and it’s clear that JH has met his match. The martial artist isn’t going down without a solid fight. Ghost books it down the road after throwing a few punches. JH insists on chasing after him.

Tae Gu drives his luxury car and thinks back to his hospital visit. In the flashback, he quietly places the gift in Dong Woo’s bed before leaning down and almost stroking the child’s jaw/cheek. At the very last moment, his expression grows dark, he retracts his hand, and he walks to the door. That’s when Dong Woo wakes up and asks who it is, prompting him to relay the message about JH being surprised. Once the flashback completes, present moment Tae Gu is laughing, and we see a giant teddy bear in the passenger seat of his car. He pulls up to Fantasia, and enters.

We see Chairman Mo is holding a swanky dinner party with the two guests he hopes will contribute to his project. Madam Jang is also there providing fine liquor and service. The guests are the always nervous Director Kwon (of the Land Planning Department) and laid back Minister Kim. There’s an unexpected guest in the parking lot and his name is Nam Sang Tae.

Meanwhile, JH stupidly pursues Ghost without backup despite KJ asking for him to wait since she’s requested a patrol division vehicle. Chairman Mo begins blabbing about the bible but Tae Gu suddenly drops in and apologizes for being late. The conversation then transitions into how handsome Chairman Mo’s son has gotten. Sadly, I agree. He fine as fuck but he’s also a killer so I’ll have to pass. Chairman Mo has his son recite the company’s philosophy, and then proceeds to persuade the guests into helping with his endeavors. To enhance the mood, the Chairman orders Madam Jang to get the finest liquor and foods she has. Tae Gu gets a text from Sang Tae letting him know that he’s here. He excuses himself.

He is not pleased to say the least. Sang Tae says he’s waiting at the emergency staircase and asks if he should go to Tae Gu. Tae Gu almost loses his shit as he takes the phone away from his ear, contorts his face, and takes a breather to calm himself down. He tells Sang Tae to stay there and wait for him to come instead. Madam Jang spots Sang Tae while on her errand to get the pricy liquor and looks shook. Tae Gu arrives and voices how impressed he is with Sang Tae’s readiness to tell him when to come and go. Sang Tae reminds Tae Gu that they go back 20 years, and if he leaves now they don’t know when they’ll see each other again. Tae Gu tells him that they’re different and tells him to get some rest at a hot spring in Japan. He tells Sang Tae that he smells before turning to leave. I laughed.

Sang Tae isn’t finished yet. He tells Tae Gu it’s unfair for him to have to leave like this. The Chairman apparently hasn’t even given him enough money. He asks Tae Gu for more. Tae Gu lashes out saying a dog shouldn’t bite it’s own master. Sang Tae counters that a master shouldn’t abandon his own dog and let’s Tae Gu know he is aware that he paid a visit to JH’s son at the hospital. He takes it a step further and asks if it’s because he needs a new toy to play with. Tae Gu just laughs in response. Madam Jang hides in a private room and remembers everything JH had said about Sang Tae, including the photos of the dead bodies he’d showed her.

She leaves the door open while making a call to the 112 center. I’ve learned to accept that there’s not a single soul in this drama with common sense. She tells KJ that Sang Tae is at Fantasia, most likely to meet someone and asks her to come quickly. She says she’ll be waiting on the third floor. KJ agrees to come, but unsurprisingly, Tae Gu has heard the whole thing. KJ alerts JH about the new tip. JH says it’ll only take a minute for him to catch Ghost, and that he’ll catch up to her afterward. A minute my ass. You’ve already been at it for at least 30. KJ lets the center know she’s heading out and also orders for a patrol group to be dispatched to Fantasia.

After Madam Jang has hung up she hears someone at the door. Surprise! It’s Tae Gu. He just smiles at her creepily as he shuffles in. She’s clearly caught off guard, so she tries to ask what brings him there. He doesn’t answer, and she’s starting to realize this can’t be good. She asks if she can help him with anything. He’s looking like she’s going to be his next victim. JH runs around an empty shipyard looking for Ghost. KJ arrives at Fantasia. Ghost pops out of a hiding place and the two men go back to duking it out.

KJ arrives on the third floor and boy is it looking different. The lights are out for the most part so it’s dimly lit. It’s barren, eerily quiet, and enough to prompt KJ to tell JH something isn’t right. But he’s busy fighting Ghost, and his radio was knocked to the ground in the process, so he’s not answering. The tussle continues as KJ starts investigating on her own. She finds a nice big puddle of smeared blood on the floor and calls for immediate backup. DS gets going to check on JH’s safety.

Police arrive at Fantasia but the security team is refusing to let them in. Sang Tae leaves. KJ finds blood all over the door handles to one of the rooms. She enters cautiously and finds even more blood, broken glass, ice, a shot glass, and a liquor bottle. She looks up and spots something funky at the bar. Another gospel quote written in the victim’s blood. A closer look shows a glass full of ice and the victim’s eyeball. There’s also the victim’s cellphone with a recorded clip of the 112 call. KJ requests for backup from the Serious Crimes Unit. Cue creepy laughter.

KJ looks like she just pooped her pants. She turns around and points her gun along with her flashlight in the laughter’s direction. She hears footsteps walking away slowly with the laughter. She steps closer but puts her gun at ease as some backup comes running upstairs, including some Fantasia security team members. JH and Ghost are still fighting. Yawn. KJ tells some of the security team members what happens and they say to her face that they agree to cooperate. However, once down stairs they tell their boss who in turn tells them to let the VIPs escape first.

The Serious Crimes Team arrives and enter the building. KJ asks the call center staff about JH’s whereabouts. Tae Gu washes his hands and looks at himself in the mirror with amusement. DS arrives at the shipyard and tells KJ he’s going to commence searching for JH. The swanky party continues with Tae Gu back in his rightful place. The Fantasia security member comes in to alert them of the incident and help them escape. Everyone looks stunned except for Tae Gu.

Cheif Jang has KJ fill him in. The fight between JH and Ghost drags on. The VIPs begin making their way out of the vicinity. Chaos ensues on the first floor between indignant guests and the police. Chief Jang tries to calm everyone down. KJ hears something and discovers the secret VIP party leftovers. She’s furious and yells at the security team for letting them go freely. They respond that no one from the party of four could have committed the crime. She basically lets them know that’s a load of bs. In the middle of the conversation, she hears them leaving through a special exit and alerts Chief Jang. She tries to push through the guards but they proceed to hold her back. Chief Jang arrives and tells them to step the fuck aside before things get ugly. I suddenly have a newfound respect for him. The guards heed his warning, and step aside.

Ghost holds a knife to JH’s neck and slowly starts pushing it closer and closer to his throat. The VIPs begin getting into their cars at the secret parking lot. KJ and Chief follow hot on their heels, but another set of guards holds them back this time. Tae Gu hears the commotion and drinks it all in before getting into his vehicle and driving off just as KJ breaks through the guard barrier. He is just out of her reach so she is unable to identify him or any of the other party members.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.


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