[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 9

Hi. This is embarrassingly late.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

[ JH: Moo Jin Hyuk ]    [ KJ: Kwon Joo ]    [ DS: Dae Shik ]

Tae Gu bathes and gets slightly annoyed when he sees the news clips about the Golden Time Team’s recent success. There’s also some clear bags containing some disturbing objects, but they were too blurry to make out. Rest assured it’s something frightening.

Hyun Ho tries his hand once more at flirting with Eun Soo. He’s trying to get her to go to that goddamned DJ gig he’s doing. He keeps speaking in abbreviated talk so Eun Soo has no idea what he’s yammering on about. He tells her it’s at Club Fever, but she’s too busy eyeing the drugs in his backpack.

KJ broods over the case at home. She looks at the sweet rice punch in her bag that she received from Chun Ok just before she died and has a flashback to the interrogation room. She’s trying to tell Young Woon his sister is dead without really telling him, because she knows he won’t be able to handle it well. She’s just saying he won’t be able to see her for a while, but he doesn’t believe her at first. KJ becomes flustered and overcome with sadness and Young Woon picks up on this, and deducts that his sister must be hurt. He begins to have an episode, but KJ calms him down by handing him the bottle of Sweet Rice Punch, telling him his sister wanted him to have it. He relaxes and thinks this must mean she’s alive, because she always keeps her promises and would never leave his side like this. KJ can only look upon him with guilt and immense pity. Back in the present, KJ gets teary eyed as she remembers all the events that have taken place up until now, and vows to take down the killer.

Flirtventure number two (for this episode) includes Hyun Ho trying to give Eun Soo a ride home. A dog shows up and Hyun Ho cuddles it and snaps a pic with it to post on social media.

JH gets a call from his son, who is once again disappointed by his father’s failure to come and see him. JH apologizes, but continues to prioritize the case over his fatherhood duties, and frankly, and it’s sad to watch. He wonders why Sang Tae claimed to have killed his wife if he’s not really the culprit.

Chairman Mo gives the Commissioner a good verbal lashing which clearly puts the Commissioner in his place. If he forgot Chairman Mo was boss before, he sure won’t be forgetting now. Chairman Mo wants the mess sorted, and he wants it sorted damn quickly. He reminds the Commissioner that justice is impossible in the city of Sungwun.

JH has a sleepover at the office. The team is surprised to find he stayed the night. DS puts a rain on JH’s sleeping parade because he’s got news. Big news. He overheard Chief Jang having a feisty phone convo. In a flashback, Chief Jang yells angrily into the phone and warns the caller on the other end that JH is no joke. Once he latches on, he won’t let go, no matter how far he has to take things. Jang ends the call by threatening that if the ‘Fantasia thing’ gets revealed, he doesn’t know what he’ll do. DS knows this could be important, so he relays the information to JH.  JH is a little wary so he tells DS they should both keep digging, but to keep things hush, hush. The last thing they need is Chief Jang finding out.

At a sashimi house, Chairman Mo tries to get rid of his extra baggage: Nam Sang Tae. He tries shipping him off to Japan, because he can’t completely abandon him. He owes a debt to Sang Tae’s father. He gives Sang Tae a briefcase full of money, a passport, and the opportunity to run one of his dummy companies abroad. It’s supposedly just for the time being, until things settle down. Sang Tae is not impressed, but he agrees to leave on one condition: he wants to kill JH before he leaves.  He’s already planned for a hitman to take out JH’s son at the hospital. Even a sick bastard like Chairman Mo is appalled at how dirty Sang Tae is willing to play the game. He warns Sang Tae that even a lowly beast would not lay a finger on its enemy’s cub. Sang Tae says he has nothing to fear or lose at this point. Chairman Mo remarks that Nam Sang Tae truly is Nam Kwang Hee’s son after all, and that his father would be very proud of him.

KJ reflects back to the info Kyung Il gave her about the weapon before he was roasted to death. A prank caller tries to sweet talk Eun Soo on the emergency line. Suddenly, a post goes up on the web about officer Hyun Ho being a drug addict and murderer who pushed someone to suicide back in high school. They alert KJ, who tells them not to draw any decisive conclusions until they have the full story. Everyone in the office is freaking out. Eun Soo thinks back to the pill bottle she saw in Hyun Ho’s bag and decides to google the drug. It’s a hallucinogen called Scopolamine (used to treat motion sickness/nausea).

Meanwhile, Hyun Ho arrives at Club Fever and gets ready for his big DJ job. He gets some creepy comments on his facebook post but chooses to ignore them. He has some coffee and heads to the bathroom, where he starts to get real wonky. His vision blurs, he gets sweaty, and then someone enters the bathroom wearing fishnet tights. They sound threatening and it’s clear they’ve spiked his drink. The MC calls Hyun Ho (DJ Black) onto the stage, but he comes staggering into the crowd, looking super drugged while wildly waving a knife.

The emergency center gets the call notifying them of the incident and everyone’s horrified to realize it’s Hyun Ho. It’s pretty much confirmed once a live video is sent to them by a witness, and when KJ hears his voice. At this point Hyun Ho has taken up a hostage, and he’s rabidly yelling at people not to come any closer. Eun Soo tells KJ about his the drugs in Hyun Ho’s bag and the DJ-ing gig he had mentioned to her earlier. JH and DS get the code zero to head out. They both look super confused. KJ also alerts them about the online post slandering his name and how they haven’t confirmed whether it’s true or not yet. The pair head out to the scene.

DS chats with JH, wondering whether or not Hyun Ho could really be doing this purposefully. He admits that it’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for and speculates as to whether Hyun Ho will be fired today or not. JH seems less amused. The pair reach the club where Hyun Ho is frantically waving his knife and screaming. They yell for him to put it down but he gets more aggravated and his voice gets louder and louder each time they try and take a step forward. He also keeps repeating the phrase “High Color Laser.” No one knows what it means but if you’re well acquainted with chemistry like I am you might have also found it glaringly obvious.

The detectives try to settle him by putting their guns down, but it doesn’t work. JH wants to talk it out, but he wants Hyun Ho to put the knife down first. He moves forward a bit and Hyun Ho freaks out saying that if he takes another step the place will turn into a sea of fire. KJ takes the initiative to tell Eun Soo to figure out what “High Color Laser” might mean. She searches his desk and searches the phrase on google with no luck. Finally she narrows it down to just the initials, HCL, and it dawns upon her that it might be hydrochloric acid. Bingo, girlie. Eun Soo tells KJ who in turn tells JH. JH has DS hunt around for the person who is most likely threatening Hyun Ho.

JH starts talking in code to let Hyun Ho know he is now aware of the real situation, ironically shading KJ in the process. The camera pans to show the HCL that has been stationed around the club. DS peeps around and finds a sketchy number behind the stage, but it’s too late. They’re spooked now that the police are here so they press the magic button. The HCL jars get pushed from the ceiling. JH was going to try and count to three with Hyun Ho before swinging into action, but once the HCL is on the move that option flies out the window. JH shouts for people to move away to escape the HCL. The club is in chaos as people stampede to the exits. Hyun Ho is way too drugged to have a decent reaction time, so JH cuts in and saves him from getting an involuntary chemical shower.

Meanwhile the woman behind the stage books it out of the club with DS hot on her trail. The chase lasts a little long, but JH eventually joins DS and the two do get around to capturing the culprit, but not without DS cracking an Usain Bolt joke in the interim. When they catch her, she’s not what they were expecting. It turns out to be a man in woman’s clothing. Surprise! I wasn’t very surprised. The two are quite stunned to have hunted down a crossdresser, but they arrest him nonetheless. DS just seems to be more salty that he has had to run, yet again. Poor guy runs every goddamn episode and gets nothing in return. At least the call center employees seem relieved.

KJ watches as the culprit is brought into the station. There’s news reporters and paparazzi swarming the scene as Hyun Ho screams that it isn’t him. The crossdresser apologizes, but it sounds like he’s just won the Miss Universe pageant with the way he’s drinking up all the attention. Back at the office, Hyun Ho finally gets a chance to explain his side of the story. A user named “Love 8080” has been creepily stalking him for a year. He describes the user as being very possessive and jealous. Then he reveals that while he was in the club, the crossdresser was the one to enter the bathroom and claimed to be relaying a message from “Love 8080.” JH and KJ ask him a few questions to which he has pretty decent explanations for. KJ asks about the slanderous information posted on the forum, but he replies that none of it makes sense. Back then there was a misunderstanding because he had been mistaken for someone else, but the student had actually died in a car accident not from being pressured into suicide. Hyun Ho further reveals that is was all cleared up and investigated back then.

The crossdresser, whose name is Yang Ho Shik, goes by the alias “Surprise.” During his interrogation, he claims to have been hired and unknowing of the fact that real HCL was being used. He said that “Love 8080” told him it was water. DS grills him saying that either way there is no excuse for his actions. JH comes in and gives Ho Shik a dressing down as well. People could have been killed. A simple sorry doesn’t suffice for such a serious situation. JH thinks Ho Shik is Love 8080 but Ho Shik adamantly denies it. He claims to have emails and screenshots to serve as proof of their conversations. JH asks him how he knows Love 8080 is a woman if they’ve never met. Ho Shik launches into a long ass story about how he came to work for Love 8080. Basically they met on a revenge website and both had hardships they wanted to seek revenge for. Love 8080 messaged him one day saying they should exchange revenges, as in they each would take revenge for each other. Ho Shik agrees, but Love 8080 never shows up. She just leaves him the instructions and materials for him to carry out the tasks and tells him if it works out they can meet later.

Once he’s done spinning his tale JH is still skeptical. So am I. JH asks Ho Shik what the point of his story was. Ho Shik reasons that “Love 8080” was probably just using him because he’s a mechanic with easy access to the ceiling of Club Fever. DS looks into things along with the Serious Crimes Unit, but no red flags come up. The two even seem to have different IP addresses. JH agrees to let Ho Shik go but tells DS they should keep and eye on him. Meanwhile KJ gets another rotten lecture from the Commissioner who she knows must be feeling the heat and getting more anxious as she and JH come closer and closer to figuring out the truth behind the Eunhyung-Dong murder case. She knows he must be related. She gets a call which confirms the IP address and location of “Love 8080.” She’s currently online, so KJ forwards the information to JH and DS so they can track her down and arrest her.

Meanwhile Ho Shik prepares to leave the station but he asks officer Koo if he can apologize to Hyun Ho before he leaves. Koo wisely tells him that would be inappropriate for now and that he should wait until everything is cleared before doing so. Ho Shik looks miffed and if I wasn’t already convinced before, I’m now 100% sure he’s “Love 8080” at this point. He seedily leaves but snoops around. He hears Hyun Ho’s voice coming from one of the rooms and he watches and listens through the window. Hyun Ho finishes his convo with KJ and Ho Shik enters the room asking Hyun Ho if he can have a seat. Hyun Ho tells him to go right ahead and seems completely oblivious to Ho Shik’s true identity. Ho Shik apologizes and Hyun Ho sympathizes with him claiming that it’s not his fault since he was tricked into committing the crime by “Love 8080.” Oh Hyun Ho you naive child.

You can clearly see how enraptured Ho Shik is as Hyun Ho speaks and Ho Shik tells Hyun Ho he’s really handsome. However, once Hyun Ho embarks on an angry rant about how much of a creepy psycho “Love 8080” is, things get a little too close to home for Ho Shik, who tries to express his sympathy for her. Hyun Ho is outraged and says someone like that is undeserving of sympathy. Ho Shik quickly retracts his statements and says he completely agrees with everything Hyun Ho says. Now that’s a red flag if I ever saw one.

Meanwhile, JH feels like something is off. DS muses about how pitiful it must be to be a middle-aged woman committing a crime this pathetic. Eun Soo breaks up the chat between Hyun Ho and Ho Shik when she comes to deliver him some food. Ho Shik gives her the dirtiest look ever before leaving after she asks if she and Hyun Ho can talk in private. Although, he never really leaves, he looks through the window and listens to their  conversation. Eun Soo isn’t so sure the culprit is Kang Mi Sook. She wants to look further into any cases involving hydrochloric acid that the station might have. Hyun Ho tells her to search the archives in the basement. Hyun Ho asks what she’s so curious about and she asks him if he’s ever heard of De Clerambault’s syndrome; a delusional disorder where you believe that someone with a higher status loves you. It’s a kind of obsession with attracting people’s attention and is one of the most dangerous mental disorders. She tells him about a few similar cases like this one where the culprit was not yet caught and hydrochloric acid was involved. Eun Soo explains that Kang Mi Sook doesn’t fit the bill.

Ho Shik hears this whole discussion and smiles creepily. She gives him the sandwich and walks out to head to the basement archives. Hyun Ho is really excited to have scored free food from the woman he’s been pursuing the past eight episodes. He does more research and realizes that the IP address is different from the one the police found. The owner is a mechanic, and he realizes the culprit is none other than Ho Shik. KJ recalls the manner in which Ho Shik apologized when faced with the media. He sounded like he was complimented the second time he apologized, but KJ can’t seem to pinpoint why. In the archives, Eun Soo sees a dark figure pass by one of the shelves. She starts to look around nervously.

Hyun Ho frantically tries to explain the newfound information to KJ. He tells her Eun Soo is probably in danger right now. KJ now understands the De Clerambault’s syndrome must be why Ho Shik sounded so weird in his apologies. Hyun Ho starts running to the archives like a madman. KJ gives JH and DS the information, but they low key already knew because the girl they were looking for at the cafe wasn’t even there. They hurry back to their vehicle to head back to the station.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.



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