[RECAP]: Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People; Episode 6

Hello hello hello. I’m actually not only behind on recaps of this drama but in viewing it as well. I just got around to watching episode eight and will try to watch at least episode nine tonight. We’ll see. Fingers crossed my friends. I’m really loving it so far and it’s honestly quite emotional. Tears have been shed people, tears have been shed. Check below for the summary of episode six.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below]

Gil Dong checks out the land and gathers some soil to bring back to his father. Ahmogae leaves the meeting with Prince Choong Won looking stoic as ever. He tells the crew he’s gonna have to obey the orders, because getting tied up on the bad side of Royals is messy business. The search for Choong Won’s servant girl commences, and then she’s shown running through the forest. Yonggae scopes her out and brings her back to the homie hut. She barbarously eats the food they’ve provided her but is startled and horrified to find out they plan to bring her to Prince Choong Won. In a desperate plea, she says she’d rather die than be back in his grasp. She begs to die.

Ahmogae takes her into the woods making it seem as though he’ll grant that wish. Instead, they cut her hair, provide her with funds, and tell her to escape as quickly as possible. Soboori is worried about how they’re going to resolve this with Choong Won. Ahmogae orders him to fetch a corpse. They’re going to fake her death.

The newly escaped servant eyes her poor and frail grandmother from afar. She throws a piece of the silver she received from Ahmogae over the stone wall of her grandmother’s house, with tears in her eyes. Sadly, Mori is watching the whole thing play out.

Ahmogae presents the corpse to Choong Won. He claims she hid among the sick and the dead, which is a smart move, because the last thing Choong Won wants to do is look at, touch, or breathe the air of a filthy sick servant. He doesn’t even bother to check  the girl’s face, and tells Ahmogae to get rid of the corpse immediately. Ahmogae gives Choong Won the lock of hair he had snipped off the servant.

Tae Hak and Mori meet with Choong Won and—uh oh—they reveal that Ahmogae is lying because they’ve found the servant girl. The problem is…they killed her. Which is exactly what Choong Won didn’t want them to do. He throws a tantrum but Tae Hak calms him down by negotiating that it is better for her to be dead than to have been with another man. The two crooks plead for Choong Won to help them out by killing Ahmogae. They convince him by claiming Ahmogae has broken laws and disciplines of the nation. They even have a victim to prove it.

And then we see her. The old bag Lady Jo. I knew she wouldn’t go down quietly. She’s haggard and living a lowly life now. In fact, Ahmogae seems to be living better and enjoying more luxuries than she ever did. It seems she can’t even afford to eat and is determined to deliver books to her son Soohak for studying. That’s when she sees Ahmogae in the streets living and laughing it up and being referred to by the people as Master. She sheds a few tears in her anger.

Next thing we know, she’s telling her story to Choong Won. A man finds the dead body of the servant girl floating ominously in the water. Soboori tells Ahmogae if he really leaves, that he will have to leave to accompany him and take up farming as well. Their convo is interrupted by a group of guards who have come to arrest Ahmogae. They’re framing him for the killing of Choong Won’s servant girl in order to ruin his life. His children are outraged, but Ahmogae says he’ll go willingly so long as no one harms the children. Gil Dong arrives home just in time to see daddy getting arrested. Poor boy. He starts to cause a scene but Ahmogae whispers to him to go and see the magistrate.

Unfortunately, Mori is already there, threatening Eomjachi. He says Choong Won is royal blood and that is enough to save him from punishment. It’d be dumb to try and go after him. Eomjachi tries to fire back but then Mori threatens to spill the beans about the murder Eomjachi helped Ahmogae cover up.

By the time Gil Dong arrives to the Magistrate’s office, Eomjachi has already made a decision. He refuses to meet Gil Dong. The clan meet and are clearly taken aback by Eomjachi’s decision. The group pairs off to seek help from anyone Ahmogae is on good terms with. Gil Dong goes to visit his father in jail with Yonggae. Ahmogae asks what the magistrate said. The pair are silent and Ahmogae realizes this must mean Eomjachi has betrayed them. He’s confused at first, but assumes it must be due to Prince Choong Won. Gil Dong returns Ahmogae’s beads to him. Gil Dong orders for Yonggae to fix up his father’s empty cell.

Tae Hak and Mori come to visit Ahmogae in jail, he’s got a mattress, a table, and even a nice candle going. He mocks them and intimidates them into letting him meet the prince. The prince is extremely unreceptive to his apology, so he resorts to saying he’ll use all his connections to free himself of this mess. Choong Won isn’t intimidated at all, then shows Ahmogae his surprise guest: Lady Jo. This is the first time Ahmogae really looks like he has lost a battle. He staggers backward in horror as she greets him. Choong Won admits to killing one of his servant girls back in the day, but gloats about having royal blood, which saved him from being flogged or punished. He tells Ahmogae his children will die, and that the dethroned queen can’t help him now.

He’s taken away kicking and screaming, as Lady Jo smirks, laughs and cries all in a single moment.  Choong Won orders Tae Hak and Mori to pay off officials in order to have them flog Ahmogae until he dies. He also orders for Ahmogae’s children and followers to be killed as well. Nice guy. Mori threatens the magistrate again this time threatening his family as well. He says that despite Choong Won being a filthy pig criminal, he was the only one who supported and trusted the crown prince, which means Choong Won is basically going to be invincible once the CP becomes King.

The clan discusses a new plan since their friends have been quick to turn on them out of fear of the royals. Just then, the magistrate strolls in and they have a long discussion where he basically agrees to help them in a minimal way because his hands are tied. He tells them moving in groups will be dangerous so if they just follow his instructions, things will go smoothly. Everyone prepares for the mission, and Gil Dong is a bit wary. Gil Hyun says they have no choice but to trust the magistrate if they want any chance of saving their father.

Soboori, Yonggae, and Eobsan are sent to the temple to wait and receive Ahmogae there. Monk Man, Pirate Man and Kkeutswe are sent to the dock for preparations to leave once Gil Hyun brings Ahmogae. Gil Hyun is instructed to leave with Gil Dong and Uh Ri Ni and wait at the hills where the Magistrate will bring Ahmogae himself. A bloodied Ahmogae lays badly beaten in his jail cell. He gets a visit from Lady Jo who says she doesn’t despise Ahmogae, but the concept of a country where a servant is allowed to deceive or humiliate his master. She has a big long speech that no one really cares about, especially Ahmogae, who’s practically half dead by now, but she drones on anyway claiming she’ll kill him and his children. Whatever lady.

Everyone’s waiting but something seems off. Gil Hyun realizes it’s a set up and tells Gil Dong to escape with Uh Ri Ni while he buys some time. Each group is attacked by mobs of men. It seems Eomjachi has betrayed them. Gil Dong runs but Uh Ri Ni is ultimately taken from him. A flashback shows us that the disgusting pedophile Choong Won wanted Uh Ri Ni for himself as his next victim. Gil Dong earnestly chases after her but is quickly beaten down. He tries getting back up and endures serval ugly blows to the head before finally, he can stand no more. He is stabbed then falls to the ground as Uh Ri Ni cries out in horror. He stretches out a hand to her as he fights to keep his eyes open, but they eventually close.

There is a flashback to the special tree, and Ahmogae’s words of how it will protect Gil Dong. The coloring of the scene darkens, and Gil Dong wakes up with a flash of determination in his eye. It is clear that something has changed within him. Next thing we know, he is standing in front of the group of men and their captive Uh Ri Ni. He tells her to come to him and then as the men charge at him, he beats the pulp out of them. His strength has returned. They try holding him down with weapons, but his brute force is too powerful for them to manage. He screams, and his eyes go green just like the tiger’s. He pushes the men off and they go flying into the air. He grabs wheat and blows it into the air, slicing the men like razors. He grabs stalks and is able to use them as a sword. His feet leave large dents/print marks in the ground.

He eventually fights  off enough of the men to grab hold of his sister. He ties their arms together and instructs her never to leave his side no matter what happens. Unfortunately, a shit ton more men are making their way towards the siblings. The two make a run for it. Gil Hyun continues to fight off men alone in the woods. He’s outnumbered, injured and and tiring out. Gil Dong and Uh Ri Ni are eventually cornered at the edge of a cliff. He looks at his sister and asks her if she trusts him. She nods. They look over the edge of the cliff, edge forward, and swallow hard. Gil Dong tells her to close her eyes. She obeys. The mob shoots three arrows into Gil Dong’s back. He jumps with Uh Ri Ni. They fall into the water, but remain connected because of the ribbon Gil Dong had tied around them. Ahmogae lays close to death in the jail cell, trying to say something, but failing. He’s remembering everything that’s happened in one big montage. Gil Dong wakes up in the water.

This episode was a cinematographic masterpiece. If I could post a cap of every beautiful scene I would. Everything was just so beautiful to look at and so artfully shot.

On a side note, some people feel these episodes are too focused on past events and have voiced discontent that the story hasn’t yet shifted toward the present. I’m actually not in agreement here. Thirty episodes is a lot, and we still have plenty of time to get to the present. I am rather enjoying this frame story, and think Kim Sang Joon has been simply phenomenal as Ahmogae. I’m completely blown away and captivated by his performance.

Are you watching Rebel: Thief who Stole the People? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the extended highlight trailer for it here.






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