[RECAP]: Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People; Episode 5

Ummmm….I have so many Rebel recaps to write it’s not even funny. I’m so sorry for falling behind. People keep searching for these on my blog and I always feel so bad when the episode they’re looking for hasn’t even been posted yet. This week is midterms week for me so I will sadly fall even more behind, but the week after is spring break so I hope to make up for lost time then. Anyways, read below for the much belated summary of episode five.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

We continue where we left off. The women discuss the magic peddler and then we cut to Gil Dong singing and frolicking with local children. Ga Ryung finds him in the forest and tells him that Gong Hwa (Noksu) wants to meet him. She lures him with the offer of free drinks.

Gong Hwa is interested in seducing a man, and she’s heard Gil Dong has been able to help people accomplish the impossible. Gil Dong says he’s not a magician, and asks who the man is. Gong Hwa drops the bomb that it’s His Majesty. Gil Dong looks amused and asks to see her face. Ga Ryung lifts the screen and Gil Dong comments that although he’s heard a lot about Gong Hwa, she’s not as beautiful as he thought. Ga Ryung is outraged, but Gong Hwa doesn’t seem bothered, and replies that this is her charm, since seducing a man with beauty is too easy.  Gil Dong doesn’t think the whole thing with his Majesty could work, but says she could go out with him instead. He begins flattering her but Ga Ryung gives him a good smack and yells at him for possibly looking down on Gong Hwa for being a gisaeng. Gong Hwa tells Ga Ryung to back off a moment. He officially lets Gong Hwa know he won’t be able to help her out with this one. He has to go home because it’s his sister’s birthday soon, and he’s just bought her a beautiful pair of new shoes. Gong Hwa assumes this means he’s not confident. Gil Dong laughs that he hasn’t even seen what the King looks like, so how could he steal his heart. Plus he doesn’t want to let anyone else to have someone feisty like Gong Hwa.

He gives a final offer. They will part ways now, but if they ever meet again, they are destined to be. He looks to Ga Ryung and let’s her know he’ll see her again too before cheekily taking his leave. Both ladies seem to be swooning. On his journey home, he runs into some men who advise him not to travel alone because of tigers in the woods. They don’t believe him when he claims to have met a tiger back in the day. Then they have a gossip session about his father, who apparently might be having a brawl with a thug named Ho Tae Hak (Kim Tae Han).

The men reveal the story and we see it via flashback. Ahmogae discusses Ho Tae Hak with his group. They inform him that the thug scammed people and then sold them into slavery in order to make big money (among other bad deeds as well). Ahmogae reluctantly meets the man and his son, Mori (Kim Jung Hyun), who want to make use of Ahmogae’s high up connections. Ahmogae admits that he’s not necessarily clean himself because he also breaks the law, however, he will not get involved with the selling of people as slaves. He further states that Tae Hak can do whatever he wants, but he cannot sell in any place where people call Ahmogae their leader.

Back in the present the men doubt Ahmogae’s ability to win, because all of Tae Hak’s underlings are seasoned barbarian fighting war veterans. One of the men says both leaders are thugs and then some of them make fun of Ahmogae for once being a servant and now thinking so highly of himself. Gil Dong starts scolding them and they get in a fight.

Gil Dong shows up at home right as everyone’s talking about his long awaited return. His father gives him the cold shoulder. Gil Hyun later tells Gil Dong not to worry, since Ahmogae was actually the one who most looked forward to his return. Gil Dong responds by saying their father lost interest in him long ago. Gil Dong gifts his brother a special book that he’d been looking all over for. Uh Ri Ni shows up and covers Gil Dong’s eyes from behind to make him guess who it is. He replies that it must be ugly girl and smiles as he teases her further and pinches her cheek.

Gil Dong bows to his father and then lowkey shades him by talking about all the girls he met and how even though he wants to get married, no good girl would ever want to marry into a thug’s family. Soboori and Gil Hyun both voice their outrage and everyone leaves except Sobooi. Gil Dong asks him if the rumor about Tae Hak is true. Soboori assures him that they are well prepared to handle the situation.

That night Gil Dong voices his concern about their father, saying that he is only human. Gil Hyun thinks their father is able to conquer anything, but the chat is interrupted by Uh Ri Ni who is too scared to sleep alone. She crawls in between them, feigns sleep and tortures them by smacking them in all the places that hurt.

The next day she teaches Gil Dong, or tries to teach Gil Dong, a string game. Kkeutswe comes over and shamelessly asks Gil Dong to accompany him to the gisaeng parlor. Gil Dong scolds him for mentioning such things in front of a child. The two talk more until Gil Dong asks where his father is. Kkeutswe reveals that he was called to meet the magistrate not too long ago. This worries Gil Dong, who jumps up in a panic.

Ahmogae makes his way over to meet the magistrate, with the Monk, Soboori, and Yonggae accompanying him. The men sit down for drinks while they wait.  Some of Tae Hak’s men show up and a skirmish breaks out between them and Ahmogae’s party. The fight is taken outside, and we see Gil Dong frantically running to the location. Ahmogae has been left alone inside. Mori comes in with some underlings and confronts Ahmogae. He seems confident since Ahmogae has been left alone and is currently outnumbered. However, Gil Hyun appears along with the rest of Ahmogae’s team, from hiding, and then so do the rest of the men who had been outside. A second fight breaks out, and Ahmogae ventures outside to talk to Soboori.

Meanwhile Gil Dong, who had come to rescue his father, comes stumbling into the scene and gets his ass completely whooped in front of both Soboori and his father. Everyone’s attention shifts and the effort is now put into protecting Gil Dong. This allows for Mori to escape. Then the two battling clans meet in the middle of town, with all the men they have. They prepare for a real fight. Gil Dong watches in horror as both sides duke it out. Eventually Mori is captured and held hostage. Ahmogae comes marching to the front of the crowd and Tae Hak proudly, and threatens to cut off his ear. Tae Hak wets his pants (literally) in front of the entire public. Ahmogae slices off one of Tae Hak’s ears while Gil Dong watches from afar in sheer terror and disbelief. As Tae Hak falls to the ground clenching the area of his missing ear, Ahmogae whispers a warning into the other one. Gil Dong looks as if he might cry.

Later, Gil Hyun sits to eat with Gil Dong, and asks if he was shocked. Yonggae teases Gil Dong for getting beaten up so easily and for having so many fears despite being a man. Then Yonggae notices his girl crush and basically blows it out of nervousness when she comes over to greet him. Later the town holds a series of festivities, and Gil Dong eventually attempts to arm wrestle with Kkeutswe. Ahmogae steps out and sees the fuss and makes a sudden announcement that he will reward whoever wins. The crowd cheers, and Gil Dong is now more motivated then ever. It takes up all the strength he can muster up, but as his father watches intently, he is eventually able to beat Kkeutswe. Everyone is totally excited, but no one is more excited than Gil Dong, who starts proclaiming his win to the world.

Eobsan doesn’t seem surprised. He explains that Gil Dong is strong too, but everyone laughs stating that if that were true, he wouldn’t get beaten up all the time. Eobsan looks confused and muses that Gil Dong was at least super strong when he was young. Everyone gathers together to begin singing and dancing. Gil Dong has never looked happier. Soboori and the magistrate join in, but Ahmogae stands by to observe, not without a smile finally crossing his face.

Later or maybe the next morning when everyone is hungover and asleep, Gil Dong approaches his dad to have his wish granted. He wishes for them to leave the village and take up a simple life as farmers. He’s heard Tae Hak never gives in, and he’s worried about his father and his family’s safety and well being. Besides, Tae Hak is not the only one after his father anyway. Gil Dong promises he will look after the family and make sure Uh Ri Ni meets a good husband.

The conversation is interrupted by Gil Hyun who yells at Gil Dong for even entertaining such an idea. He drags Gil Dong away, leaving Ahmogae alone to ponder the sudden request. Gil Hyun chastises Gil Dong for trying to get in their father’s way. Gil Dong suddenly asks Gil Hyun if he knows why their mother died. He asks if Gil Hyun thinks Lord Jo’s Uncle killed her and says that isn’t the real reason. He says their father’s greed killed her. Then he says a man who doesn’t know his place will die before his time. Gil Dong voices his concern for the type of life they’re leading. He thinks if they continue on like this, everyone will die, even Uh Ri Ni. Gil Hyun’s about to rip into Gil Dong again, but Ahmogae appears and asks Gil Dong if he thinks he will live out his own life.

Ahmogae rests his hands upon the tree and asks Gil Dong if he knows what it is. It’s a tree blessed by Mount Jiri’s shaman. When someone powerful is born in Joseon, this tree will help that person stand strong and tall. He’s asked the shaman what to do to make sure Gil Dong doesn’t die before his time. Then Ahmogae suddenly asks Gil Dong to wrestle with him, properly, without giving in. The match ensues and it’s pretty even until Gil Dong lifts up his father at one point. Ahmogae gets excited and encourages Gil Dong to use his power but Gil Dong falters and ultimately loses.

His father demands another round. Gil Dong says he can’t and his father yells in fury. Then he asks Gil Dong to root up a tree, or lift a huge pile of rocks. Gil Dong repeats that he cannot do it. Ahmogae looks confused as the tears start to fill Gil Dong’s eyes. He goes over to his son and asks why. Then he remembers the tiger Gil Dong must have met on the hill. He asks what happened with the tiger on that day. Gil Dong cries and confesses that he’s never seen a tiger. He says everything was a lie, and that although he wants to be like those great generals too, he suddenly lost his power one day and that it’s been like this for a while. Ahmogae looks confused and devastated, but so does Gil Dong, who is now bawling his eyes out at full capacity. He says to his father that he is nothing anymore. Ahmogae looks heartbroken for his son, and has a flashback to the time in the woods where he went to punish his son, but ended up letting him go because of his tears.

In the present, Ahmogae becomes emotional as he wipes his son’s tears away. That night, he talks with Soboori, who asks what happened. Ahmogae says he’s thinking of taking some time off. As Gil Dong sleeps, Gil Hyun eyes his brother with sadness and concern. The next morning Soboori sits down with Gil Dong for a chat. He asks Gil Dong if he asked his father to stop doing business. Soboori says that must be it, since theres no other reason Ahmogae would have asked him to take over. Gil Dong asks if his father said he would stop doing business. Soboori tries to answer by saying that he shouldn’t dream of it, since they’d be nothing without his father, but Gil Dong is already off and running to find his dad.

Gil Dong meets his dad, who asks if the land Gil Dong previously mentioned is really as fertile as he claimed. Gil Dong answers that it’s absolutely fruitful. Ahmogae chuckles and says he guesses it wouldn’t be so bad to to make a living by farming. Gil Dong is moved to tears and smiles in excitement. Gil Hyun enters after Ahmogae leaves. Gil Dong knows his brother must be discontent with their father leaving the business, but Gil Hyun says it does not matter, and that he too doesn’t like that people are after their father’s life. Gil Dong gifts Uh Ri Ni the shoes and gets going to leave on a journey. First he goes to the mountain and tree to pray for his father and family’s safety. He places a rock on the stone tower.  After he leaves, the stone tower collapses.

Eomjachi meets Ahmogae to tell him that Prince Choong Won desires to meet him. He is a man accused of killing his own female servant, so Ahmogae is not interested in cultivating any sort of relationship with him. Eomjachi encourages Ahmogae to do so anyway, because he is of the Royal family and could be a very useful connection to have. He motivates Ahmogae by telling him that he should find a way to make sure his son can live before he (Eomjachi) dies.

While the two wait for the prince to enter, they make fun of his ugly looks. The prince enters and he is…actually pretty ugly so I don’t blame the two for laughing about it. The prince wants Ahmogae to take his business, aka to find a female servant that has run away. He gives Ahmogae permission to kill any many that may be seen with her. Eomjachi looks so horrified he could just about poop his hanbok. Ahmogae just looks down right disgusted.

Are you watching Rebel: Thief who Stole the People? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the extended highlight trailer for it here.


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