[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 8

We reach an all new level of ‘what the fuck’ in this week’s episode of Voice. This one was definitely chilling to the bone, but I really enjoyed it and I’m dying to see what’s going to happen next. I’m hoping people actually read this post and leave some comments with their thoughts because I am left with questions after this one folks. Read below for the summary of episode eight.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Tabloid begs for his life and audaciously asks Moo to save him. Once Mob Boss and his gang leave the room, only one underling is left. Moo taunts him in order to lure him over. It works, and Moo suffers through a few punches before kicking the crud out of him and freeing himself. Whiney bitch Tabloid begs once more for Moo to spare his life and help him escape. He promises to never betray Moo again. tch. In a miraculous move, Moo gives him a weapon and tells him to cut himself free before leaving to take care of business. This starts the long action sequence that was semi-unrealistic and a tad bit drawn out, but I’ll summarize. Moo basically defeats all of the underlings with his swift ninja skills. He reaches the final level. Mob Boss.

Meanwhile, Dae Shik is still running around like a chicken without a head. He asks Kwon Joo for some more info and she is finally able to figure out what the hell Kyung Ill (the burnt potato chip killer from episodes 4-6) said right before he died. The version I watched never actually spelled out the word in the subs but basically it was the name of a strong seasoning used for Chinese skewered lamb. We can thank Eun Soo for figuring that one out. Kwon Joo remembers the old woman mentioning the smell of strong spice and quickly relays the info to Dae Shik, who in turn tells the Special Crimes Unit as well. Commissioner Bae stops by to bitch and moan as usual. Kwon Joo updates him on the situation.

Unfortunately for Moo, Mob Boss is accompanied by a final gang member, who holds a gun to Moo’s head. He mocks Moo by calling him a little puppy trying to become a tiger. Moo looks like he gonna lose it any minute now. Dae Shik successfully finds the lamb meat factory and Kyung Hak and his team arrive as back up. They lock and load. Kyung Hak has Dae Shik go in first.

Mob Boss is still ridiculing Moo, who is not in the mood. He talks back and labels Mob Boss a scum bag. Mob Boss tells him he’s barking in front of his grave and admits that Moo really is a crazy dog. He then orders his underling to shoot. That’s when Moo goes total rogue and knocks out the gangster. He snatches Mob Boss’ knife and starts stabbing Mob Boss’ hand repeatedly. ouch. Mob Boss screams in agony, and manages to break free by stabbing Moo. He orders his gangster to kill him.

Back up arrives in the knick of time. Mob Boss makes a run for it. Dae Shik runs to Moo’s side while the rest of the officers pursue the culprit. Moo doesn’t care about his injuries. He just keeps trying to get up while he screams for everyone to go after Mob Boss. Dae Shik calls for immediate arrival of paramedics. Kwon Joo tries to talk to Moo over the radio. She’s concerned. Dae Shik gives Moo the radio so he can talk to Kwon Joo. Moo takes it and orders Dae Shik to go chase after Mob Boss. Dae Shik goes reluctantly. Moo confirms the Mob Boss as the culprit if the Eunhyung-Dong case with Kwon Joo.

Mob Boss escapes but not without leaving behind a license place number. Kyung Hak orders the team to dig up info based on the plate humber. The officers break the bad news to Moo that Mob Boss escaped, but assure him he should be caught soon since they have the license plate number. They ask how his leg is, but he shows them the thick book he had in his pocket that prevented a deep stab wound.

Commissioner Bae still hasn’t left. He’s extra grumpy today for some reason. He’s probably crooked too, there’s no other reason for him to be such a bitter prune. He starts scolding Kwon Joo for no reason, but she gives him a good dressing down in front of the entire emergency call center staff. He just walks out with a huff and his signature scowl.

Hyun Ho relays his relief at Moo’s rescue to Eun Soo. Dae Shik and Kyung Hak try to convince Moo to see a doctor. Naturally, he refuses, then shadily calls out Kyung Hak right in front of Dae Shik. He basically tells Kyung Hak to be careful not to do something shameful. Kyung Hak looks mighty shook. I would too if I were untrustworthy and Moo were catching on. Even Dae Shik seems surprised at Moo’s bold and surprise attack.

The news reports the situation. Mob Boss finally has a name. Nam Sang Tae. Speak of the devil. He’s getting his stab wound wrapped up as he wallows in his own misery. His coping method is drinking tons of alcohol in a really gross fashion. He thinks back to when Moo counted to three and told him to run. I think he might be regretting the fact that he didn’t run. He throws a little tantrum.

Meanwhile, at Fantasia, a group of wealthy men discuss construction plans for Sungwun. One guy, a Seoul government official, doesn’t seem too committed, but he also looks like he’s going to poop his pants out of fear. A grey haired man does most of the chattering, and boy is it boring to listen to him talk about business. I’m much more taken by the strapping young gentleman who’s sitting next to him. His name is Mo Tae Gu (Kim Jae Wook) and I think we all know by now that he’s the killer. He has the build, the height, the expensive suits, the right age range, and most importantly, the voice we’ve been looking for. Tae Gu excuses himself from all the business chat to make a phone call.

Back at the police station Young Woon is having a hard time understanding that he will have to be sentenced to probation, which means he’ll have to be apart from his sister. The siblings have a tearful exchange, and Kwon Joo has a hard time watching. Detective Koo empathizes with the pair as well. Unfortunately, they can’t completely prove Young Woon innocent, because he was a bystander at the scene of a murder. A flashback shows that Young Woon was not the one who killed Bok Soon. It was one of the underlings who swung the lamp at her head, ultimately killing her. They simply threatened Young Woon, by saying they’d kill his sister if he didn’t hold Bok Soon still. Out of fear, he did as he was told, and they used him as a scape goat. Because of this, he must be charged as an accomplice. Probation is the best he can get.

Moo gives a briefing on the Kyung Il/Nam Sang Tae case. Kwon Joo leaves in the middle of it when she sees Chun Ok trying to get her attention. Chun Ok relays her thanks to Kwon Joo and apologizes for having prejudice towards the police earlier. She offers to make her some sweet rice punch. Kwon Joo accepts, out of pity for the poor woman. The two finally part ways, but Kwon Joo looks brokenhearted and worried about Chun Ok. The briefing ends and Kwon Joo  tells Moo privately that Nam Sang Tae’s age doesn’t match the voice she heard at the scene. The voice she heard was much younger, more so a man in his thirties.

Moo asks to listen to the recording. Kwon Joo warns him that the clip has been edited as much as possible to make the sound audible to the average human ear, but he still might not be capable of hearing it. He acknowledges this and then presses play. It’s rough. He struggles to get through it, often pausing off and on because of the difficulty of having to hear his wife’s desperate last words. Finally, it’s over. He admits he couldn’t hear anything.

We see the white haired dude and Tae Gu exit Fantasia. He ridicules Tae Gu for not taking better care of reigning in Sang Tae. The old geezer orders Tae Gu to find out where Sang Tae is hiding, and send him off to Japan or something. Tae Gu coolly says he’ll take care of it. Meanwhile, the police have tracked own the main vicinity of where Sang Tae is hiding. He’s freaked the fuck out that the police are closing in on him. Then he gets a phone call and he’s talking like a child who’s about to get the ultimate ass whopping. The man on the other line? Tae Gu. He’s listening to dramatic music as he drives his fancy sports car down the road and scares the shit out of Sang Tae. Sang Tae does his best not to wet his pants as he tries to tell Tae Gu he’s totally gonna sort things out. Tae Gu tells Sang Tae it’s only right that he sorts out his own mess, then threatens to tighten the screw in Sang Tae’s jaw… whatever that means. Sang Tae looks utterly horrified and says he’s gonna fix things. Tae Gu says he’s better, because if not, he’ll prepare the ‘special treatment’ that Sang Tae hates most.

Tae Gu and another car almost crash. The two drives share an intense stare, but it’s mostly Tae Gu that’s gaping at the other dude with a sort of pissed off gaze. The other dude apologizes but Tae Gu stays silent. Then an extremely unexplainable what the fuck moment happens. I hope some of you might have an explanation for this because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Basically the dude in the other car starts making super weird noises and his mouth morphs so that there’s an extra grate-like shaped layer of skin. Super strange. Anyway, it didn’t actually happen because when Tae Gu drives away the dude is totally normal and everything is as if nothing happened at all. I’m wondering if Tae Gu was high, having a hallucination, or what.

Chun Ok returns to her townhouse, which is eerie, dark and perfect for a crime scene. This can’t be good folks. She enters her old room, which is still marked off with crime scene tape. She prepares some food and looks around the house harboring guilt for her actions. After sitting down, she apologizes to Bok Soon and cries over the loss.  Then we hear the door open, and the sound of footsteps. Annnnnd it’s the killer. He’s all decked out in his black raincoat and fancy suit. He even brought his trusty kettle bell along.

Kwon Joo looks at Nam Sang Tae’s personal information and starts thinking he might be the guy. The murderer gets to murdering and we hear Chun Ok’s shrill cries as he looms over here threatening to strike at any minute. He dials the emergency center, and Hyun Ho answers. He recognizes the number and realizes it’s Chun Ok. He asks if she’s okay and the murderer tells her to say ‘help me.’ She starts too, and then the murderer hangs up. Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo the situation and she realizes Chun Ok might have gone back to the apartment to make the sweet rice punch. She immediately calls her.

But Chun Ok’s phone isn’t ringing and the murderer is ready to get on with the show. He beats her ruthlessly. Kwon Joo calls Moo and tells him she has a bad feeling Nam Sang Tae is with Chun Ok. They both get ready to head to the townhouse. The murderer is almost done. He asks Chun Ok if she’s ever seen anyone get beheaded. She asks who he is. He simply replies that a person bleeds a tremendous amount, but it surprisingly stops before you know it. When the body pumps out all of the blood, it’s sad to see it end. She responds asking him if he actually thought she’d beg him to let her live. Then she calls him a maniac. He gets a bit feisty and says he gave her a chance to live a life as Park Bok Soon, an opportunity not even the almighty can give, but she through it away. She calls him a madman, and tells him he will have to pay for his sins. The madman responds by laughing.

“You talk as if someone exists up there. It’s not for you to decide. You’re just living because you were born. I’m the one who makes decisions. You should learn from those stray cats. They don’t make needless sounds do they?”

He picks up the kettle bell and smashes it into her head repeatedly. Dae Shik, Moo, and Kwon Joo arrive. They search the house and find nothing, aside from the fact that the lights aren’t working. Dae Shik does a double take and realizes the closet door was left open by the forensics team earlier…so why is it suddenly closed. All three look creeped out, but they see blood pooling on the floor, and eventually muster up the courage to open the closet. They’re faced with a gruesome sight. It’s Chun Ok. She’s hung in the style of Jesus on the crucifix, her head is bashed in, there’s a huge knife slice across her mouth, glass mirror fragments cover the floor, and there is a gospel verse written in her blood on the closet walls.

Moo alerts the emergency center of the murder. Moo and Kwon Joo see that the head wound matches the wounds from the earlier Eunhyung-Dong cases. They ask Hyun Ho to analyze the gospel verse from Luke and the meaning of the broken mirror shards. Moo and Dae Shik search around outside to no avail. Kwon Joo is still inside, where the lights suddenly go back on. She examines the fuse box, and realizes someone must have set up the timer so the lights would go back on at exactly 9:15. She thinks back. The call got made at 9:10, they arrived at approximately 9:13. He must have estimated the time it would take them to arrive. She tells Moo that Chun Ok must have been murdered way before they arrived, at least 30 minutes and that the murderer is toying with them. The forensics team arrives and as usual, there is basically no evidence to track or implicate the murderer.  Kyung Hak looks beyond annoyed.

Commissioner Bae receives a phone call about the fingerprints matching Nam Sang Tae. Then he calls someone else to tell them. Kwon Joo tells Moo the phone call was most likely recorded by the murderer in advance and then used when he called the center after the murder was completely finished. It’s the only way he would have been able to escape after having done such an elaborate set up with the body. She tells him she’s sure Nam Sang Tae is the culprit, but Moo says no. Something is off and he now suddenly doesn’t think it’s Sang Tae. Kwon Joo is shocked to hear this from him. Dae Shik comes out to tell them about Sang Tae’s fingerprints being on Chun Ok’s phone but Moo says he and Kwon Joo need to meet back at the station, so he should keep scouring the crime scene for now. Poor Dae Shik looks confused once again.

White haired man orders his lackey to find out where Sang Tae is hiding out and then says to tell Commissioner Bae to come. Hot damn, I knew his ass was crooked. Moo shows Kwon Joo that all of Sang Tae’s underlings testified that they hid the dead bodies under his orders. Therefore, they must be different murderers. The Eunhyung-Dong murderer is much more wild and open with displaying the bodies. Hyun Ho interrupts to give them information. He fanboys over Moo first, but Moo is not impressed.  He explains that the culprit thinks himself an executioner, like the almighty who punished the corrupt city of Sodom. The mirrors in front of the dead body should represent his next target. He’s trying to say those reflected will be next. In a flashback of the discovered crime scene, we see Moo and Kwon Joo’s face reflected in the bloody glass. In the present, they both wear a grim expression upon hearing Hyun Ho’s explanation.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.



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