[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 7

This episode got me all kinds of choked up. Choking on tears, choking on my drink when I mistook an animal butcher shop for a human butcher shop, and choking over how fine Detective Dae Shik looks in general. On a more serious note, things seem to be getting even darker and grittier. I wasn’t sure that was possible since the show started out on a significantly violent and morbid note to begin with, but I’m definitely not mad. It’s about time a crime show finally lived up to its hype and my expectations. One thing’s for sure, Voice is not for the faint of heart. Read below for the summary of episode seven.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Young Pil bae describes the horrors he suffered while living in the apartment. He claims the old bag terrorized him. Moo approaches Park Bok Soon to talk her into going down to the office, but he sniffs her and wants to know what the hell that stank is. He orders his dog Dae Shik to come over and give her a good whiff. He agrees. She smells funky, like chlorine, which is odd for a garbage hoarder. The call center team digs up some info. The place she’s living has been ordered to be donated to the homeless after her passing, and this townhouse is the only one not sold to Good Friends company.

Other things are looking suspicious too. The woman is way healthier than her records indicate. She doesn’t seem to show signs of dementia, nor does she have symptoms of the thyroid cancer the real Park Bok Soon suffered from. Shit hits the fan when they discover a body  in the closet (a more detailed version of the ending scene from episode six). Dae Shik and Young Pil Bae poop their pants while Moo figures out that the corpse belongs to the real Park Bok Soon. The creepy part? The two women look identical. Everyone looks at the mystery woman, who they assume might have murdered the real Park Bok Soon. Dae Shik finally pulls himself together enough to locate the murder weapon. The only problem is, the mystery woman couldn’t have had the strength to deliver the lethal blow to the victim’s skull.

Moo looks around for anyone who might have fled the scene. Neighbors hint at a man who ran away just moments ago. A chase ensues. The mystery woman is 59 year old Shim Chun Ok. Her roommate is her younger brother, 40 year old Shim Young Woon (Shin Seung Hwan). He has 10 criminal records for assault. Moo and Dae Shik chase after him but they are quickly out of breath and salty about having to run so much. Finally, they corner him, but they soon realize he is intellectually disabled. He is very agitated, scared and helpless. Kwon Joo informs the pair of his disability, which led to his criminal records. They notice a cut on the back of his hand, but their questioning only frightens him more. He makes another run for it, but Dae Shik and Moo eventually capture him.

Mob Boss watches from a distance. He ain’t pleased. He tells his underlings to start the construction before the police dig up any more hints. Back at the office, Hyun Ho tries his hand once more at flirting with Eun Soo, but it’s a no go. Oh …wait. Is that a smile? I think it is. This might mean huge progress for Hyun Ho. Stay tuned folks.

Things are a lot more grim in the interrogation room, where Joongki struggles to properly interrogate the intellectually disabled Young Woon. His yelling tactic doesn’t seem to be working, and it seems like an awfully stupid approach to take when you’re dealing with a handicapped individual. Kwon Joo seems to understand my sentiments as she gazes upon the incident with an expression that epitomizes the meaning of face palm. Moo doesn’t look too pleased with Detective Joongki’s shoddy interrogation skills either. Anyway, all of the accusations Joongki is throwing out are probably wrong anyway. The Special Crimes Team was full of goons from the start. Young Woon reaches his limit and becomes extremely agitated. He begins hitting his head against the wall and the interrogation is brought to an impromptu halt as they try to get him under control. This scene was actually quite sad and extremely hard to for me to watch. I couldn’t help but feel so heartbroken for Young Woon.

Detectives Moo, Koo, and Kwon Joo discuss the case and the rumors surrounding Bok Soon and the brother-sister pair. Kwon Joo asks to speak to Moo privately. She knows something’s not right. Young Woon got worked up when they mentioned the real estate company and his voice showed signs of fear. She explains to Moo that she feels some type of threat by the real estate company was involved, and further claims that GP Development and Good Friends Company are both involved with gangs.

Moo’s middle aged weirdo informant with the blonde hair calls. He’s got more info and wants Moo to come meet him. Uh? Just say it over the phone? Moo tells Kwon Joo the news. Apparently he calls this informant Tabloid (Cho Ki Sub). Oh boy. He tells her one last thing before leaving. He noticed that Young Woon had difficulty clenching with his right hand when they went to arrest him earlier. Kwon Joo says she’ll look into it and tries to accompany Moo, but he insists on going alone. Dae Shik thinks Tabloid’s a sketchy bitch and also attempts to join Moo, but he too gets turned down. Damn man. Must be plot driven if he’s even turning down his bestie. Kyung Hak also makes an appearance lurking in the hallway behind Kwon Joo. Ilk. Super creepy. He sips his coffee pretending he wasn’t listening in on their convo. Still convinced he’s 100% pure snake.

Moo gets in Tabloid’s car and surprise! The guy they were supposed to meet isn’t there. Tabloid gives some bullshit speech and ends up saying they’re all gonna meet in Donghwa-dong. He gives Moo some info that we all already knew and then they’re on their way. Eun Soo looks into Young Woon’s medical records and reveals that he had a fracture in his right hand, which means he’s probably not the one who delivered the fatal blow to Bok Soon. Dong Woo calls his dad and asks if he’ll come to the hospital puppet show performance this time around. Moo has a difficult time explaining to his disappointed son that he, once again, won’t be able to make it, but at least promises to go next time. He seals it with a kiss after telling Tabloid his bitch ass better peep the other way, paired with a glare that could kill a man. Tabloid wisely heeds the warning, but stupidly mentions Dong Woo’s sickness afterward, completely souring the mood of the car.

This time around in the interrogation room, it’s Chun Ok and Kwon Joo. Chun Ok insists that she did everything alone and refuses to say anything else. She has a grudge against the police and doesn’t believe they will really help poor, lower class people such as herself. After a little while, Kwon Joo finally breaks her by revealing that Bok Soon had already set up the house for donation, and also set aside a cut for Chun Ok and her brother. This rattles Chun Ok, who asks if she and Young Woon will be protected if she tells the truth. The story is shown in flashbacks as she narrates it.

Park Bok Soon looked outwardly stern, but was actually warm-hearted. She has Young Woon spit out glass that he has mistaken for food due to his disability and extreme hunger. Bok Soon tells him she will buy him candy as she comforts him and discourages him from eating dangerous things. This scene had me in mad tears. Major props to Shin Seung Hwan. His portrayal of Young Woon is believable, endearing, and tragic. She hands out fresh made kimchi to the townhouse residents and makes sure to give some to Chun Ok who is completely different looking in the flashback than she is in the present. There were people trying to buy up all the apartments only to sell them back at ridiculous prices, but Bok Soon had already made up her mind to donate them.

Then, one day, Young Woon came to her in a frenzy with bloodied hands. She followed him to the scene of the murder. The gang had taken advantage of him, knowing he was unintelligent. They told Chun Ok they came to Bok Soon to speak about the apartments, but that Young Woon had suddenly killed her with a lamp. They threaten her, and she is forced to undergo a grotesque cosmetic surgery by the most sketchy looking man in the dingiest, most dimly lit room to ever exist. They told her their company was losing a lot of money, and if she didn’t help them out, they’d bury Chun Ok and Young Woon as well. Because she was scared, she did as she was told, but ever since then, her life has become miserable. Although there were many times she wanted to tell the truth, she held back out of fear that they’d kill Young Woon.

Kwon Joo asks her a few questions about the men and what she can remember, but Chun Ok has a hard time recalling anything more. She does remember one thing, a specific smell; some sort of strong spice. With more encouragement from Kwon Joo, she remembers something else. The men were at her place last night. We see another flashback play out. They harass her for not successfully getting rid of Young Pil. She asks for more time. They threaten to traffick her brother’s vital organs and tell her she should pay them back for the money they generously used to give her a new face. Her apology was interrupted by another man who was also begging for his life. It was something about Park Tabloid. Uh oh. They said they should take out a detective. Kwon Joo is startled.

Moo and Tabloid pull up to a sketchy alleyway. Moo gets suspicious, but Tabloid tells him to have faith. He gives the person they’re supposedly meeting a call, but it’s all for show. It’s an excuse for him to get out of the car to pretend to look for the guy so he can escape the scene which I am assuming is a set up to take out Moo. Moo waits in the car and notices a large white truck pull up behind him. It blocks the exit to that end of the alleyway.

Kwon Joo recalls what Moo said earlier about his informant being named Tabloid. Chun Ok says his hair was blonde, and we see in the flashback that it’s that very same rat. Kwon Joo gets worked up and asks if Chun Ok knows which detective they were referencing. Chun Ok says she has no idea, but they were talking about a dog all of the sudden. A crazy dog. Kwon Joo basically has a miniature heart attack and calls up Moo. Of course, Moo tells her to hold on and puts the phone down. Gah! A second truck pulls up and starts driving in Moo’s direction. It aims to pin his car against the other truck until he’s crushed inside it. Moo realizes this and does all he can to stop it by pressing the gas and driving forward against the truck. Kwon Joo can only listen in horror.

A shit ton of men get out of the trucks and begin cracking open the windshield and windows of the car Moo’s in. Mob boss watches via a room full of cameras. Moo manages to get out, kick the shit out of a few of them, but is ultimately knocked out and captured. They crush the car, and take him away somewhere. Kwon Joo tries to listen in for any clues she can get. Mob boss tells Slicer to take over. Slicer turns out to be Lethwei, the Southeast Asian dude from episode six. They give him Moo’s phone, a motorcycle and some stylin clothes so he can lead the detectives to the wrong place.

Kwon Joo goes up to the center and gets to work on trying to save Moo. She warns the departments and Kyung Hak just complains that Moo has caused more trouble. Joongki and Koo seem genuinely worried. I was pleasantly surprised. Kyung Hak catches Kwon Joo in the hallway and tries to get information out of her with his fake concern, but she ain’t havin’ his shit today and pretty much blows him off. Ooooo, gurl. Drag him. Dae Shik gets the alert and the poor puppy is so shook, but immediately springs into action to save his bro.

Slicer gets going on that motorcycle after turning the GPS of Moo’s phone back on to bait the detectives. Kyung Hak tries to corner Dae shik for some info, but gets blown off a second time. Hyun Ho tracks the GPS and communicates with Dae Shik who is fierce and determined, and requesting back up. Hyun Ho quickly realizes there’s something strange about the car. He comes to the conclusion that it’s a motorcycle due to its ability to boldly and easily round tight corners. Kwon Joo relays the message to Dae Shik that someone else must be moving with Moo’s phone. He spots it and the police close in on Slicer, who falls off his bike. He takes off his helmet, puts up his hands, and….makes a fuckin’ run for it. Dae Shik chases after him. Poor guy’s been running the whole goddamn episode. Dae Shik loses slicer but reclaims Moo’s phone in the process.

Meanwhile, Moo is hanging buy a rope and pulley in some sort of meat factory. I swear to god at first I thought it was human bodies they were hacking up because the gangsters had mentioned organ trafficking earlier, but I’m relieved to say I think it’s just animal meat. He’s badly beaten. It’s a putrid, cramped, bloody, and probably rancid smelling little factory with plenty of bacteria covered meat. A true cesspool of filth. The butchers/underlings eye Moo as they hack away at some hunks of meet. Moo wakes up, vision a bit blurred at first. Tabloid enters and has the audacity to look Moo in the eye with his fake ass apology. Then the bitch thinks he gets to just dip out. LMAO! Hell nah. The gangsters beat the shit out of him and tie him up too. He cannot even believe it. Moo tells him he’s fucking stupid. He really is.

Kwon Joo tries to pull any clues she can from the phone call. She remembers hearing an announcement in the background about a club named Mamma Mia. She orders Hyun Ho to find out anything he can about it. It’s in Donhwa-Dong, the same place where Moo’s phone was right before it shut off. She informs Dae Shik so he can start searching the area immediately. Koo and Joongki convince Kyung Hak to take action and mobilize as well.

Back in the fun factory, Mob Boss and a few of his members walk in. He claims to be the culprit of the Eunhyung-dong case, but we all know he ain’t. Moo doesn’t though, so he starts to ask a question but gets a nasty punch in the gut. Moo asks Mob Boss if he killed his wife. Mob Boss’ eyes bug the fuck out as he answers that yes he killed Moo’s wife. Moo asks why. Mob Boss replies that it doesn’t matter, because nothing Moo does can bring her back. Moo looks like he could explode any moment. He tells Mob Boss to listen very carefully. He counts to three, then tells Mob Boss to run. Mob Boss looks slightly intimidated and confused. Moo says he’ll show Mob Boss why he’s called the crazy dog. Mob Boss asks if Moo is the only one who lost a family member and if he’s the only cop in Korea. He tells Moo not to get so hot-headed, because even if he were killed in the heart of Seoul, a bunch of men in the police would try to cover it up. That’s how worthless he is. Mob Boss leaves. Moo does not looked pleased. He looks like he could eat Mob Boss’ fleshy heart without a side of dip to help it go down.

The Episode Ends.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.


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