[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 6

Things are getting even shadier in this episode. The show seems to be taking things in a direction I wasn’t expecting, but I’m not necessarily bothered by it. It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Read below for the summary of episode 6.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Kyung Il reveals to Kwon Joo that he witnessed the murder of her father when looking for a place to shoot one of his videos. He explains that the weapon was an iron ball, and that the man was wearing a luxurious suit. Kwon Joo asks if he’s sure, and Kyung Il says that with every swing, the victim’s head smashed into pieces. Kyung Il confidently brags about remembering the killer’s face clearly. But before Kwon Joo can get the final bits of information from him, Kyung Hak puts an end to the impromptu interrogation.

Moo tells Kwon Joo to get a hold of herself, thinking she’s just taking bait out of emotion. Kwon Joo assures Moo that no one aside from herself knew her father’s last words, which means Kyung Il is telling the truth about having witnessed the murder.

At a sketchy lot with large storage units, a bunch of guys with black attire huddle around looking like they’re part of the mob. There’s some talk about fabricated immigration documents, and it seems like they’ve trafficked some pretty worn out looking foreigners. One of the underlings calls a few of them out of the pod and orders them to greet their Korean boss (Kim Roe Ha). They pay special attention to one of the immigrants, Lethwei who apparently practiced Myanmarese martial arts. He was originally brought over as an assassin, but the underling tells the head honcho he brought Lethwei over for him with a great deal of effort. Anyway, I have no idea what all this means or who these people are but one thing I can say for sure is that Lethwei was lookin’ like he wanted to murder the entire human race.

Grandma, Eun Byul and Eun Soo have their dramatic and teary reunion. Eun Byul remarks that despite being deathly afraid when locked up in the trunk, she was surprised at how comforting it was to know a police officer was listening on the other end of the phone. When she heard the police officer’s voice, she said she could suddenly breathe again. Eun Soo looks like she might be rethinking and regretting that awkward text she sent Kwon Joo a couple episodes back, where she rejected an offer to join the Golden Time Team.

Moo and Kwon Joo follow the Serious Crime Unit’s car containing Kyung Il very closely, while Kwon Joo goes on and on about how important it is for them to get Kyung Il’s testimony. The Serious Crimes Unit isn’t too pleased to have Moo and Kwon Joo bumper to bumper but they’ve got bigger problems. Like running out of gas. Which the members find odd, since Detective Koo says he just filled the tank yesterday. Kyung Il gets a stomach ache, so they pull over to the gas station so he can visit the loo while they refuel the car.

Moo and Kwon Joo pull into the gas station looking bitter and suspicious as Kyung Il exits the car to go to the john. Kyung Hak calls the commissioner to let him know they’re out of gas and will get going soon which seems mighty unnecessary. He reveals Kyung Il’s exact whereabouts as well, and I can’t help but think he’s simultaneously tipping someone off, because he’s been one shady motherfucker since the start of this show. Detective Koo escorts Kyung Il to the restroom and re-cuffs him so that his hands are now in the front. He allots Kyung Il 5 minutes, and then stupidly leaves the room to answer a phone call.

Joon Ki starts filing up the gas tank and tells Jin Hyuk to take a hike since this whole ordeal is probably going to take a while. Moo barks back that fueling up is common sense, and asks why the hell he didn’t fill the tank earlier. Joon Ki says Koo filled it yesterday, so he’s as surprised about the situation as Moo. Kwon Joo gets that apology text from Eun Soo begging to be hired on the Golden Time Team that we were all expecting. Kyung Il makes sure the cost is clear before unlocking his handcuffs with the hand cuff key he found and picked up off the floor when faking his stomach ache.

Kwon Joo hears the sound of him placing the cuffs on the radiator and excuses herself from Moo, claiming she needs to use the restroom. Kyung Il opens the window and climbs up to try and escape but some other dude opens the door of one of the bathroom stalls he’s been hiding in. Oh. It’s the creepy mob boss from earlier. Koo is distracted with his phone call. Mob boss grabs Kyung Il as he tries crawling out of the window. Kwon Joo  washes her face in the dingy bathroom. Mob Boss is wearing some brown leather gloves and ties a thin wire/rope around Kyung Il’s neck to choke him. Kwon Joo hears the ruckus. Koo finally begins to bring his phone call to a close. Moo wonders if Kwon Joo fell into the toilet and drowned because she’s taking forever. Then he notices a leak in the Serious Crime Unit’s gas tank, where the fuel has slowly been dripping out.

Mob boss is almost done killing Kyung Il. Kwon Joo finally starts knocking on the bathroom door in alarm and tells Moo she thinks someone else is in the bathroom with Kyung Il and that he might be in danger. She tries opening the door to no avail. Mob boss calmly and leisurely pours gasoline over Kyung Il’s body before striking his lighter and dropping it into the puddle. Koo asks why Kwon Joo is screaming and trying to force her way into the boy’s bathroom. She tells him someone else is in the bathroom and there’s no time to explain. Mob Boss seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Kyung Il’s body lights up in flames. He rolls around while dumb and dumber struggle to open the door. Moo arrives and shouts out Kyung Il’s name while Mob Boss makes his casual escape. All three stooges see the smoke coming out from under the door and realize they’ve done goofed by waiting way too long to finally break down the goddamn door. When they open it Kyung Il is an extremely crispy french fry. Moo tries to put out the fire with a blanket and water. When they finally extinguish it, Kyung Il is looking like a freshly charred New York strip steak.

Detective Koo foolishly tells Kyung Hak that Kyung Il set himself on fire (what a dingbat). Kyung Hak doesn’t sound or look surprised in the slightest which only continues to confirm my suspicions about him being a weed in the garden. He starts to make his way to the scene anyway so he can put on his usual act. Kyung Il murmurs something despite looking like a burnt margherita pizza and I give him a lot of credit because he repeats it twice for Kwon Joo’s sake. Unfortunately it’s too inaudible to hear so even after three times she fails to understand what the hell he was saying and has a bit of a breakdown because she was unsuccessful. Mob Boss peers out at the police through a window and watches Moo frantically search the vicinity.

Kyung Hak gives Kwon Joo his usual lecture when he tells her the crime is exactly the opposite of what it really was. In this case it was truly a homicide, so naturally Kyung Hak is declaring it a suicide and chastising Kwon Joo for believing otherwise. Kwon Joo tells him she knows someone tailed them, waited for the right opportunity and then killed Kyung Il before escaping out the window. Then Kyung Hak has the audacity to tell Kwon Joo that she’s the suspicious one for trying to turn things into something they’re not (oh the hypocrisy). She snarls back that they’ll soon know right from wrong, and this rustles Kyung Hak’s jimmies enough for him to charge at her. Thankfully Moo and Joon Ki break up the catfight before it reaches a whole new level of ugly.

Kwon Joo gets upset and asks if Moo also doesn’t believe her. He says it’s not that he doesn’t believe her, there’s just no damn evidence, and we all know how much Moo loves his evidence. Kwon Joo says the man who killed Kyung Il excitedly made cracking noises with his jaw when Kyung Il was on fire, just like the cracking sounds of the culprit who killed Ji Hye and her father. Moo asks if she’s sure about this and she says yes. The man who met Go Dong Chul at the bar, Fantasia, before he died, made cracking sounds when he spoke. She reveals that the waiter at the bar also said Go Dong Chul didn’t seem like the type to off himself, because he was apparently about to come into some big money. We see a flashback of a drunken and excited Dong Chul at the club. He greets and walks out of the club with Mob Boss.

Kwon Joo expresses her certainty that the culprit has an accomplice within the police. She references the handcuff keys being placed on the floor, the gas running out at the right time, and the fact that all this took place in the car of Serious Crimes Unit One. Moo asks if she’s suspecting Chief Jang (Kyung Hak), (Koo) Kwang Soo, and Joon Ki. Then he thinks back to the gas tank he examined which had a puncture in it from chisel marks. He remembers seeing an abnormal cut on Kyung Hak’s thumb when he offered Moo the cigarettes earlier.  The two decide they need to collect as much evidence as they can without the inside accomplice finding out.

Moo radios Dae Shik to have him check out all places near the gas station and it’s so lit fam you have no idea how long I was waiting for this man to return from his injury. But things get better because he’s not only back, but back with style. He’s sporting a new look. Darker and shorter hair and lemme tell you he’s looking mighty fine. Anyway, Dae Shik is his usual confused self, and complains that he has no idea what Moo is asking him to do all of the sudden. The broship continues with Moo calling him a brat and telling him to hurry the hell up. Dae Shik searches the area but finds nothing useful except for maybe one place, but first he wants to know what all of this is about. Moo just tells him to peep Kyung Hak to find out what he’s up to and who he’s meeting. Dae Shik is left feeling even more out of the loop by the end of the phone call.

Moo and Kwon Joo re-evaluate the scene and determine that the culprit’s reflection might have been recorded on a black box somewhere. They find the right one. The commissioner yells at Kyung Hak for screwing things up. After his browbeating, Kyung Hak gets a mysterious phone call where he says things have been taken care of on his end and he tells the mysterious caller to make sure the talk with Kyung Il’s family goes well. Then he asks if they’ll keep their word about the video and says he’s done everything he can do (a rat is a rat).  The call center prepares for its shift handover, so everyone says goodbye and congratulates each other on their hard work for the day. Hyun Ho worries about Kwon Joo and thanks his boss before takes his leave (aw).

Kwon Joo watches the video and finds something suspicious with the way one of the men walks, because his heel bones touch the ground first. Anyway, it’s enough to serve as evidence that Kyung Il was killed. The two decide they can’t trust anyone with this information, and decide to head over to Fantasia to speak to the madam who handles client management. Damn what a swanky club, it looks like a rip off of the playboy mansion. Moo asks another one of his weird buddies for a favor. This one looks like a man in his fifties but he has bleach blonde hair and I can’t stop laughing. Anyway, Moo badgers him for information on the madam. The dude starts giving information immediately; like he literally flipped right to the page as if it was already prepared. The madam’s name is Jang Gyu A (Yoon Ji Min), and she used to be well known in Akasaka. Some rich guy paid her big bucks to come to Sungwun and it only took her three years to turn Fantasia into a huge, glitzy establishment. He further warns them that they have a legal and security teams, and it’s not just a bar, but a corporation as well. Prostitution is the primary source of business income.

The pair roll up to the club. The informant tells them that there’s a rumor that Madam Jang had an affair with the chairman of Sungwun Remicon and had a son a few years ago. But apparently, the boy isn’t the chairman’s child. The pimp she’s been with from her time in Akasaka is supposedly the real father. The cops roll into the venue and Madam Jang is not having it. Moo questions her but she dismisses them in a condescending manner. That’s when Kwon Joo blurts out that they know her son isn’t Chairman Jo’s child, and they have evidence to back it up. Madam has a quick change of heart and scurries back before telling the legal and security teams to give them some privacy. She tells them to get lost once more, but then Moo shows her a picture of one of the murderer’s works and Madam Jang suddenly isn’t too thrilled knowing that kind of psychopath is one of her club customers. Moo threatens her and says if she doesn’t cooperate, he’ll have every foul deed in this club investigated and she’ll be celebrating her sixtieth birthday behind bars. He asks her too look him in the eye in order to determine for herself whether she thinks he’s kidding or not, and for the first time, Madam Jang looks a bit shook.

Next thing we know, they’re all seated and Madam Jang is giving them all the information she has, though a bit reluctantly. She talks about a group that came into the club, and one of the members is Mob Boss. She recalls his jaw cracking habit and how he stepped on his heels first when he walked. Apparently they sent away her girls in the middle of their chat session in order to talk private business. She mentions hearing something about GP Development and that one of her regular’s company is called GP Trading. She leaves them with one last thing, the memory of his eyes. She says they were frightening and she felt as though there were bugs climbing all over her. Back in the car, Moo orders Dae Shik to look into anything related to GP Development and asks Kwon Joo to check into any reports that came from them. Then Moo tells her she must be tired and to go rest. Kwon Joo tells him he did good work and then thanks him for today. The atmosphere gets suffocatingly awkward as the two then shift in silence and Moo musters up a gruff goodbye.

Kwon Joo looks over her case shrine containing all the pictures and news clips related to the Eunhyung-Dong incidents. She talks to her dad in her thoughts and says she’s getting closer to solving the case and promises she will solve it. Mob Boss has a phone conversation where he learns that the Golden Time Team visited Fantasia. He hangs up mighty miffed and looks over some files containing information on Moo and Kwon Joo. I smell trouble. His fist curls up in a ball as he remembers Kwon Joo and Moo securing the black box as evidence the day he murdered Kyung Il.

Back at the police station, Dae Shik delivers the documents Moo requested. He complains about the sleep he lost while compiling all the information for Moo. Dae Shik realizes Moo must be on to something and gets all pouty because he’s a detective too and feels hurt that Moo is keeping him out of the loop. Moo calls him a little rat for asking too many nosey questions, but ultimately gives in and takes him to a discreet area to fill him in on some of the details. After the briefing, poor Dae Shik only looks more confused and conflicted.

Park Eun Soo officially joins the Golden Time Team and her desk happens to be next to Hyun Ho’s. She’s brimming with confidence and assures Kwon Joo that she didn’t join simply because of her sister’s incident (which is a load of bullshit but okay). Anyway, no one is more excited to have her on the team than dear little Hyun Ho. Eun Soo is her usual bitchy self and tells Hyun Ho she doesn’t like to chat when she works or when people try to act friendly. Hyun Ho doesn’t seem to take it to heart, and muses that Kwon Joo seems to be down ever since her meeting with the Commissioner. Apparently he chewed her out and said if she formed the Golden Time Team simply to re-investigate the Eunhyung-Dong case he will break apart the team immediately. In the present, she jots down some notes and suspicions about the Commissioner.

One of the employees receives a call about a knife fight. He’s received a report that a man is threatening an old elderly woman at a townhouse in Surim-dong. The person reporting is Bang Mal Nyeon, a 53 year-old neighbor, and the victim is Park Bok Soon. Kwon Joo takes over the call and talks to Mal Nyeon. Mal Nyeon freaks out claiming the man is threatening to cut the old lady into pieces. We see the man waving a knife and threatening to kill the old woman who seems a bit out of it. He’s talking about money and Mal Nyeon mentions that the old lady might have dementia, because she’s not herself. Apparently she’s the landlord of Chunsoo townhouse. She gathers all the garbage in the neighborhood and piles it up in her house. Mal Nyeon lives in the room across from them and she explains that there have been complaints that this house reeks of garbage. She tried calling and leaving notices to Bok Soon, but never received an answer, so she tried meeting her today and that’s when she came across the scene. We see a flashback of when Mal Nyeon visited earlier.

The man, Yoon Pil Bae, cuts his own arm with the knife. Kwon Joo alerts the team and Dae Shik and Moo are dispatched. They arrive at the scene and meet up with the Surim Patrol division who had claimed they could handle it on their own and told the pair earlier not to come. They look like a ragtag bunch and they explain once again that the two didn’t need to come to the scene, because situations like this happen often in this neighborhood. Moo gives them a dressing down before they decide the best way to enter the scene. After some jumbling around they find a place to enter, but not without Moo finding some weird jar of blood? Not sure what it was but it didn’t look good. Kwon Joo tells Moo something’s not right. She senses anxiety and fear in the attacker’s voice, which isn’t normal for someone who planned to threaten or demand something.

The old woman and attacker fight but Moo enters and begins to arrest Yoon Pil Bae for trespassing and blackmailing. They realize he faked the blood, and they’re about to take him away when he begs for them to listen to him for just a moment. He says he got fired from work because of the old lady and that she’s kicking him out before his contract is up. He told her he couldn’t afford to leave, but then she started to bully him severely. He says it’s a lie that she has dementia, and that the old bag has enough money to live for the rest of her life. The police say they’ll hear the rest at the station, but also tell the old lady she’ll need to come by as well to write a report. She basically says hell no.

As Pil Bae struggles with the police, he spots a dead body through the cracks of the closet, peering out at him. He falls down and screams in horror. Everyone wonders what the fuck is wrong with him, but the old lady is starting to look concerned for herself. Dae Shik thinks he’s crazy and tells him to snap out of it, but Moo decides to take a closer look for himself. The old lady looks like she’s breaking out into a cold sweat as Moo draws nearer and nearer to the closet. He peeps it and opens the door. A bloody bag containing a corpse falls out. Everyone looks like they’re about the shit themselves.

The episode ends.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.


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