[RECAP]: Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People; Episode 3

I am so late with these! But I guess posting them late is better than not posting them at all! I hope to have the episode four summary posted by later tonight as well, but I don’t want to be overambitious. I’m really enjoying Rebel so far and I’m also glad to see that its ratings have been slowly rising. It’s honestly so beautiful to look at and the OST is a total win for me so far. Check out the recap of episode three below.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Gil Dong semi-witnesses the murder of Nobleman Jo. I say semi-witnesses because the kid saw the shadow of it happening and wasn’t present inside the house when it occurred. But if that’s not convincing enough for him, his father exiting the house with bloodied clothes, hands, and a sickle should be. And it is. Gil Dong runs away and throws up from the shock.

Looks like Eobsan’s father is a helper in what is beginning to look like a premeditated plan devised by Ah Mo Gae. He wonders if they’ll be safe after this, so Ah Mo Gae gives him a few examples, or should I say reminders, of Nobleman Jo’s shitty character, which is enough to shut him up. Looks like Yonggae and Soboori are involved with this whole plan as well.

Nobleman Jo’s wife wakes up because nothing ever runs smoothly in dramaland. She peeps inside and outside the house in search of her husband. She discovers a bound and gagged servant (Eobsan’s dad), but she doesn’t bother untying him. She enters the house and finds her husband dead. Surprise!

Ah Mo Gae burns his bloodied garbs and we get to see his extremely scarred back glistening in the light of the flames. The next morning, the servants work together to present the story as a robbery. They claim thieves came and killed Nobleman Jo. Eomjachi and the Magistrate are there and the Magistrate asks if anyone witnessed the scene. Eobsan’s father plays his part and gives an account of everything he ‘witnessed.’ Eomjachi realizes this must have all been Ah Mo Gae’s way of reclaiming his possessions. Eomjachi and the Magistrate have never dealt with a murder case before, but Eomjachi explains that an investigation and proper report must be submitted.

The pair visit Nobleman Jo’s house where Eobsan’s dad continues give the fake details of the murder. Eomjachi seems to be helping out and following along with the fabricated tale but Nobleman Jo’s wife is nearby, listening in and stops them straight in their tracks. She sniffs out the lies like a well trained hound and reveals it must have been Ah Mo Gae. Undoubtedly, she’s a nasty snake, but one thing’s for sure. She ain’t stupid. She knows Ah Mo Gae must be out for revenge. Eomjachi and Eobsan’s dad look like they’re about to poop their pants, or should I say, hanboks, at this confident declaration. Eomjachi asks her to consider thinking it over since it’s a moral crime comparable to treason, but she ignores him and kneels before the Magistrate, begging him to bring forth Ah Mo Gae.

Back at home, Dong Gil is teary eyed because he know his dad about to get in some deep shit. It’s true. He hears people coming to collect his dad, so he quickly throws his father’s shoes in the furnace so they’ll think he’s not home. Smart kid. When they ask for his father, Dong Gil asserts that he’s not home. But his dad’s making snoring noises or something, so all his efforts to protect his dad are flushed down the toilet. His dad comes out acting like he just woke up from a sound sleep and he wants to know where his shoes are at.

Next thing we know, Ah Mo Gae’s cuffed and behind bars. There’s a flashback to when the plan was devised with Soboori, who says they should take the items and run once Nobleman Jo is murdered. Ah Mo Gae says he won’t run, despite Soboori’s warning that he’d be accused right away if he remains. Ah Mo Gae says if he were to leave, his children’s lives would be over. Soboori asks if that means he’s going to throw his own life away too.

Eomjachi pays Ah Mo Gae a visit. Apparently, Eomjachi had agreed to help frame a robbery so Ah Mo Gae could get his stuff back, but not a fuckin’ murder. He can’t believe Ah Mo Gae killed his master and let’s him know his chances of living are slim. Ah Mo Gae doesn’t seem to perturbed about dying. He just wants the truth to be known about all the wrongs he’s endured. Eomjachi asks if he thinks he’s the only one who’s suffered hardships. Ah Mo Gae angrily mentions his wife and gets choked up a bit. Eomjachi seems to get it, but still, he warns Ah Mo Gae that a servant who reports his master, no matter the reason, will be executed. Ah Mo Gae is willing to give his life to uncover those wrongs.

And so starts the longest trial I have ever had to sit through in a historical drama. It literally spanned most of the episode, like 40 minutes worth. And to be completely honest, I got really bored during certain chunks of the whole ordeal, so I’m going to do my best to just deliver the important bits without the extra baggage.

Basically it’s a battle between Nobleman Jo’s wife and Ah Mo Gae. Nobleman Jo’s wife has one of her servants, Man Seok, testify that Ah Mo Gae was the murderer because he was still pressed about the harsh scolding he received. Ah Mo Gae asks Man Seok if he actually saw the scolding take place, and then removes his shirt to show his various scars to the crowd. It’s a good move to earn the crowd’s sympathy. He explains the horrible ways in which he received most of his scars, and asks if there’s any fresh wounds that would evidence a recent scolding. He mentioned that he’s endured all of these beatings until now, so why the hell would he suddenly kill Nobleman Jo to feed his rage.

Eomjachi tries to help by saying it’s strange that a Master said he’d punish his servant but then didn’t follow through. Nobleman Jo’s wife swoops in and says that her husband took mercy and decided to go with a verbal beating rather than a physical one. But Ah Mo Gae asks why he would kill his Master then if he wasn’t even struck during the scolding. This pisses off Nobleman Jo’s wife who looks like she’s just bitten a fresh lemon. The magistrate agrees that there isn’t sufficient evidence. Nobleman Jo’s wife loses her shit and starts screaming that it was Ah Mo Gae. She reveals the other reason why he was enraged; that Ah Mo Gae thought Geum Ok died because of her husband. Ah Mo Gae’s fists curl up in rage. Everyone’s peepin’ him nervously to gauge his reaction.

Ah Mo Gae collects himself and plays it cool. He asks his mistress innocently if this means her husband played a part in Geum Ok’s death. But Nobleman Jo’s wife snarls that Geum Ok tried to improve her life by seducing Master Jo, but died after he insulted her. Ah Mo Gae just bursts out laughing to the surprise of everyone present and says Geum Ok never seduced Master Jo. Then he stands up and asks the crowd, who know Geum Ok well, to vouch for her character. Everyone in the crowd looks moved as he’s taken away.

Eomjachi tells the magistrate that having a moral criminal could be bad news for the town and the end of the Magistrate’s career. This spooks the magistrate who asks what he should do. Eomjachi uses this opportunity to tell him to uncover the entire truth, including everything that happened between Geum Ok and Master Jo. Ads are posted calling anyone who witnessed what happened between Geum Ok and Master Jo to come forth and testify, asserting that anyone who refuses to do so will be harshly punished.

Basically, four people end up speaking out. Eobsan, the two merchants that Geum Ok visited the day she was harassed by Nobleman Jo’s Uncle, and the gisaeng Jeok Seon Ha. Eobsan’s testimony is discounted because of his age and servant status. The two merchants both speak up, their testimonies are discredited as well because of their lowly status. Ah Mo Gae’s last hope is the gisaeng, and she offers to testify for free on his behalf. She does so because she has never before met a man so willing to die for the sake of his dead wife’s honor. Nobleman Jo’s Uncle is summoned and gives a crude and false testimony detailing how Geum Ok tried to seduce him.

Gisaeng Seon Ha makes her appearance, and goes to town discrediting Nobleman Jo’s testimony. Apparently Lord Jo’s Uncle was a poor noble who greatly relied on his nephew. He started flirting with Seon Ha a good few years ago and urged her to become his concubine. She asked him how he could afford to buy her out of servitude, his answer was that Ah Mo Gae’s riches will soon become Lord Jo’s riches and that his nephew had promised a large sum of money. Once Lord Jo had collected Ah Mo Gae’s riches, he was going to sell the children to a distant county and had promised to give that money to his Uncle. The crowd is shook, but Seon Ha has one last bomb to drop. She reveals the love letters that Lord Jo’s Uncle had sent her. The magistrate opens a few to read them. Turns out he visited Seon Ha while still mourning his nephew. A big no no.

Nobleman Jo is sentenced to 30 lashings, and Lord Jo’s wife is ordered to pay 50 rolls of cotton. Nobleman Jo is flustered, and blurts out that it was Ah Mo Gae’s son that harmed him that day. He tells how the stone Gil Dong threw cracked open a boulder, and Soohak listens intently while glaring at Gil Dong. Eomjachi pays Ah Mo Gae a visit and reveals Nobleman Jo walked out a free man after paying a servant to take his place. He asks Ah Mo Gae if he’s happy to have wasted all his time for this. Ah Mo Gae says it’s not over and he doesn’t intend to die. Eomjachi catches on that Ah Mo Gae must have some sort of escape plan up his sleeve. Ah Mo Gae reveals that his fate is in the hands of the King that everyone thinks so highly of.

Turns out Ah Mo Gae has decided to bet his life on the dethroned Queen. In a flashback with a discussion he had with Soboori, we learn that things are not looking good for supporters of the dethroned Queen. He says that if he dies, she’ll live, but if she dies, he’ll live. Soboori looks confused. Back in the present, Lord Jo’s wife rips into her brother-in-law for telling tales about a seven-year-old when it’s Ah Mo Gae she is after. Soohak tells his mother later that his Great Uncle wasn’t lying about Gil Dong’s strength. That night she pays Ah Mo Gae a visit. She claims not to believe in the legend of the Mighty Child, but says the same can’t be said for the public. She entertains the idea of exposing Gil Dong as the Mighty Child and Ah Mo Gae laughs saying no one would believe such a stupid lie. Lord Jo’s wife says she will check his power with her own two eyes.

The same evening she orders Gil Dong to run an errand to Master Park who lives over the hill. She tells him to break a branch off of the apricot tree when he’s finished to prove he completed the task at hand. Gil Hyun freaks out as well as some of the servants, because even adults in groups of 5 or 6 have died crossing that hill in broad daylight. Gil Hyun says he will do it himself at dawn, but Nobleman Jo’s wife menacingly tells Gil Dong he must do it now, and if he fails, she will send his brother instead. A huge bloodied piece of raw meat tied to a rope is given to Gil Dong to take to Master Park. Gil Dong leaves despite his brother’s wild cries and pleas to spare his life.

Gil Dong walks with the hunk of meat through a dark forest of tall bamboo. He looks up at the tall trees and dark sky as the dangling meat keeps staining his clothes with blood. A wild tiger with luminescent green eyes growls and approaches him. Night changes over to day and then Gil Dong shows up at Lord Jo’s Wife’s doorstep with the apricot branch, alive and unharmed. Everyone looks shook, and Gil Dong simply blurts out that since no one was at Master Park’s house, he just left the meat there and brought back the branch. He gives it to her but she suddenly looks afraid of him. She’s speechless. So are Soohak and Gil Hyun. Gil Dong slowly walks away and the scene is synthesized with one of his father walking out of Lord Jo’s house after the murder. They’re both in white bloodied outfits. Gil Dong thinks about his father’s statements regarding the lethal consequences if the Mighty Child can’t hold back. He passes out.

Gil Hyun nurses his brother and cries in concern. He wonders what happened on the mountain. The three children fall asleep and when Gil Hyun wakes up, Gil Dong is missing. He finds Gil Dong playing outside, but something’s wrong. Gil Dong has completely forgotten his mother’s death. He faints again. Ah Mo Gae is tortured because a confession is necessary before one can be punished for a serious crime. He’s beaten badly, but doesn’t waver. Lord Jo’s wife watches the torture with a snide smirk.

Soboori pays Ah Mo Gae the visit he’s been waiting for. He delivers the news that anyone associated with the dethroned queen is being arrested. Ah Mo Gae breathes an emotional sigh of relief. Eobsan’s family arrive to greet Gil Dong while talking about his condition. People say if you meet a tiger, you lose your sanity and fade away to death. They ponder this…then come screaming and running into Gil Dong’s house out of concern that he might have met one. He’s all smiles and they begin asking if he knows who they are. But Gil Hyun reveals that Gil Dong is completely fine now and that his memory has returned.

Lord Jo’s wife pays another visit to Ah Mo Gae. Ugh I’m so tired of this bitch can she please rest. She’s decided to kill all of his children along with him because she’s worried Gil Dong would try and take revenge on her. She thinks she’s won, and goes to take her leave, but Ah Moe Gae claps back. He tells her that as a servant, he knows his Master best, which is why it’s so dangerous to try and corner a servant. Then he drops the bomb.

“Have you not heard the news? The dethroned Queen has been given poison as a death penalty. What did you do with the letter you received from her?”

Lord Jo’s wife is not only taken aback, but downright horrified to learn that Ah Mo Gae knows about the letter. A flashback shows Ah Mo Gae discovering the odd letter in Lord Jo’s pillowcase. Because he’s illiterate, he takes the letter to his son Gil Hyun, who translates it. While in jail, Ah Mo Gae asks Eomjachi what happens if one makes an ill comment about his majesty. Eomjachi is taken aback by such a question so Ah Mo Gae reveals the quote used in the letter. Eomjachi freaks the fuck out and says that breaks the Code of Morals. But it gets worse. If you break the Code of Morals against His Majesty, you will be quartered, your children will be enslaved, and your house will be destroyed. Ah Mo Gae shares that last part with Lady Jo, who looks like she might throw up. He cracks a joke that he had no idea that the Code of Morals was applicable to all people and not just servants.

Ah Mo Gae asks Lady Jo what he should do. She has a huge episode where she cries and shrieks at him and threatens him all at the same time. The guards take her away as her shrill cries threaten to rip Ah Mo Gae into shreds. He lays back comfortably in his cell, knowing he’s won. The next day at the trial, Lady Jo somberly presents a fake murder weapon that she ‘found,’ which ‘proves’ it’s not Ah Mo Gae. The Magistrate rejoices, believing in the lie that no one in his town would ever break the Code of Morals. Then he chastises Lady Jo for being so rash toward Ah Mo Gae and she apologizes through clenched teeth to both the Magistrate and Ah Mo Gae. Ah Mo Gae is set free, his children run to greet him, and Gil Dong presents him with a pair of new shoes and the cutest smile known to man.

Are you watching Rebel: Thief who Stole the People? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the extended highlight trailer for it here.


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