[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 5

Hello all, today I got super lucky because we had a snow day, which is already super rare in college, but even more unheard of at my Uni, because it literally never closes for anything. I figured I should take advantage of this by catching up with all the recaps I need to get done. I have to post two of these within the next few days, and lately they’ve been hitting over 5000 words lately, so I’m going to try and cut back a little for the sake of convenience and saving myself some time. Anyways, as always, read below for the summary of episode 5.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Moo finds Kyung Il and his accomplice, but Kyung Hak makes the stupid mistake of messaging him via walkie talkie to let him know the crew is on their way. The loud scratchy sound of the radio tips off Kyung Il, who hops in the vehicle and makes his escape. It’s beyond me why Moo didn’t just shoot the fucking tires of the vehicle instead of trying to shoot at them through the truck’s back window.

Moo rushes to the burial site and tries to calm down Kwon Joo by letting her know he’s there and that he’s going to dig her out. She hears him and begins screaming until he successfully digs her out and frees her from the bag and gag. She gasps for air, Moo asks if she’s alright, but she responds by revealing that Eun Byul is in danger. She tells Moo about Kyung Il’s plan to shoot a rape video of himself and Eun Byul at 10pm.

Back at the call center, Eun Byul’s granny makes a scene. She voices her discontent with the police’s decision to prioritize Kwon Joo’s recuse mission over her granddaughter’s. Then she turns to Eun Soo and chastises her for being a police officer who can’t even save her own sister (ouch). Hyun Ho comes out to try and comfort the two women, but Eun Soo tells him to go back to his responsibilities.

Moo gives Kwon Joo a hot drink in his office to help warm her up, and muses that it’s a miracle he found her just in time. Kyung Hak and Kwon Joo have another catfight about jurisdiction. Moo gets another one of his sketchy buddies to help with the case. This one is able to intercept radio signals and Moo requests that he try to pick up on any signals coming from Kyung Il. The dude is mighty feisty though and Moo keeps referring to him as bugger (HA.) which isn’t helping things.

Eun Byul wakes up in a studio room complete with a bed you’d find in a cheap love motel. It’s got crimson red sheets, little decorative lights, and a tulle canopy. Super creepy. Kyung Il decides to start the broadcast 20 minutes earlier due to the police having caught onto them. Kwon Joo believes the pair are trying to flee with the bitcoin money they’ve saved up. Kwon Joo also found out why Kyung Il set fire to his house all those years ago.

His mother had a bad reputation in the neighborhood. In a series of flashbacks, we see his mother was the glamorous type who went out often leaving Kyung Il alone to tend to his sickly father. He loved his mother, but rumors kept surfacing that his mother was a flirt. His mother tells him otherwise and yells at him for not appreciating how hard she’s worked for him and his father. The only person who looked out for Kyung Il was his teacher, who allowed him to join a movie club after finding out that he liked movies. Everything changes, however, when he sees his mom all dressed up and approaching the school. He follows her, and realizes she’s been having an affair with the teacher he’d trusted. He overhears her reveal to his teacher that she’s sick of her child and husband. After catching his mother red-handed, he started to have a twisted view of women. A year after his father died, he set the house on fire, killing his mother.

Kwon Joo wonders if Kyung Il might already know Eun Byul from somewhere, but also tells Moo that he knows about the Eunhyung-Dong incident. Kyung Il approaches Eun Byul and tells her not to scream unless she wants to be killed. He rips the tape off her mouth and she asks why he’s doing this to her. She begs for her life, and says she’ll do anything he wants. She offers him money, and assures him she’ll keep quiet if he lets her go. It just annoys him further, and he decides to start filming now to get the video over with. Eun Byul staggers backwards and smashes one of the studio lights. Kyung Il orders the accomplice to fetch a new one from the car. The accomplice gets a call from his boss (not Kyung Il) who informs him that they’re being openly searched. If they don’t get on a boat by tonight, the boss says he won’t be waiting for them. It seems their plan is to escape to Hong Kong, but Kyung Il is in charge of the bitcoin. The boss chastises the accomplice, whose name is Bong Gil, for being too naive. For all they know, Kyung Il might not even have the money anymore.

Moo’s sketchy helper gets a hit and is able to pick up on this conversation between Bong Gil and his boss. They pinpoint the location, which is just south of Illak Police Station. Moo prepares to hop in his vehicle, but not before Kwon Joo insists on joining him. Moo hesitantly allows it, but asserts that if she can’t keep up, he won’t be able to save her this time around. She accepts this condition, so Moo lets her get in the car, then tells Bugger he can go (LMAO). Hyun Ho informs the pair that the two criminals are camping out at Illak Middle School, the same school Kyung Il attended. Eun Seo overhears this, and her face darkens in horror. She asks if he took Eun Byul there.

Bong Gil comes back without the studio light to confront Kyung Il about the bitcoin. The two start to get in a verbal tussle, but shit gets serious when Bong Gil pulls out a pocket knife (actually, I laughed, it was the size of a q-tip). Bong Gil says he’ll leave quietly if Kyung Il gives him half of whatever’s in the account. Kyung Il says he gave him enough already, since all he had to do was shoot with the camera. This enrages Bong Gil, who starts spewing out stories of how he had to clean up after Kyung Il. Interestingly, Kyung Il doesn’t look phased or intimidated. He’s heard enough, and tries taking the knife from Bong Gil. The two men share a nasty brawl. Kyung Il eventually gains the upper hand, and stabs Bong Gil, ultimately killing him. Eun Byul tries to escape amidst the chaos, but Kyung Il stops her.

Back on the road, Kwon Joo worries that things have gone sour. The video never broadcasted despite their announcement to air it 20 minutes early. Eun Seo calls Moo and reveals that this has all been pre-planned by Kyung Il. She drops the bomb that her and Eun Byul’s father was the teacher who betrayed Kyung Il and had the affair with his mother. She further explains that Eun Byul had gotten a warning call from her ex-boyfriend one night to tell her Kyung Il was dangerous. He had advised Eun Byul to go to her sister for help, but Eun Seo confesses that she hung up on Eun Byul back then because she was too busy. Their parents died after the divorce, and life became difficult, so she didn’t take good care of Eun Byul.

Eun Byul screams at Kyung Il not to come closer and calls him a lunatic. He tells her the crazy ones are ‘them‘ and not him, ‘that dirty woman, and your father.‘  Moo and Kwon Joo pull up to the school. Kyung Il begins dragging Eun Byul’s unconscious body up the stairs. Meanwhile Kyung Hak’s team is camping out in the completely wrong spot (as per usual) and are all baffled when they get the memo that the criminal’s location is the school. The team radios Hyun Ho that they’re on their way now, but it’s going to take a crushing 20 minutes to get there (talk about useless). There’s 10 classrooms on each floor and Hyun Ho voices concern for Kwon Joo and Moo. He advises them not to go in alone and to wait for the team, but Moo says there’s no time, so they’ll be proceeding as planned.

Moo asks Kwon Joo if she hears anything, but she seems to be struggling because of the wind and her head injury. Moo senses this and tells her to stay alert. He knows it’s hard, but he reminds her that they are the only two who can save Eun Byul right now. They find the studio room and Bong Gil’s dead body on the second floor. Kwon Joo freezes up, and Moo asks if she heard something. She hears the sound of something (Eun Byul’s body) being dragged upstairs. She thinks it’s Kyung Il and Eun Byul. Moo asks if she’s sure and she says yes. They try to pursue it, but Kyung Il makes a ruckus with a fire extinguisher to hinder Kwon Joo’s hearing capabilities. The sound suddenly disappears and the two discover the fire extinguisher rolling through the hallway. Moo asks if she’s sure her hearing is all right. He starts to become doubtful because she also couldn’t hear earlier due to the wind, so he suggests they separate.

The two begin searching different floors. Kwon Joo has more trouble hearing and wonders what’s wrong with her. A cat scares the shit out of Moo on the fourth floor (lmao). Kwon Joo hears some labored breathing and ultimately discovers Eun Byul in a sort of locker type cabinet. Eun Byul is terrified at first but becomes relieved once she realizes Kwon Joo is a police officer. But the party is over when Kyung Il opens the door to the room. Moo discovers the wall where the fire extinguisher had been dislodged from. Kyung Il comes flying at Kwon Joo with a cloth containing a strong sedative. The two duke it out but it’s pretty evenly matched. Moo radios Kwon Joo asking if the third floor is clear but gets no response. Kyung Il is about to rip into Kwon Joo but Eun Byul attacks him from behind telling him that her family suffered just as much as his. This enrages Kyung Il, who violently throws her off of him. Kwon Joo rushes to her side to see if she’s okay.

Kwon Joo tries to distract Kyung Il by revealing what she’s knows about the case. She eyes some syringes on the table and hopes she can deter his attention enough to grab hold of one and stab him. It seems to work because his responses become more and more emotional, but he’s more clever than he puts out and throws her down just before she reaches the syringes. He chastises her for thinking she’d be able to succeed with such a cheap trick. It angers him that she was going to try and stab him once he got ‘out of control‘ and he explains that this is why he can’t trust women, because nothing true ever comes out of their mouths. The hell tells her he’s poured a flammable substance all over the building, and shows her his bomb switch.

Moo arrives and orders Kyung Il to put it down immediately. Kyung Il is in disbelief at the detectives’ persistence and shows his anger at their not taking him seriously. Moo orders Kwon Joo to escape with Eun Byul immediately. Kyung Il makes a run for it. Moo chases him and requests for backup. Eun Seo tries radioing Eun Byul. Kwon Joo grabs the radio and encourages Eun Byul to answer it. The two share an emotional conversation where they both apologize to each other.

Moo confronts Kyung Il on the roof. Kyung Il instructs Moo to put his gun down and not to move any further if he doesn’t want the building to be blown to smithereens before the victims escape. Moo does so, and Kyung Il laughs triumphantly exclaiming that Moo should see the expression on his own face. He tells Moo that if he hadn’t tried to be a hero, it wouldn’t have come to this. Kyung Il points the gun at Moo, who tells him to stop playing with fire before asking what a loser like him is going to do with the gun. He reveals that there are no bullets left, but Kyung Il retorts that he’s obviously bluffing. Moo stands his ground, looking awfully relaxed and confident, which startles Kyung Il. He chastises Kyung Il for being a coward and for always playing the victim card. Kyung Il screams in fury that he is the victim, and asks Moo if he knows what that woman and his teacher did to him. Moo tells him to cut the crap, and stop with the excuses. Kyung Il becomes more agitated and teary eyed as Moo continues to serve up the tea. Then Moo makes a sudden move and delivers a nasty blow to Kyung Il’s head.

He kicks aside the gun and the bomb switch, and gazes out over the roof, commenting on the scenery, which he claims is perfect for Kyung Il to die. He tells Kyung Il one last time that he’s the biggest loser in the world, because Eun Byul and her sister suffered just as much as he did, but didn’t blame others. He says that even the death of scum like Kyung Il wouldn’t bring back the thousands of women he’s harassed and killed. Kyung Il asks what else he could have done, since nobody ever taught him how to live his life. Moo raises the gun, and tells Kyung Il the last bullet is for him. He holds a now terrified kyung Il out over the edge of the roof and points the gun close, and directly at his bloodied face. Kyung Il closes his eyes and prepares to die. Moo lowers the gun and tells him to listen up. He tells Kyung Il to spend the rest of his days in jail repenting for his sins, because he believes that’s what his mother who he killed with his own hands would want.

We see a flashback from Kyung Il’s perspective. It’s his younger self lighting the match and looking at his mother with angry tears in his eyes before dropping it to the floor. She screams for her son to save her. In the present, Kyung Il tears up. Moo calls him a piece of trash and throws him to the ground. He announces that the suspect has been arrested and that the case is now closed. Everyone at the call center is relieved. Eun Byul gets treated in the back of an ambulance and thanks Detective Moo for saving her, and then Kwon Joo before heading off to the hospital. Moo wonders if Kyung Il would have lived a different life if they’d found him sixteen years earlier. Kyung Hak asks to speak with Moo privately. Kwon Joo takes the hint and leaves. He basically begs Moo to return to the Serious Crimes Unit but Moo turns him down (tell ’em, son).

Meanwhile Kyung Hak’s team worries about their poor performance, and are scared it might get them transferred to the Golden Time Team (as if it’s not way out of their ball park lmfao). They scold Kyung Il for causing them so much trouble. Kwon Joo starts walking over to Moo’s car to wait for him, but Kyung Il spots her. He knows she can hear him from where he’s standing even though they’re far apart, and says under his breath:

“If I die, my daughter…will be left behind.”

Kwon Joo hears and has a flashback of her dying father’s last words. Kyung Il turns around to look at her, and he know’s his bait worked. Kwon Joo comes running over, hysterically screaming at him to repeat what he’s just said. Some of the officers try to fight her off, but she’s determined to get some answers. Moo walks away after rejecting Kyung Hak, and notices a commotion down below. Kyung Il tells Kwon Joo she must be surprised, because he can hear her heartbeat even from where he’s standing. Moo starts running toward the scene. Kwon Joo asks how he knows that sound and Kyung Il says she’s hurting him and that he’ll answer if she lets go. Kwon Joo’s eyes fill with tears, and she asks Kyung Il if he remembers’s the killer’s face.

The episode ends.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.



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