[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 4

Hey everyone! My apologies for the delays on these recaps. There’s a ton of great dramas airing and premiering this month, so it’s been kind of a battle picking and choosing what to watch and what to recap. Also, don’t forget that because of the Lunar New Year, episodes 5 and 6 won’t be airing this week. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens! Anyway, here’s the summary for episode 4 of Voice.

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

A group of dudes are hangin’ out at the sketchy murder scene of Go Dong Chul, but they don’t quite know it yet. They’re havin’ a good time, drinkin’ a few shots, and boom. Dong Chul’s body falls off the overpass, giving the boys a good spook. They scream and book it out of there once they see the bloodied corpse.

Moo and Kwon Joo drive over to the scene where Kyung Hak and his crew are already scouring the scene, and praying to god that Moo doesn’t show up. Unfortunately for them, he comes bursting through the crowd of officers, hooting and hollering in disbelief and eagerness to scope out the situation for himself. They try and bar him from entering the area but he’s determined and rowdy. Kyung Hak insists that it’s suicide so there’s nothing to check; he was drunk, carrying medicine, and in possession of a suicide note. The two banter back and forth before Kwon Joo, who’s clearly had enough, steps in saying that they received the call first, so unless Kyung Hak wants a conflict between the two departments, he’ll let them peep the body. This miffs him, but he ultimately caves and gives the pair five minutes to look it over, but only under the condition that Moo keeps his composure and his hands in check. Otherwise, if the scene gets destroyed, Kwon Joo will have to take full responsibility. She accepts the terms.

The two check out the body and it’s obvious to Kwon Joo that it’s not a suicide. He was murdered by the real culprit who tried to stage the scene as a suicide. The wounds on the victim’s head reveal that it was smashed with the same weapon used on Moo’s wife Ji Hye, and Kwon Joo’s father. She also notes that the killer maintained the same pattern of playing with his victims. Dong Chul’s feet are so damaged, that it couldn’t have simply been the fall alone that bloodied them, shoes or not. The killer must have lead the barefooted Dong Chul to an area covered in shattered glass, as if he were hunting, before smashing his feet with a mallet, and ultimately killing him. We see the gruesome murder scene play out again, but this time with the missing scenes that Kwon Joo has pieced together.

Kwon Joo goes over the details of the criminal. His jaw makes cracking noises when he speaks and he has the physical ability to carry around a round steel weapon that weighs more than 2kg. This is clearly a man who takes pleasure in his work. Moo takes a moment to come to terms with the fact that Go Dong Chul didn’t kill his wife. Now that Dong Chul is dead, he’s just as clueless as everyone else, and it bothers him to know the culprit’s identity is still unknown. He begs Dong Chul to tell him who it was, as tears stream down his face.

The case is closed and ruled a suicide. Moo and Kwon Joo agree to work secretly to uncover the truth. Kwon Joo intends to look into the weapon, while Moo finds out what Dong Chul was up to for the past three years. Moo grabs a drink (or twelve) at the local diner as he recalls his wife cooking for him the morning of the murder. He had lowkey barked at her for not waking him up in time for work, and refused her food before gruffly heading out the door. She had prepared all his favorite foods with love, and he recalls the tragic scene of the murder. He promises Ji Hye he’ll catch the murderer no matter what and then Dae Shik pops in. Moo is too drunk for his own good, and Dae Shik is baffled as to why he’s suddenly on board with working on the Golden Time Team. Dae Shik is confused because he thinks the right culprit has died, and is unaware of the fact that Dong Chul was murdered by the serial killer.

Moo asks Eun Byul, the diner granny’s granddaughter, for another drink. This upsets Dae Shik, who accuses Moo of changing the subject. Diner granny accuses Eun Byul of cutting in on the men’s conversation and scolds her, claiming that she wishes Eun Byul was more like her sister.  Eun Byul spots a young man waving to her from the alley way. Turns out he’s her boyfriend. He gifts her with a copy of his favorite movie, Forrest Gump and something else I couldn’t identify (looked like a make-up product or something). Diner granny asks who he is, and he introduces himself. Apparently he’s a teacher at a local middle school (he looks way too young lmfao). He takes his leave, and diner granny expresses her contentment but surprise at Eun Byul’s choice. According to granny, he’s quite decent compared to her former choices. Then she receives a message from someone, and expresses annoyance that he’s texted her yet again.

Kwon Joo meets with a medical examiner to have him confirm her suspicions that it’s a murder rather than a suicide. Turns out he quit his job a long time ago, but he’s still got it, because he tells Kwon Joo her intuitions were correct. He confirms that it was the same weapon from the other cases that caused the dents in the victim’s skull. The doctor further comments that the unique weapon choice is a reflection on the murderer’s desire to do things his own way rather than doing them in the same fashion as others. He also must think he’s a justified murderer. Kwon Joo hopes that if she can find the place where the weapon is manufactured, they will come closer to solving the case. The doctor says it’s possible and apologizes for not being much help. He also expresses his concern for Kwon Joo’s safety, telling her to be careful, because this man isn’t like any other criminal.

Kwon Joo gets a text from Eun Soo, who explains that she will not be taking the offer to join the Golden Time Team. Then we see Eun Soo, who has just helped a foreigner find her wallet. She tells her colleague how she rejected Kwon Joo’s offer, but their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from her sister, Eun Byul. Eun Soo isn’t too pleased to answer the call, she scolds Eun Byul for always calling her when she’s busy. Eun Byul gives her a news flash that she’s not the only busy one, in fact, she has plans to go to a party tonight, so she’ll be late. Eun Soo is in disbelief that her sister is going to another party. She asks Eun Byul if she’s ever going to get a full-time job. Eun Byul complains that she never even sees Eun Soo on her day off, and asks if she’s the only one catching the bad guys. Eun Soo asks where she is and Eun Byul replies that she’s at the New Wave Shopping Center to get a gift. Then she stumbles over something. It’s a handbag lying in the middle of the underground parking garage. It’s almost brand new, which has Eun Byul excited, but Eun Soo warns her not to touch other people’s stuff.  Eun Byul ignores her, putting the phone in her back pocket as she shuffles through the purse. She pulls out a note with a disk drive that reads:

“I know the dirty things you did. The video clip of Park Eun Byul.”

Eun Byul screams and throws the items to the ground before standing up and frantically looking around in horror. Eun Soo asks what’s wrong on the other end of the phone, but is only met with Eun Byul’s generic replies about the man being crazy. She continues looking around fearfully as she starts making her way out of the garage, not even bothering to answer her sister who is basically having a panic attack on the other line. Then she gets grabbed by a man dressed in all black, leaving Eun Soo shocked. She does the only thing she can think of and calls the Emergency Center. Hyun Ho answers, and a frantic Eun Soo tells him that she believes her sister has just been abducted. She gives him as many details as she can before he issues a code zero and alerts Kwon Joo. Kwon Joo says she’s on her way there, and orders him to track the phone and check every car that left the shopping center after 11:30 am.

Dae Shik and Moo get the alert and they are horrified to hear that it’s diner granny’s twenty-four year old granddaughter, Eun Byul. Moo grabs his gun and the two head out the door. Eun Byul wiggles around in the trunk of the abductee’s car, gagged, bound, and clearly horrified. Her phone begins vibrating, but it’s in her pocket. She mover around until it falls next to her and she’s able to awkwardly slide her bound hands across its screen to answer the call. Meanwhile, Kwon Joo talks to Eun Soo, asking her for any extra details that could help them find Eun Byul. Hyun Ho tries talking to Eun Byul, but he realizes rather quickly that a conversation won’t be possible with the gag over her mouth. He tells her it’s the police, and the center has tracked her location. They inform Dae Shik and Moo who have already taken to the road. Kwon Joo has Hyun Ho connect her to Eun Byul as she gets in her own vehicle. Kwon Joo tells Eun Byul that the team is on their way to rescue her and listens to the noises in the car.

Hyun Ho tells Moo and Dae Shik that they’re now within the GPS radius. Moo barks at Hyun Ho to give them some clues as to what to look for, since there are so many damn cars on the street. Hyun Ho says he has no idea, since Eun Byul is gagged, their ability to glean any new information is limited. Moo says he wants to talk to Ms. Kang (lmfao). Hyun Ho replies that she’s working out of office at the moment and Moo expresses his outrage. He whips out his own phone and dials her straight away. Kwon Joo tells Moo she had to step out because of the autopsy [of Dong Chul’s body]. Moo asks how they are supposed to find the right car with all these other cars on the road, before awkwardly throwing in, “by the way, did you hear anything?”  Kwon Joo recalls a clanging sound and determines that the trunk is an extremely cramped space, one that only midsize sedan would have. Moo tells Dae Shik to drive up to the sedans further up the road.

They manage to piss off a ton of drivers in their chase and endure some major road rage. Dae Shik doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about driving, or the prospect of having to write a potential accident report. Eun Byul gets the idea to flip herself over and start kicking the trunk with her feet. Hyun Ho tells the pair that their location is almost identical to the abductee’s vehicle. Moo starts listing off some license plate numbers but none of the owners have suspicious records. Moo asks Kwon Joo if she’s sure it’s a sedan. She says she’s certain because the trunk wasn’t an open space like in an SVU or van. But then Moo sees something funny. The trunk of the truck in front of them keeps vibrating a little. He tells Dae Shik to follow the pickup truck. Dae Shik sees the trunk shaking too and Moo tells everyone they’ve located the suspect vehicle. He declares it a sports pickup truck and reveals the license plate number. Kwon Joo asks Moo why he’s chasing a truck when she clearly stated that it’s a sedan. Moo tells her she must be mistaken on this one. As a police officer he’s trained to take in all the clues and look at the big picture, and everything is pointing toward this truck. It’s a pre-planned abduction and there’s a high chance that Eun Byul could be killed. He says she’ll die if they don’t catch the abductor now, and that the detectives don’t have to listen to her all the time. After giving her the dressing down she needed, the pair sound their siren and order the truck to pull over.

The truck does so, and the driver looks seedy as fuck. He’s sweating, wearing a mask, and clearly nervous. Moo tells him to roll down the window as Dae Shik peeps the trunk. Hyun Ho reveals the driver as twenty-nine year old Min Ji Seok, Eun Byul’s creepy stalker ex-boyfriend. His phone number also shares the same last four digits as Eun Byul. This has the driver freaking out on the inside. Moo tells him to step out of the car, just as Dae Shik spots someone in the trunk. The driver puts the pedal to the metal and drives off leaving Moo and Dae Shik in the street. They get back in their car, with Moo as the driver this time, and an intense chase ensues. They give the information to the call center and Kwon Joo listens in shock, realizing that she really was wrong after all. The chase is crazy and dangerous. Several cars get hit in the process, but the truck eventually escapes. Dae Shik and Moo stop in the middle of the road to save themselves from getting in an accident, but then a huge delivery truck smashes into their car, causing it to flip over a few times. It’s a horrific sight, and both Kwon Joo and the Call Center hear the collision play out. Moo is a bit bloodied but okay, the same can’t be said for Dae Shik who has suffered a pretty gory injury to the head, leaving him unconscious. Moo calls for an ambulance (as I cry in the hopes that my boy Dae Shik survives).

Eun Byul’s phone shuts off.  Kyung Hak speaks to commissioner Byung Gon, who is disgusted with the loss of the suspect and messy road chase. Being his usual snake self, Kyung Hak tells the commissioner that Kwon Joo received the call off site and misidentified the vehicle. He makes sure to add in the fact that it looks like the victim is in even greater danger now (what an asshole). Dae Shik is revealed to be at the hospital emergency room. The commissioner complains that ever since the Golden Time Team was formed, not a single day has gone by quietly. He asks where Kwon Joo is, and Kyung Hak states she’ll be arriving shortly. The Kyung Hak takes the opportunity to try and kiss ass by claiming that he’s formed a special investigations team to take care of it.

Back at the station Eun Soo blames herself. Moo tells her that it wasn’t her fault. Diner granny and Eun Byul’s boyfriend show up. She’s hysterical and can’t believe Eun Byul has been abducted. They ask who this mysterious man is and diner granny explains that it’s Eun Byul’s friend. He came to the diner because he couldn’t contact her. Kyung Hak’s special team continues their investigation. They believe the suspect is Min Ji Seok for a number of reasons, including her friends testimonies that he was not only obsessed with her, but beat her as well. However, Moo feels otherwise. He talks to Hwang Kyung Il (the current boyfriend) and confronts him about Min Ji Seok. He said he knew him because when he and Eun Byul started dating Ji Seok kept coming onto her. Moo says that must have been really frustrating for Kyung Il and asks if they fought over it a lot. Kyung Il says no, because they only started dating recently and aren’t that serious yet. Moo counters that it’s true that young people these days sleep together, but that doesn’t mean they are together. Kyung Il responds that he was hoping to become serious with Eun Byul until this happened. Then Moo asks if Kyung Il knew about Eun Byul possibly seeing any other men. Kwon Joo overhears as she passes by the interrogation room. Kyung Il seems a bit startled. He doesn’t know about any other men. Moo clarifies that it would be someone heavy set, not slender like Min Ji Seok, but Kyung Il says he doesn’t know of any other men aside from Ji Seok.

The interrogation concludes and Kyung Il leaves to get back to the school. Moo tells him not to worry too much and then sees Kwon Joo. She apologizes about her earlier mistake. He tells her not to worry about it, since all humans make mistakes at one point or another. Then she asks about why he believes Eun Byul had other men. Moo shows her the document he received from the car company. The driver is a larger man, very different from Min Ji Seok. Meanwhile, one of Kyung Hak’s team members asks if there’s anything suspicious about Kyung Il, who met Eun Byul through social media. Kyung Hak says he didn’t appear sketchy after questioning and that he was confirmed to be in class at the time of the kidnapping. Moo enters and presents his theory about the heavy set driver. The team reacts negatively (as usual) and tells him to buzz off. Kwon Joo tells Kyung Hak he can feign ignorance, but her team will reveal the truth. The golden time for kidnapping is actually 12 hours, so it’s still technically under their jurisdiction.

The confrontation is interrupted with the news that Min Ji Seok’s phone has turned on. He’s near an amusement park. The police team dispatches to go find him. Kwon Joo goes up to the center to take a second listen to the phone call she had with Eun Byul earlier. This time around, she realizes she mistook the sound of the shovel for a tightened trunk space. She wonders why there’s a shovel in the trunk. Then she thinks back to when Kyung Il left the building. There was mud all over his shoes and jeans. She also overheard his phone call while Moo was talking to her. He tells the person on the other end:

“Looks like they are onto you.”

She realizes that Kyung Il must be the true culprit. She calls Eun Byul’s grandmother and asks if she remembers there being a shovel in the backseat of the car on their way over to the police station, but she’s too distraught to remember. She asks Hyun Ho if he can track down Kyung Il’s social media accounts. At the amusement park, the team finds the suspect’s car. Kwon Joo calls Kyung Il asking if he left yet. She says she has something to give to Eun Byul’s grandmother and asks if he can meet her. He says he’s parked in an alleyway across the street, so he’ll wait for her to come to him. The police squad approach the car but the driver is dead. Hyun Ho finds Kyung Il’s accounts. Kwon Joo brings a box over to Kyung Il and his car. She comments that there must be a lot of mud in the school playground. Kyung Il asks why. She says she just happened to notice all the dirt on his pants. The atmosphere grows immensely awkward and tense. She asks if he’d like her to put the boxes in the trunk. He chuckles. She asks what’s so funny.

Back at the amusement park Moo states his belief that the body has probably been dead for a while. The team spreads out to look for Eun Byul in the park. Kyung Il pops open the trunk, but it’s empty, which comes as a shock to Kwon Joo. She places the box in the trunk and then says she must be distracted, because she forgot something back at the station. She says she’ll be right back, turns to leave and then Hyun Ho’s voice is heard over the radio asking her if she’s with Kyung Il. She freezes and tries to tell him that now is not a good time, but he’s hysterical and begins revealing his findings all while Kyung Il listens:

“Get out of there quickly! He isn’t the abductor. I went through his SNS account. He’s a maniac!”

Kyung Il draws a knife, steps forward, and puts it to Kwon Joo’s neck.

“The police are so annoying. Why do you keep on trying to catch us…when you never can?”

He takes off his glasses and removes his retainer.

“By the way…you have such fair skin.” 

His jaw cracks.

“You remember, don’t you?”

His jaw cracks again.

“My voice.” 

Kwon Joo’s face lights up in horror. She recalls the voice from the night Ji Hye was murdered (but it sounds completely different from this kid’s lmfao).  Things are still being argued over at the amusement park. Moo believes the body was murdered, but of course no one will listen to him. Moo tries to tell the chief how all the evidence points to murder, but the chief is either too arrogant or too dumb to understand it. Kwon Joo pulls out her gun and kicks Kyung Il to the ground. She tells him not to move, reveals the suspect to Hyun Ho, and tries to call for backup, but Kyung Il’s accomplice knocks her out with a bat (ouch!) before she can finish. Hyun Ho hears it go down and immediately alerts the center. Kwon Joo is thrown into the trunk of the truck by who I assume is the same heavy set driver from earlier.

The center declares a code zero and, who I assume is the second in command of the center under Kwon Joo, takes over and alerts the police squad. Hyun Ho tells them that Kyung Il’s social networking account used a line from the movie Forrest Gump. It’s suspicious because it was the same line used in a series of rape videos from an online site called Hunting Man. Every time a rape video went live, that same line was posted on the Kyung Il’s social media account. It becomes clear that Kyung Il approached Eun Byul to shoot another rape video. Guys like these are able to post the videos online and receive money from members who pay to view the material. Apparently Min Ji Seok found out about Kyung Il’s identity and blackmailed him. They think Kyung Il killed Ji Seok as a result. They track Kyung Il’s vehicle and he’s just gotten off the Eunhyung Interchange five minutes ago and is now on the freeway. The police squad start piling into the car, including Moo. However, he’s an un-welcomed member, and despite the fact that he is probably the best equipped to handle the case, they force him out of the car and drive off without him to the toll area.

Hyun Ho radios Moo and tells him he has some extra information. When Kyung Il was in middle school, he set fire to the house. According to the statement, his anger toward his mother may have led to the setting of the fire. It was his first offense and there was a trace of abuse, so he was sent to a juvenile facility. After that, he lived a normal life. But when he was 18 years old, he filmed and spread a video of a pastor’s daughter taking a shower. From a young age, he seemed to be a psycho filled with rage toward females. Hyun Ho voices concern for Kwon Joo and asks Moo if he thinks she’ll be okay. The police at the patrol gate inform the squad that they haven’t seen the suspect’s car. Kyung Hak scolds them via radio.

Moo realizes that they probably took an outside route to avoid being discovered and to deal with Kwon Joo. He calls an old colleague who apparently is infamous for taking shortcuts when it’s ‘urgent.’ The colleague feigns ignorance but he honestly comes across as an airhead. Moo has dirt on him though, and tells him to think long and hard unless he wants Moo to expose his ass. It works. The friend suddenly remembers. Next thing we know, Moo has hit country area. It’s beautiful and covered in snow, but also filled with tons of tall wheat grass.

Then we see the culprit’s truck. Kwon Joo is bloodied, gagged, and inside a large yellow tarp bag. She can hear the two criminals talking and digging. Kyung Il has the heavy dude digging the grave because it’s his fault they got caught. If the rental car company hadn’t gotten his picture none of this would have happened. Kyung Il talks down to the obviously dumb accomplice, who just does whatever he’s told. Kyung Il asks if he locked up Eun Byul, to which the accomplice proudly responds that no one will ever find her because he tied her up and she can’t move. Then he expresses admiration toward Kyung Il by telling him he’s really clever (I think I just threw up a little). Kyung Il looks over the comments on his video streaming page and expresses annoyance at the fact that the police got involved. The accomplice asks about how much bitcoin they’ve saved up to which Kyung Il tells him to shut up and keep digging. They finish digging the hole and Kyung Il orders the accomplice to bring her over.

Moo keeps following the secret path and drives through a narrow underpass after removing the blue tarp covering. The big guy comes to retrieve Kwon Joo. He tells her she should have just answered the call instead of being so nosy. Moo gets closer but there’s still a ton of tall grass making it virtually impossible for him to easily locate the scene. He informs Hyun Ho of his location ad he gets out of his car and begins to search the area. He’s located the suspect’s car and lets them know. He requests backup. Hyun Ho tells the police squad to head over to Illak Reservoir right away. They hurry over to their car so they can make their way to the scene. The accomplice carries the body bag containing Kwon Joo over to Kyung Il. He tells the accomplice to open the bag. The accomplice worries that she might scream, but Kyung Il wants to hear her last words. Moo is still searching on foot. They open the bag.

Kwon Joo: Please. Please let Eun Byul go.

Kyung Il: Aren’t you worried about yourself?

Kwon Joo: Is that what you do after kidnapping people? Burying? I know you have nothing to do with the Eunhyung-dong case. Your voice…is totally different from his voice. 

Kyung Il: Well let’s see. Anyway, we’re going to have a great time with Eun Byul from 10pm today. No need to feel guilty. Those kind of girls…always end up like that. 

Kwon Joo: What did Eun Byul do to deserve that? Don’t you feel guilty towards the victims of your evil deeds? Not even a bit? You’re a worthless piece of trash.

Kyung Il: You’re the trash. I’m sorry. Your investigation is over now. Bye. Pale girl. 

Kyung Il: Throw her. 

The accomplice bags her back up before throwing her into the grave and beginning to shovel dirt onto her. Her breathing becomes quicker and it’s clear that she’s scared. Moo is still searching the area and the dirt keeps piling on. Suddenly he stops, readies his gun and the screen goes to black symbolizing the episode’s end.

Well, I think this is the best episode yet! Super intense and unexpected. I kind of laughed when Kyung Il tried to pose as the actual killer. His pre-pubescent voice wasn’t even close to the real killer’s deep and smooth voice. It’s very distinct, so I would have laughed if they actually tried to make that a thing. Thankfully, Kwon Joo wasn’t fooled and nipped it in the bud pretty quickly. I really liked that Moo decided to take things into his own hands after being deserted by the police squad. He ends up getting to the scene first and I think that’s really telling about his detective skills. He’s great at picking up the subtle clues that others are quick to overlook. It shows that he’s just as capable as Kwon Joo. I’m not too worried about her because obviously she’s a lead character and can’t die this early on. I’m wondering what will happen to Dae Shik. I really love him so I hope he’s okay and is back up and running with his buddy Moo real soon. Lastly, I must say there was some awesome cinematography in the end there with the beautiful snow covered wheat fields.

Are you watching Voice? What did you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.



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