[RECAP]: Voice; Episode 3

Damn! This show just keeps getting better and better by the episode. I totally wasn’t ready for the turn of events that took place here. If you’ve been keeping up, the last thing we saw was little Ah Ram being discovered in the washing machine by his mother. So, what happens next? Do the police find him in time? Read below to find out!

[Be Forewarned: Spoilers Below].

Episode 3:

Ah Ram’s mother drags him out from the washing machine as the detectives realize they’ve entered the wrong house. Detective Moo asks Kwon Joo about the xylophone sound Ah Ram referenced earlier, but she can’t seem to place it. He tells Kwon Joo to buy them as much time as possible by talking to Ah Ram’s mother on the phone. But she’s already moving in to choke Ah Ram, telling him it’s too late. Kwon Joo shouts, “No it’s not!” grabbing the mother’s attention but also making her hysterical. Kwon Joo introduces herself and explains that the police are already on their way. She tries to talk Ah Ram’s mother into turning herself in for Ah Ram’s sake, saying that if she does it now, she can make things right.

Meanwhile, Detective Moo spots a wind chime in one of the resident windows and alerts Dae Shik. Detective Moo heads back to the security office to find out about the resident living there, but the security booth is empty. There’s only some weird craft tools lying on his desk. Dae Shik questions some fellow residents about the unit. The residents claim there is only a daughter, who’s been hospitalized for meningitis, but this fits with Ah Ram’s earlier claim about the sickly girl that used to live there before he arrived.

Back at the emergency center, the employees finally track down the phone owner. It’s a 30 year old male named Choi Byung Wook, whose restaurant went out of business five years ago. It appears he’s currently working as a chef at a local restaurant and has adopted three children to date; the first one died, the second is hospitalized, and the third is the boy he adopted last year. Kwon Joo asks for the address, and it’s a perfect match to the apartment with the wind chime in the window. The wife’s name is Oh Soo Jin.

The Detectives start making their way to the apartment unit, so Kwon Joo tries talking to Soo Jin once more in an effort to calm her down. Things get heated though when Soo Jin orders Kwon Joo to “shut her mouth” before asking what she did wrong.

That old man was way more cruel to the kids,

she says.  She begins threatening Ah Ram again, and Detective Moo chides Kwon Joo saying that he asked her not to get Soo Jin worked up. But then Kwon Joo starts to see through the cracks. She asks Soo Jin if she’s been a victim of abuse herself. This angers Soo Jin, but Kwon Joo realizes she’s onto something. She orders the team to dig up any information they can find on Soo Jin’s childhood and family life.

Kwon Joo starts to gain confidence and tells Soo Jin that she knows why she must be so distressed. Kwon Joo explains how Ah Ram revealed to her that she would start to cry whenever she heard the xylophone sound and her husband came home. Soo Jin screams out in anger, and repeats a few statements about kids being a nuisance, but it’s clear these are thoughts that were fed to her during her own childhood. Then she breaks down,

Dad… I’m sorry. Dad, I won’t do it again. Please, Dad.

We find out that she too, was adopted and got caught trying to run away from home in 1997, 1998, and 1999. In 1999 she was sent back even though she was seriously injured. Kwon Joo uses this new material to coax answers out of Soo Jin and calm her down:

I don’t think your life has been easy. You might have experienced things that most people can’t even imagine. Every day I’m sure you asked yourself, why you’re the only one who has to go through such pain, when everyone else seems to be leading a happy life. It must’ve upset and infuriated you.

Soo Jin’s response shows her decreasing confidence. Kwon Joo notices and takes the opportunity to continue.

Ah Ram told me earlier, that he couldn’t leave even though the door was open. Why do you think he couldn’t leave? I think…you know the answer to that.

We then get a flashback from Soo Jin’s childhood. She’s badly battered, trying to escape the house, and gets to the door, but pauses at the last minute. She hesitates. It’s clear that something’s holding her back from taking that step to freedom. She turns around, and there’s her adoptive father, holding a large metal weapon of some sort. She falls to her knees, pressing the palms of her hands together as she pleads with him not to kill or beat her. She apologizes continuously, begging for forgiveness and for her life to be spared. He doesn’t say a word. He just silently raises the weapon, proceeding to strike her in a ruthless fashion.

Back in the present moment, Kwon Joo continues her efforts to relay how Ah Ram must be feeling these very same emotions. Kwon Joo says that if anything happens to Ah Ram, Soo Jin will have to spend the rest of her life in prison, but if she lets him go out the door, she’ll do her best to help her get a lighter punishment and a fresh start at life. This effects Soo Jin deeply. The mother and child begin crying together. Ah Ram apologizes and tells his mother that he won’t complain, even if she hurts him. He begs for her to help him in what is probably one of the most gut wrenching scenes I’ve ever witnessed. It seems as though Soo Jin is going to let him go. Kwon Joo tells her she did the right thing, but then the dreaded wind chime begins to ring as an ominous presence enters through the door.

Soo Jin and Ah Ram’s faces become filled with dread and we see that the wind chime is made of bloodied teeth tied to strings (shudders). Kwon Joo knows this can’t be good, because it’s too soon for the police to have arrived, so that means it must be someone else. A few minutes pass and the police finally break down the door. But it’s just Soo Jin. Ah Ram is missing, and Soo Jin is speechless. They question her, but she refuses to answer out of fear. Kwon Joo asserts that someone must have kidnapped Ah Ram in the moments before they arrived to the scene. They arrest Soo Jin in the mean time, but Kwon Joo stresses that Ah Ram is badly wounded, so finding him promptly is of the utmost importance.

Dae Shik orders the team to find out the husband’s whereabouts, but a call notifying them that Choi Byung Wook hasn’t showed up at the restaurant in over a month puts a dent in their plans. Detective Moo is still convinced that he’s the suspect of the kidnapping and plans to move forward, but Kwon Joo thinks something isn’t right. She reminds him that Soo Jin had referred to the accomplice as an ‘old man’ and further explains that the footsteps she heard were labored. In the photo she saw, the husband looked young and healthy, so why would he walk like that?  In his usual manner, Detective Moo rejects these ideas and asserts that they will continue their search for Choi Byung Wook. He tells Kwon Joo the call is over, so she should just be on standby and let the police handle the rest. Kwon Joo retorts that the call may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the case or her job are done. She reminds him that she’s the only one who heard the culprit’s footsteps and they still haven’t found Ah Ram yet. This doesn’t go over well with Detective Moo who lashes out that this is a battlefield and if she’s that committed she can come out to the scene herself to find him.

Hyun Ho interrupts to reveal more information about Soo Jin’s adopted father. He is a doctor named Baek Sung Hak and adopted Soo Jin in 1993. The adoption dissolved in 2000 when she was 16. The records were buried by the adoption agency because he had abused her. Meanwhile, Soo Jin is placed into the police vehicle where Kwon Joo requests to talk to her via phone. She asks Soo Jin if it was really her husband who took Ah Ram, but Soo Jin is unresponsive and claims she doesn’t know. Kwon Joo then pushes Soo Jin, revealing that she knows her husband is young and healthy, but she heard the steps of someone elderly, dragging one foot as if he had arthritis. Soo Jin is shocked by the amount of information Kwon Joo has gathered and asks how Kwon Joo figured these things out. Then she repeats that she doesn’t know anything. Kwon Joo asks if it’s her adoptive father who’s behind this. Soo Jin fearfully shouts no. Kwon Joo tries to reason that this is Ah Ram’s last chance and that Soo Jin is still young and can potentially put this behind her if she cooperates. The tone of the conversation shifts. Soo Jin’s face glazes over in horror, Kwon Joo realizes she must be within a short distance of the culprit. Soo Jin whispers that she knows nothing as she tries to shield herself from being seen in the police car. Kwon Joo asks if her father is near, and if she can see him.

Kwon Joo orders Hyun Ho to locate the address of Soo Jin’s adoptive parents. She then tells Detective Moo that the footsteps were not of someone big like Choi Byung Wook. Kwon Joo explains that Soo Jin was abused by her adoptive father and that he used to be a famous children’s dentist. He fell into debt after making wrong turns in investments. He started abusing adopted children as a way of inheriting insurance money. He was later caught and divorced by his wife and now he’s currently missing. Detective Moo mulls over a few thoughts in his head. The word dentist cues him off to a few odd things he’d noticed: the hand made wind chime constructed out of bloodied teeth, the odd craft materials on the Security guard’s desk, and the splattered white stains on his pants. Detective Moo tells Dae Shik to pull over. He says he’s going to head back to the villa and tells Dae Shik to go to the Burim Intersection. He gets out of the car leaving Dae Shik confused.

Kwon Joo continues talking to Soo Jin. She tells her not to be scared and asks Soo Jin if her adoptive father lives close by. Soo Jin screams for Kwon Joo to stop and exclaims that it was hard for her too. She confesses that every night in her dreams, the kids came crying to her. Kwon Joo delivers a final plea:

Listen to me. That man is no longer your adoptive father. He abused you when you were young…and now he’s committing retaliatory offenses. He’s nothing but a disgusting criminal. Are you planning to get blamed for his crimes as well? Please, this is your only chance to punish him.

Detective Moo arrives back at the security booth. The desk is now clean. The guard returns and he’s suddenly  looking seedier than ever. He asks if they’ve found the boy yet. Detective Moo says no, and that he came back to check something. He asks if anyone has ever visited Oh Soo Jin claiming to be her parent. The guard plays dumb, reasoning that a lot of people come in and out so he can’t be sure. Detective Moo teases that he noticed the guard had been making something, asking if he cleaned it up? The guard laughs it off saying that he got bored, so he started a hobby (that’s a mighty fucked up hobby). Then he chastises himself for not yet offering his guest a drink. He pulls out some purple juice and hands it over to Detective Moo. It’s purple Mulberry Juice to help lower cholesterol, he claims (oh hell no that’s some spiked up sauce he’s servin’). Detective Moo asks if the guard just came back from somewhere. He answers that he was in the machine room and Detective Moo asks what’s there. The guard tries to play it off but Detective Moo asks if he can search it. The guard says of course, and tells Detective Moo to drink up. Detective Moo raises the bottle and …takes a sip… (if this bitch ain’t bluffin’ I swear to god). He follows the guard to the machine room.

Kwon Joo receives the truth from Soo Jin and tries contacting Moo to inform him of the accomplice, but Dae Shik is the only one responding. He tells her that Moo went back to the villa to find the culprit. Kwon Joo freaks the fuck out because the security guard at the villa is the confirmed accomplice (dun dun dun). She instructs Dae Shik to turn the car around, worriedly exclaiming that Moo is in danger. It turns out that Oh Soo Jin had caught the guard in action which is why he came back to avenge her. Soo Jin is suffering from borderline personality disorder, which is common to victims of child abuse, which is why she had no choice but to follow his orders. Dae Shik immediately contacts the fellow officers and gives them the new information before turning the car around to head for the villa.

Detective Moo enters the ominous machine room where he takes a look around. Kwon Joo tries to communicate to him that the security guard is the culprit and warns him to get out, but the reception fucking sucks. She’s hooting and hollering and he’s doing the whole ‘what’ + ‘I can’t hear you’ song and dance. The old coot cuts in asking why there’s so much commotion over ‘just’ a kid. Moo takes the opportunity to give him the raised brow and what do you mean just a kid interrogation. The guard stutters before making some shitty speech about how parents these days aren’t hard enough on their kids and that children don’t deserve respect. Moo responds that kids are honest and innocent but this causes the old man’s face to shrivel up like a rotted prune. He’s convinced they should be beaten, because that’s apparently how they learn according to him. He says that he has a daughter who’s such a headache and then Moo starts to get extremely dizzy. Looks like the mulberry juice is kicking in. He falls to the ground and struggles to breathe. The old timer chastises him for drinking something from a stranger (same).  He reveals that the drink was spiked with midazolam (which suppresses the central nerve system and is used in anesthesia; it can cause breathing problems).

Detective Moo just keeps asking questions despite his labored breathing. The old man says that the kids’ deaths aren’t a big deal and pulls out a syringe. He says it’ll all be over soon because one shot of this drug could put easily put down a big (hope he’s referring to himself). Moo asks just how many kids the guard killed. He answers that it doesn’t matter, since they were going to get thrown away like garbage anyway. ‘They were able to live like humans for a while thanks to him. They should be grateful,’ he concludes (what a fucking creep).  Moo asks a few more incriminating questions before he’s satisfied with the answers. The old man is satisfied too. He says question time is up and it’s now time for Moo to go where the kids went. Moo rolls around in distress a bit more before sitting up to reveal he’s recorded the old man’s entire confession on his phone. Oh, and also…he hates mulberry. It smells nasty (god bless this man). He asks if his acting was good, but the old man is completely taken aback.

Turns out Detective Moo spotted the midazolam label in the trash before faking a sip. The old fart asks for a lawyer to which Moo laughs and says sure whatever. He questions the old man as to where Ah Ram is, but the oldie won’t give it up. He begins beating the old man’s leg with a wrench or some sort of similar tool, before Kwon Joo is finally able to patch through and tell him there’s no time to waste. She say’s she thinks she heard Ah Ram, and asks him to turn up to volume so she can take another listen. Moo agrees but he tells her to make it quick. Kwon Joo hears a faint but consistent tapping sound and begins giving Moo directions. He reaches a wall and asks her if she’s sure she knows what she’s doing. She says it’s definitely him, because it’s the same type of sound he made when she told him to tap his little finger on the phone earlier during the case. She had said to him that no matter how small the sound is, she’ll be able to hear him. Now she’s sure it’s him. We see that it is. A tiny, bloodied finger is pictured tapping on the bars of a cage. Moo breaks open the wall and shouts for Ah Ram. He climbs through and finds the child locked in a cage, in bad condition, but still making an effort to keep tapping. Moo frees Ah Ram and holds him in his arms.

He asks Ah Ram if he’s okay. Ah Ram asks for the police lady. Moo puts Kwon Joo on the phone and Ah Ram says that he kept his promise. He says Kwon Joo told him she’d be able to hear him no matter how tiny the sound, so he kept tapping. Kwon Joo, clearly emotional, tells him he’s right and that it’s over before thanking him. Ah Ram says he’s sleepy before passing out. Moo calls an ambulance. The case is closed and solved within Golden time. Kwon Joo steps out of the emergency center to call Soo Jin. She reveals that Ah Ram is safe and that the culprit has been arrested. Soo Jin comments that Ah Ram seems to deserve a longer life, and maybe that’s why she was bothered by him so much. ‘He was annoyingly friendly,’ she says. Kwon Joo asks what she should say to Ah Ram. Soo Jin tells her to say she abandoned him, because she won’t get to see him anyway. Both women hang up.

Soo Jin asks the police officer to lower the window a little, because she wants to throw something away. It’s the wind chime made from bloodied teeth that has haunted her all her life. She tosses it out the window, in a bittersweet moment of triumph. Back at the police station, Detective Moo confronts Kwon Joo. He wants to know how long she’s been hearing strange sounds, and who knows about it. Kwon Joo says it started when she was twelve after recovering from an eye injury that was the result of a bad accident. So far only she, her father, and now Moo, know about it. Moo is not impressed. ‘It’s hard to believe a story out of nothing,’ he says. Then he asks for the truth behind that day. He wants to know what was in the recorded transcript that went missing. The two sit down, and Kwon Joo recounts everything that happened that night.

[Most of the following scenes were repetitive, so I’ll only summarize the new information.]

The incident happened only a week after Kwon Joo was assigned to the Emergency center. Fridays were busy, and a robbery case that the center was currently dealing with made the atmosphere extremely tense. She had a serious fight with her father that morning over his second wife. Kwon Joo receives the phone call from Detective Moo’s wife. They lose the call and her fellow employee forces her to dial back the number, which is ultimately the failure that caused his wife’s death. They both hear her die over the phone. Meanwhile, the head of the center deals with the fact that the robbery was not a robbery after all, but a dog had bitten a wire that caused a power outage. The employee that forced Kwon Joo to redial tells the center head about the murder they just heard. Kwon Joo’s father talks to her via walkie-talkie. Turns out his patrol area is the scene of the murder, so he’s there now scouting for the killer, much to Kwon Joo’s dismay. He’s old, heavy set, and a bit frail and he’s also alone, because his partner is at home celebrating his mother’s 70th birthday.

Kwon Joo tries to keep telling him to wait for back up, but her father is determined to get the job done himself. He locates a suspicious man who appears drunk. After a bit of hide-and-seek, chasing, and fighting, the out out of breath cop finally knocks the killer down and gets ready to cuff him. The killer starts laughing, and Kwon Joo’s father asks what’s so funny. The killer easily stands up and beats the crap out of Kwon Joo’s dad before swinging the kettle bell right into his face as Kwon Joo screams out in horror. The killer keeps going, until he considers the job done. Kwon Joo, clearly devastated, shouts for her father over the radio. The killer walks over and picks it up.

Killer: What is this? Your daughter’s a cop, too?  

Kwon Joo: Who are you? You’re the culprit from before, aren’t you? I heard the cracking noises you make when you talk. I heard it loud and clear. So turn yourself in immediately. 

Killer: That’s funny. You can actually hear that?

Kwon Joo’s father groans.

Killer: What? He’s still alive?

Kwon Joo: Please spare Him! My father…will be retiring soon. He’s just a weak, old man. 

Killer: It’s too late now.

Kwon Joo: Please don’t kill him!

Killer: He saw my face.

Kwon Joo: No! You…You think you’ll get away with this? Don’t you dare lay a hand on my dad! I’m going to hunt you down and kill you! 




The killer finishes off Kwon Joo’s father. Kwon Joo cries at the loss of her dad. The employee tells the center head what happened to Moo’s wife. He gets chastised for redialing when he should know that it puts the caller’s safety at risk. He lies and claims that it was Kwon Joo who insisted on redialing (what a fucking snake). Kwon Joo attends her father’s funeral. The news broadcasts his death as a hit and run unrelated to the actual crime involving Detective Moo’s wife. They incorrectly arrest Go Dong Chul as the criminal without a warrant. Kwon Joo is devastated because she knows his voice is not the same as the real criminal’s.

We come back to the present, where Kwon Joo asserts the Moo already knows how the rest of the story goes. She says that no matter how many times she tried to explain her father was killed by the same culprit, no one would believe her. We see the courtroom scene play out again, but all this new information shows us just how wronged Kwon Joo was. We find out that she was summoned by Secretary General Cha (the current Commissioner of Seoul) after the trial. Three years ago he was the Commissioner of Sungwun. He tells her she has to withdraw her statement and that she’s been talking nonsense with no evidence. She argues that it’s not nonsense; she clearly heard it with her own ears. He yells at her and asks her to realize how much pain this has been causing them. He threatens her, saying that if she dares to cause more trouble, he’ll have her badge, her father will be left out of the honor role, and her father won’t be buried at the National Police Cemetery (what an asshole). Kwon Joo breaks down, but back in the present she says that she realized that the people trying to cover up for the culprit were from within the police force. She states that it’s not a simple murder case, because some unknown people are using their power to violate the law and justice. She chose to go to the US so she could get stronger and catch the culprit who’s really behind it.

Moo says that everything Kwon Joo has said thus far is just a shot in the dark. He maintains his belief that Go Dong Chul is the man who murdered his wife. He gets up to leave, but Kwon Joo states that there must have been a deal made between the culprit and Go Dong Chul. That’s why the killer put the raincoat at Go Dong Chul’s place. There is also a high possibility that he fled overseas after Go Dong Chul got released by her unexpected testimony. Moo tells her to bring him proof. Only then, he will trust her. Kwon Joo says this man is unlike any other killer. He’s a monster. His breathing was steady even when he was killing people and if someone like that has power and money… Moo cuts her off. ‘So bring me proof’ he says again and again, his voice raising each time. Kwon Joo holds her ground. ‘That man and Go Dong Chul are in Sungwun now,’ she says. He asks her to repeat what she just said.

Cue murder scene. It’s the infamous killer, and his victim is Moo’s man Go Dong Chul. The killer smashes his feet repeatedly with a weapon and Dong Chul cries out in agony. Dong Chul begs for his life as the killer readies the kettle bell. ‘You shouldn’t have come to me in the first place,’ the killer responds, before smashing Dong Chul’s face with the weapon and killing him. Kwon Joo tells Moo the deal between the killer and Dong Chul must have broken down. ‘He’s here to meet the real culprit. I’m sure of it,’ she says.  A fellow officer’s voice via radio interrupts their conversation. He tells Kwon Joo he’s just received a report that someone died by a fall from the Yeongdong overpass in Sungwun. The victim’s name is Go Dong Chul.

Moo and Kwon Joo’s faces express their shock and horror. The episode ends.

This was a very packed episode so I apologize for the incredibly lengthy review. There were so many small details that proved vital to the episode, so I didn’t want to leave any out. Especially since I know some people are a bit too queasy or faint of heart to watch the show, and prefer to follow along through the recaps instead. This way they can keep up with the show and see all of the surprises too! Anyway, I thought this episode was fantastic! I didn’t see the plot twist with the security guard being the culprit coming and I was shocked to see the death of Dong Chul by the end. Hopefully this means Moo will finally start believing Kwon Joo now!!!! I hope to have the next recap up soon!

Are you watching Voice? What do you think of this episode? If you haven’t already, you can check out the five minute extended preview here.


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