[RECAP]: The Village: Achiara’s Secret — Episode 2

This drama reminds me a lot of the game “Clue.” Someone committed the murder, and now we have to put all the context clues together in order to figure out who. I think that’s what I’m loving most about this drama. It’s like a game, and just when you think you figured something out, another twist throws you off and keeps you guessing.

Ki Hyun visits his sister’s room and compliments her painting. He comments on her newly found attitude and she replies that she now sees things she previously couldn’t. The look on Ki Hyun’s face is pretty suspicious if you ask me. Chang Kwon inquires about Ji Sook’s brother, who turns out to be that Uncle who’s living in China.

After some small talk with her brother Ki Hyun, Yoo Na sneaks out of the house and goes for a bike ride in the middle of the night. Next thing we know, she’s knocking on So Yoon’s door, mentioning Teacher Hye Jin before passing out.

The family frantically rushes into the hospital where Yoo Na is now recovering. Ki Hyun drives So Yoon home and gets awfully tense when she asks he if knows who Hye Jin is. In his friendly manner, he brushes off the idea, but not without his facial features tightening up. When they pull up to her apartment, he asks if she lives there (a rather stupid question unless you have some sketchy previous information regarding the place… are you thinking what I’m thinking?) and she says “Yes, why?” Ki Hyun laughs it off and says there was no reason in particular.

Then he abruptly takes it upon himself to inform her that he and Yoo Na have two different mothers. He assumes that she might have been curious as to why their mom looked so young when he’s of a decent age. He tells her to look after Yoo Na well, since the family dynamic is awkward, and it makes things difficult for her.

Meanwhile a young boy named Ba Woo (a friend of Yoo Na)  returns home looking in a similar state to that of Yoo Na when she showed up at So Yoon’s door. He appears to be mentally handicapped and whatever happened has traumatized him to the point of being unable to speak. His father tries to wrestle a few words out of him, but the boy becomes aggravated and bumps heads with his father, who falls to the floor.

The next day Woo Jae questions Yoo Na about the previous night’s incident. She mentions seeing a black car while riding her bike, and then being attacked from behind. Then she says he dragged her under a bridge, where she was eventually able to free herself from his grasp. Yoo Na recalls running straight to So Yoon’s house, to which Woo Jae interprets as a result of Yoo Na and So Yoon’s good relationship. However, as viewers, we know that So Yoon doesn’t really know Yoo Na all that well…if at all. (She most likely ran there because it’s Teacher Hye Jin’s old residence.) The story has some holes, and that doesn’t seem to escape anyone aside from our eager young officer.

When So Yoon and Woo Jae finally have a private moment, So Yoon asks if he believes Yoo Na’s story. It doesn’t seem to have dawned on him that the child could be lying, so he appears quite taken aback by the question. Before they can take the discussion any further Assemblyman Chang Kwon interrupts, demanding that Woo Jae get to the bottom of this case —  and quickly.

The Sargent and young officer get right to it, and begin scouring the supposed crime scene. It looks like the Sargent is no dummy, because it’s not long before he’s realizing that there isn’t much evidence of the tussle Yoo Na claims took place. He doesn’t out right say it, but it’s clear he’s not sold on the story.

So Yoon does some investigating of her own by asking the weasel of an art teacher, Gun Woo about Teacher Hye Jin’s past. He must be in a good mood, because he actually complies and reveals that she used to be a teacher at the town art academy. However, It seems as though it’s no longer in existence.

Ba-woo’s father calls upon pharmacist Joo Hee for help after undergoing a bit of a beating from his mentally handicapped son. She offers to go in and talk to the boy, who’s clearly still shaken from last night’s troubling incident. As she attempts to find out more information from him, he rips pages from a multitude of different books. When he finally does speak, it’s to ask about Teacher Hye Jin. “Is Hye Jin Teacher dead? Why did she die?” Joo Hee doesn’t seem to have an answer for this. On her way out, his dad expresses concern for the dangerous nature of his son’s behavior, and she offers to change up his medication.

At home, Ji Sook takes a verbal lashing from Grammy, who voices her disgust at how easily the child was able to sneak out last night. I guess the old goat forgot about Yoo Na’s savage sassing abilities, because things get mighty awkward when Yoo Na turns the tables back on the old battleaxe. The girl mentions taking a tumble right outside the wrinkly prune’s bedroom, a tumble so loud — she thought it would wake the slumbering shrew. However, she mentions that the old bat must have been so tired from verbally degrading her mother all day, that she must not have heard it over her own grizzly snoring. (ouch. a third degree burn if you ask me.) Unfortunately, Ji Sook can’t afford to look any worse in front of the elder, so Yoo Na’s sassy number earns her a nice slap to the face, free shipping and handling. Once Grammy’s rolled out of the room, Ji Sook tells Yoo Na to stop making things difficult for her.

Joo Hee has flashbacks about  Hye Jin, and a conversation where she had mentioned the words “if something were to happen to me…” Joo Hee remembers how she added that the children would be able to figure things out, because they had buried a special time capsule together, containing a “big secret.” At the time, Joo Hee hadn’t given the conversation much thought, but with all the recent happenings, she begins to consider it more seriously.

Later that night, Assemblyman Chang Kwon freely insults his daughter after questioning the point of a woman’s education. (up yours, pal.) He says his daughter doesn’t have much of a brain, and that if she were to marry a man like him, she’d be “hitting the jackpot.” (I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my fucking life. What a deluded narcissist…) He proceeds to have a mini meltdown when Ji Sook questions him about the corpse’s identity, claiming that he wouldn’t know about it, nor would he want to.

The landlord reveals that the previous tenant was in fact Kim Hye Jin, although he’s not really aware that this is exactly the information So Yoon was hoping not to hear. We then meet Ga Young (Lee Yeol Eum), a young high schooler who is trying to sneak out of the house to attend a party. Unfortunately her plans are foiled by her mother, who doesn’t approve of these late night excursions, especially after catching wind of Yoo Na’s story.

Woo Jae finally realizes Yoo Na was lying after watching the footage from the security camera. The Sargent notes that children often make up stories when they have something they’re trying to hide from their parents.

So Yoon tries to work privately with Yoo Na so she can make up her missed assignments. Yoo Na’s not really having any parts of it, so So Yoon asks why she ran to her house the night of the “attack.” Yoo Na repeats her previous excuse that it was to seek help, but So Yoon asserts her thoughts that Yoo Na and Hye Jin must have been close. She offers to try and take up that position, but Yoo Na remarks that there’s a difference between friendliness and pretend friendliness. Essentially, she calls So Yoon super fake before leaving the room in disgust.

Yoo Na takes a cigarette break on the roof— or she at least tries too… but she’s interrupted by Ga Young and her back up bitches. They’re a nasty bunch and Ga Young bullies Yoo Na, calling her out for lying about what really happened that night. She says she saw her and he “stupid” friend rolling around at the site of the corpse.

Cue flashback. We see Yoo Na and Ba Woo walking around the dark woods, laughing together until they reach the taped off crime scene. (is it just me or are those two cute together?) Before Ga Young can take the bullying to the next level Gun Woo shows up and shuts shit down. He pretty much chews out the circle of high schoolers, warning them not to push his buttons. (at least he’s somewhat decent.) He let’s both first time offenders off with a warning.

Joo Hee pays a visit to Ji-sook while she works in her art studio. She turns out to be Ji Sook’s younger sister, but their relationship doesn’t appear as such. The ladies engage in a heated discussion about Yoo Na’s incident, which Joo Hee believes is related to Teacher Hye Jin. The pharmacist implies that the children may have gone to find the time capsule that they buried with Hye Jin, and Ji Sook makes an adamant effort to end the conversation. As their argument escalates, Ki Hyun, who happened to hear them on his way to collect his mother, purposely drops a glass to get their attention. He covers it up by claiming that it’s an accident, and his aunt greets him before taking her leave.

Ki Hyun takes Ji Sook to the police station, where Sergeant Han and Woo Jae reveal the footage of Yoo Na passing the vehicle instead of getting attacked. Unfortunately, because of the Assemblyman’s power, they can’t just straight out say that the child lied. Instead they have to tip toe around the matter, thanks to their boss, who isn’t looking to ruffle the Assemblyman’s feathers anytime soon.

The Assemblyman plays it off cool, claiming that Yoo Na must have “tricked them” again. He laughs while relaying how hard it is to raise a teenager going through puberty, before firmly instructing them to terminate the investigation, and never speak of it again. As the family gathers outside the station to depart, Ga Young watches curiously, and then we see Chang Kwon bitch out his wife for not managing their child well enough.

Later, Assemblyman Chang Kwon is out drinking with the police chief and a few good looking ladies. The chief asserts his belief that the corpse is unrelated to the recent string of serial killings, to which Chang Kwon expresses much pleasure. Chang Kwon ‘politely’, but forcefully instructs the chief to rule the death as an unfortunate accident, since people take a lethal tumble while hiking the woods “all the time.” The police chief doesn’t seem too stoked about lying, but Chang Kwon doesn’t have time for games. He’s got those big plans for a resort hanging on by a thread, and this prompts him to grab the chief by the collar in order to communicate the seriousness of his command.

Back at home, Yoo Na’s painting a woodsy picture of Hye Jin. Once she hears her mother’s footsteps, she switches out the painting for one of a boring baseball glove. Ji Sook tries to question her daughter about the truth of what happened that night, but Yoo Na is reluctant to answer. Her mother assures that she won’t get mad, and continues to pry, even asking about Ba Woo. Yoo Na finally caves and mentions seeing Teacher Hye Jin.

In a flashback we see Yoo Na and Ba Woo looking a little scratched up, but jovial as they say goodbye to each other for the night. From there, Yoo Na gets on her bike, but stops near the car at the sight of something mysterious. It’s a woman, shrouded in stark white clothes with a complexion to match. When she reveals her face, her lips are a striking crimson color against her ghostly skin and it’s none other than our very own Teacher Hye Jin.

Hye Jin saunters down the road in bare feet as Yoo Na chases after her. Hye Jin continues until she reaches her old home, where she disappears after going up the staircase. Yoo Na desperately follows, but when she opens the door of the apartment, she’s met with So Yoon instead.

That night, So Yoon relives the childhood car accident through a nightmare, jerking awake in a cold sweat.

The next morning, she takes the old newspaper clipping about the accident to the police station in attempt to get the accident report. She’s hoping it contains more information regarding her family so that she can connect with any relatives that she was previously unaware of. The officer promises to look into it, but tells her not to be too hopeful since there’s not much information to work with.

Back at the police station, the DNA results are bogus; no matches are found in the system. Their only alternative is to reply on the public to get information. Woo Jae doesn’t want to believe that the death is an accident, and is shocked to hear that it’s already been deemed an accident, as shown by the media.

In fact, he believes that someone is purposely hindering the investigation in order to cover up the truth. So Yoon is outside the station and Woo Jae seems pleased to see her. He shows her a flyer, which depicts an outfit very similar to that of ghost Hye Jin. So Yoon seems shaken by the site, but we don’t know why.

Ji Sook’s call interrupts their chat, and So Yoon agrees to meet her. Ji Sook apologizes since the restaurant is rather far away, seemingly her conscious choice to ensure the privacy of their conversation. She reveals an incident involving the disappearance of a middle school boy that shocked the town. Yoo Na was only five at the time, and asked “why that oppa went swimming with clothes on.” When they discovered the boy’s corpse later on in the lake, he was fully clothed. Ji Sook tells So Yoon, that Yoo Na has, “the ability to see death” and that there were multiple similar incidents. However, she notes that this all came to a halt when Yoo Na was in grade school. She also reveals that Yoo Na was bullied and ostracized because of her behavior and So Yoon jumps in to assure that she’ll try and take care of Yoo Na. Unfortunately, Ji Sook discloses that the behavior has started up again and tells So Yoon that no one can know. She begs So Yoon to listen to Yoo Na and to get her to close her mouth.

When So Yoon questions what Yoo Na saw recently, Ji Sook reveals, “A woman who taught her painting. They say that woman is dead.”

A new, sketchy looking character pops out of no where, dressed in all black. He’s scoping out the public notice about the corpse, and judging by the solid ten seconds the camera spends focusing on his face, he’s probably going to end up being a somewhat important person later on.

Meanwhile Ga Young finds Yoo Na reading the new information about the corpse. I guess she’s come to finish the job from their previous encounter on the roof. She blabs on about how she’s suffered horribly from Yoo Na’s brazen lie and says that because of this Yoo Na must pay her back. (Must have been a damn good party if she’s that hung up about missing it) Yoo Na asks what she wants and Ga Young replies, “Get me a job at your father’s company.” Obviously Yoo Na explains that she can’t do this, but Yoo Na tries tempting her with the claim that she knows who killed Teacher Hye Jin.

Yoo Na doesn’t believe this, but Ga-young reminds her how she had witnessed Yoo Na and Ba Woo together that night. She claims that she was there because of the perpetrator, and tells Yoo Na to think over her proposition more carefully.

So Yoon redecorates the apartment in her own style (A bland downgrade. Thought I was watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie) and dwells on an old family photo.

Meanwhile Ga Young walks alone in the rain on this dark and dreary night. She’s trying to go to a party, but pauses when she notices a black car trailing her. It follows her movements carefully before rolling down the window. She hesitantly approaches, but is relieved when she recognizes the driver. She proceeds to get into the car in a relaxed state, noting how the whole situation had a serial killer feel to it.

So Yoon accidentally drops the picture frame containing the family photo, and she quickly tries to clean up the broken glass. In her efforts to collect some glass that fell under the table, she finds a necklace. A flashback shows us that it’s part of a matching pair that she and her older sister shared. Both sisters were wearing them during the time of the accident.

Back in the vehicle, the driver creepily puts his hand on Ga Young’s thigh. Needless to say, she doesn’t look too relaxed anymore.. (creep alert.)

So Yoon looks to the photo to compare necklaces, and it looks like the one she’s found is her sister’s.

An interesting turn of events in this episode. Ki Hyun is looking all the more suspicious to me. Joo Hee really gave me a shock. She seemed like such a timid personality until she got into that verbal brawl with Ji Sook. I’m also finding that I’m feeling more sympathetic to Ji Sook. Up until now, she seemed rather cold to her daughter, but as we can see by the end of this episode, it’s clear that she’s worried about her. Ironically, the only character that is portrayed as a bumbling idiot, Woo Jae, is also the only one that has a keen sense of what’s actually going on here. I think by now it’s safe to say that Hye Jin is So Yoon’s sister, which I honestly didn’t find that surprising. They had to tie in So Yoon’s travel to Achiara with Hye Jin somehow, and once the whole possibility of an unknown relative popped up I connected those two dots pretty easily. Now they just have to explain why both sisters are/were alive even though the article cited them both as dead— which should be pretty interesting.

I wasn’t really ready for the drama to include the use of supernatural abilities. I think it’s a little weird and obviously makes the drama less realistic. I’m not easily creeped out, but if anything is going to succeed in doing so, it has to be realistic. Unfortunately, this drama is slowly slipping out of that category now that we have powers and apparitions showing up out of no where. All though… I don’t think the drama is all that creepy to begin with. It’s mysterious, I’ll give it that— but far from creepy. At least not to a horror fanatic like me. The use of the stereotypical music and sound effects are just about the only things that qualify it as a thriller aside from the apparitions and superpowers. I still appreciate the mystery aspect, which is what’s keeping my attention.



  1. Yes…the supernatural bit was something I did not expected and it actually tones down the creepiness of it all. But anyway, I’m liking the show. I just wish they stop playing loud music at the end of each scene — looks like the PD has watched many Hollywood films but they should know that it’s used judiciously and not for every scene…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, it really took away from the creepiness aspect, but I am still enjoying the overall mystery piece of the show. Ah yes, the loud music is actually quite distracting in my opinion, especially because— like you say— it’s so overused . I agree, it’s a little too cliche for my tastes. I think if they were to tone it down and only use it at the right moments it would be way more effective. The heavy handedness of it has actually achieved the opposite of eeriness for me. I’ve just become numb to it as the drama goes on. 😦

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