[FANACCOUNT]: BIGBANG — Made Tour Newark, New Jersey

Hey guys. This doesn’t really relate to dramas but a few people were asking about the concert so I just decided to make a post about it! Although, It’s mostly just my compilation of fancams and pictures rather than my “experience.”

I went the second night on Sunday, October 11th. The concert started at about 8:15 PM.

I’m Daesung biased so I know I ended up taking a lot more Daesung photos than other members but I tried my hardest to get everyone. I didn’t realize until afterword but I seemed to really miss out on Taeyang! For some reason Seungri and Daesung spent a lot of time on my side of the stage and Taeyang and GD camped out on the other end. T.O.P. just chilled wherever he felt like it, but I feel bad for not really getting much Taeyang footage. My apologies to any Taeyang biased viewers!

Here’s a compilation of pictures and videos I took. I warn you, they aren’t the best quality because all though I was close, my zoom function wasn’t working. (R.I.P. Me)  All the videos are HD though! The videos I took were small snippets from each song! I did this mainly because I didn’t want to run out of space on my phone and I was afraid I would miss out on other songs if I recorded the entire lengths of each song.

(Okay real quick I must apologize in advance for some of my shrieking!!! The girl in front of me was screaming too, so there’s going to be a lot of that in some of these clips. Especially Daesung’s part. I couldn’t stop laughing, I was legit in tears because he was being so extra lmao.)

Here’s a small clip of the venue and the videos playing before the concert started.

The opening of the concert!

Member Greetings (Seungri+Daesung+T.O.P.):

T.O.P.’s Rap Segment in Bae Bae:

Bang Bang Bang:

Good Boy:

P.S. that loud, prolonged scream at the end was actually not me. (LMFAO.)

Haru Haru:

Stupid Liar:

Seungri Strong Baby:

(This was literally insanely good, my only regret was not getting a clip of his amazing dance break.)

T.O.P.— Doom Da Da:

Daesung — Wings:

GD— Guitar Solo:

All five members performed solos and only one each. I sincerely apologize for not capturing GD or Taeyang’s solos. For those who are wondering, GD performed Crooked, and Taeyang performed Eyes Nose Lips.

Daesung Thank You Speech:

Final stage:


And that’s all I have for you! I really enjoyed the concert and if you weren’t able to go I hope you were at least able to enjoy it through some of these captured moments. If you saw it, I hope you enjoyed reliving it through this post! thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment with your own experiences or favorite moments!


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